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  1. Thanks a lot. I look forward to read it. By the way Every state histories like a Game of Thrones:)) Npeter; I 've found two musics for you:)) Maybe You listened before . I want to show my gratitude.

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  2. Npeter, I wanna ask one more question. I'm very curious about Hungarian Hussar type. I've send some of Hungarian units for you and tell me some information about them. What are the Hungarian community are thinking; If these type of hussar add in the game? Maybe in Hungary or Austria. Hungary needs more cavalry like them. I want to see them:)) I don't know where could I find of them. Maybe Hungarian website. Likewise I want to see new Turkey units. Azap or Solak or Mounted Archer for Turkey. Do you know any information about Hungarian mercenary soldier were used by Turkey?

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    Hungarian hussars was very universal. They used sword, lance, fokos (special hungarian weapon, it was a mini-axe) and ranged weapons.

    If you saw, hungarian community request a heavy hussar, instead of Reiter.

    You attached images from XVI. hussar, but Cossacks 3 placed in the 17-18th centuries. So, it's not the correct era.

    Point of interest: 1430n.jpg = It is a joust hussar helmet on an austrian duke (this is the reason why it is white).

    Hm... i cannot give any useful information about hungarian mercenary. Mercenary (zsoldos) is an exception, too. The soldier who fight for money is a mercenary, in hungarian (and some other language). We don't make a difference what type of unit is.

    I think devs working on others hungarian units, because we never used units like pikeman (but we used spearmen), dragoon cavalry (but we used mounted carabineers, hajdú or hussar) or cuirassier (but we used noble cavalry).

    Hmm.... yeah, i think Turkey need more units, too. For example: Akindzsi, Silahtar, Dzsebelük, Tüfenkcsik, Kumbaradzsik, Delik (sorry, i don't know the correct english names, just the hungarian ones).
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  4. Thank you for information again. Do you have heavy hussar picture? I have not realized 16th century hussar:)) Just send you to learn but I liked all pictures. What are the differences about spearmen, mounted carabiniers, noble cavalry? Are they equivalent the pikemen,dragoon cavalry, cuirassier? Mounted carabiniers have short rifle. I saw them. What are the Hungarian community thinking about Hungarian ship types not same original Cossacks 3 ship types I think? Can you request developers to add new ships? I think you're community pioneer this subject. Double sajka, quarter sajka, Dunai pinnaces, passenger boat. Do you have any information about these subject? I want to see new pictures like you send before. Sajka type information, How many sajka type do you have? I saw one Serbian website three type. True? Hungarian ship builders used for Turkey to make a river vessel? I read one Turkish ship historian book. True? Your Turkey unit suggestion is also good. Kumbaradszik mean grenadier? Because you share a great period of time-fighting each other or living in castle etc- naturally, to know all units exactly. Hungarian community request developer new states for example; Transylvania, Ardeal or Moldava for this game? Just want to learn. I've send some pictures about this subject. One of them is Museum collection I think and I don't know sajka types. I've found one Serbian website. Maybe They used Hungarian water against Turkey.

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    Not the same, but - as you said - are equivalent. Spear is not a pike, carabineer is not a musket, and hungarian noble cavalry had less armor than cuirassier. You can find pictures in this topic from Heavy Hussar and Noble Cavalry (on the first page!).

    The ships work in progress by the devs, so I just hope there will be new ships or hungarian ship (dunai naszád - galley, pinnace or chaika).

    Last question: I don't think so. Hungarians used wooden ships in siege of Ennsburg (Dorf / Enns Burg) in 907! From the first catholic king (1000 - ), hungarians used militiary ships on Danube and other rivers. There was a great militiary port at fortress of Komárom (btw where i live).

    The first contact of hungarian and turkish fleet was in Nándorfehérvár (Belgrad) in the year of 1456, where hungarian fleet defeated the turkish fleet.
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  6. Okay. Thank you for useful conversation again:)) Komarom have a navigation museum? Main base for Danube operation against Turkey Belgrade or somewhere? You said great military port at fortress Komarom. Hungarian noble fast cavalry? Less armour means fast cavalry I think like hussar. One question you couldn't answer sajka types 3 or 2? I've impressed your navigation pictures in first page which I didn't find anywhere. I hope developer will be add new ship types maybe new types galleon, galleas, galiot,trade ships etc. Sea ships or river wessels maybe add in this game. By the way Do you have famous Hungarian ship commanders 17-18th century?
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    Yes, there is. I only know one ship commander, he was István Papp (Stephen Papp - voivode of Komárom), who was Rákóczi's one of the main ship commanders.


    And yes, noble cavalry was fast cavalry rather than heavy cavalry. But i said earlier, hungarians believed in the rapid operations.
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  8. What do you know about famous Hungarian commanders in 17-18 th century? Have Komarom museum had Hungarian ship types replicas? Dunai naszad,galley, pinnace or chaika? Fast cavalry versus heavy one. So interesting. Who win? Maybe cuirassier in the game. But fast one more advantage than heavy one. Austria and many European countries used cuirassiers and heavy armoured cavalry. You said Hungarian believed rapid operations but some of the battlefields need heavy armoured cavalry. How could Hungarian deal with heavy cavalry?Historically, Can we say Hungarian didn't use cuirassiers?
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    1.) Some hungarian commanders in 17-18th century:

    17th century:
    Miklós Zrínyi (Zrínyi Miklós) - croat ban, hungarian commander and poet (his great grandfather was Miklós Zrínyi, who died at Szigetvár in 1566).
    Gábor Bethlen (Bethlen Gábor)
    György Rákóczi I. (I. Rákóczi György)
    György Rákóczi II. (II. Rákóczi György)
    Mihály Apafi I. (I. Apafi Mihály)
    Mihály Apafi II. (II. Apafi Mihály)

    Rákóczi's War of Independence:
    Ferenc Rákóczi (Rákóczi Ferenc)
    Miklós Bercsényi (Bercsényi Miklós)
    Tamás Esze (Esze Tamás)

    Era of Theresia Maria:
    András Hadik (Hadik András gróf) - who captured Berlin with the hungarian hussars

    Point of interenst: When Hungary was part of the Monarchy, ministry of defense controlled by Wien, so austrian-german commanders "rule" the armies.

    2.) Yes, there are some small replicas (makett) in the museum. At the moment, i don't know what types of replicas placed in...

    3.) After the battle of Mohács (or peril of Mohács) hungarians didn't trust enough the heavy cavalry. Btw, hungarians are the professional of light cavalry - we defeated "Europe" at years of 800-950. And when we take over the heavy cavalry, heavy infantry and neglect the light cavalry and cavalry archers, we defeated many times.

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    Yes, Kumbaradzsik was the turkish grenadiers.

    Ardeal and Transylvania are same. Transylvania is the latin-english form, Ardeal comes the hungarian form Erdély (former Erdő-elve). We don't request, but i provided some material about Principilaty of Translyvania earlier to the devs.

    I also like if Moldava or Wallachia implement into the game.

    You have found nice pictures!
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  12. Thank you for absolutely good information. I don't know Transylvania and Ardeal are same before. Your forum is also good too. Feigned retreat tactic is my favourite and I've known Hungarian used it at the moment. Ooohh!!! You changed your tactics and won the battles. I think good development. Battle of Mohac like an exception. Turkey won the battle but using feigned tactic and weaponry.( Artillery and janissary muskeets) Maybe We can say your commander were hurried up to attack over Turkey army. We learned new tactics about Hungarian front and used it against Mameluke and Persia armies. Battle of Chaldiran is the best exercising to use wagon fort. Do you have any information about Hungarian naval tactics against Turkey? Hungarian- Turkey war has also sea front. Your video is also good so amusing. Ottoman Turkey times We said Boğdan for Moldova, Eflak for Wallachia and Erdel for Translvania. First phrase; Turkish language other English equivalent. What about 16th century best Hungarian commanders? Like Hunyadi Janos. Best hussar commanders? Janos used best mercenaries all over the Europe called The Black Army. True? I've studied my lesson:)) And He used Turkish tactics against Turkish army. What can you say about Black Army and Janos Tactics?
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    If i find anything about naval tactics i will share it.

    Some of hungarian commanders from 16th century:
    János Szapolyai, Ferenc Batthyány, Imre Thököly.

    János Hunyadi lived in the 15th century, and commanded the hungarian army on the Balkan campaigns. His last battle was the siege of Nándorfehérvár (Belgrad), where he died (falling to an epidemic that had broken out in the crusader camp). Not János, his son, Mátyás Hunyadi used the Black Army. But Black Army is not exactly a mercenaries army, because it was mixed (mercenaries and regularly paid units; united with polish, czech - hussites, germans and hungarians soldiers).

    You can find some info about tactics and Black Army: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzgKeqPKGrVcNm0zMGpUM0NaZTQ
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  14. Thanks for your interest Npeter good information again:))Do you have a famous commander Pan Kniz? Maybe name is different. I read somewhere he was so ruthless but good commander. He could be 16th century commander maybe? A short time ago I've used Hungarian fast cavalry tactics and I've lost the whole game because of Bavarian firepower:)) I've played well mighty Hungarian army have Hajduk,szeklers and other units but all fall down. I haven't known Capturing option is restricted by one gamer and result is Lost:)) Maybe I can choose one more time to Hungary and use other units all together:)) By the way I misknown Black army subject. I've known Black army is mercenary army come together all over the Euroepan countries. I haven't studied my lesson perfectly:))Mathias Cornivinius like a genius. He assembled strong army and gain many victories. Your resource is so useful for me. Cossacks 3 game name is Blackhawk:))
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  15. Npeter, Did The Hungarian use same Austrian tactics against Turkey in a period of Long Turkish War? In open field you are right you can use fast cavalry tactics but They had a lot of castle and other earthworks, natural obstacles. Maybe Hungarian used grenadier and artillery and overcame the obstacles. Can you find 17-18th century Hungarian artillery tactics? Do the Hungarian have a ''Pan'' title? I know ''Pan'' is a Poland title. Npeter do you know Croat origin best Hungarian commanders? I know one man Miklos Zrinyi. Npeter ; what do you think about new Hungarian units? Do you like them? Npeter ; Are the szekler sharpshooter unit? Did the Hungary have own sharpshooter units in Turkey war periods?
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    I'll answer your questions tomorrow or at the weekend. :) Thanks for your understanding!
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  17. Not at all Npeter; I know you are working hard. I can wait.
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    With the hungarian units I think it is not easy to win. We dont have units like danish musketeer or prussian musketeer or serdiuk. I think the only good thing is that hajduks are produced a little faster, than normal musketeers, maybe in low pt they are good combined with diplo roundshiers and grenadiers and with more peace time combined with cuirasses and 18th c. musketeeers. Have you tried the szekelys yet? Are they worthy?
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    Mivel magyar fórum, remélem nem baj ha magyarul folytatom, mert ez már mindenkihez szol, aki magyar és szereti ezt a játékot. Szóval szerintem lenne pár dolog ami jobbá tehetné a cossacks 3-at. Pl. lehetne olyan bejátszás az egyes missziók előtt mint ami az american conquestben volt (youtube-on találtok ilyen videókat) hogy megy a szöveg és valaki meg felolvassa neked nem kell mereszteni a szemedet. Sokszor nincs kedvem végig olvasni a hosszú szöveget ami tele van országnevekkel meg idegen nevekkel hogy a végén már azt sem tudom ki kivel van. Lehetnének rövidebbek és lényegretörőbbek a szövegek és dumával.
    A multiplayerben azt kellene megoldani hogy lehessen menteni. Ha kifagy valaki lehetne folytatni. A régiben megvolt ez, ez alap kéne legyen.
    Még vannak ötleteim, egyelőre ennyi mert mobilról vagyok.
  20. The problems are bugs Hunrex. I cannot expect easy win. I try to produce well Hungarian army and conduct them perfectly in the openfield. I produced well Hajduk and hussar, 18th century army and I thought that I could win this game easily but when I fought against Bavarian army. Game bugs started Hajduk don't shoot and all fall down and by the way all peasant don't work perfectly all of them are freezed like effecting polar storm:)) The result is invasion of course:)) I believe that they fixed these problems with patchs in the future. By the way I liked Hungarian units. This multiplayer game diplomatic centre and warships are banned by players. I have a lot of Szekelys- Maybe 100- but bug effected them. They don't attack Bavarians. But I believe that They are wothy units for lay in ambush or auxiliary with normal 18th century musketeers. Combined army good but 10 peace time game and everything -raid,no diplo etc- is banned not good for combined army. I always liked fast cavalry tactics but a lot of players don't like nowadays. Because of houseburning:)) I try your suggestion cuirassier-musketeer and szekely combine army. I get used to not use diplomatic centre units. Because of the no diplo and no market option. If I try Szekely units. I can explain this forum. But If the developers add other Hungarian units Kuruc etc. I'd like to see and play with them. I don't know but I like Hungarian people. Maybe main reason is can be we shared a very long history.
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