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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ftoomsh, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    How can I allow a second modder to update my mod? I have made General WVPM a contributor to OCMOD3 on Steam as he is indeed a major contributor and has helped a great deal.

    However, making him a contributor (which seems more about money shares if you are making money out of a mod) does not allow him to update the mod... when I am away on holidays for instance.

    Does anyone know how to enable a second person access to update my content (specifically OCMOD3)?

    I wonder if Mark Kandaurov knows? I am sure Mark is knowledgeable in this arena.
  2. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    You have to share your steam account. The steam workshop doesnt natively support more than one uploader
  3. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Ouch, the one thing they tell you to never do. Share your account and password. Even with a completely trusted person, I doubt I would want to try that. The very process of sharing an account in this way could likely cause problems for various reasons starting with the fact that an account is linked to a private email address. In my experience these kind of things are always fraught with wicked technical problems at least for a dumbo like me. I'd rather not go down that path. Foiled again by inflexible systems (although one can understand that they design for strict 1 to 1 security). Many other aspects of the C3 mod manager and Steam are impressive so I am not being critical.
  4. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Ive been sharing my accounts with my best friends since the beginning of time without any big issue tbh and nothing has ever happened to either of them although thats only my personal experience in the matter.
  5. Loner

    Loner Well-Known Member

    I might be talking nonsense, but couldn't you get General WVPM to upload OCMOD3 to Steam and call it V2, then he could update his version when you're away.;)
  6. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    I guess you can upload private mods and set them to friends only for that matter. The other person then pastes over the changes from the friends only mod to the actual thing.
  7. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think that's the best solution. General WVPM could clone OCMOD3 (when it becomes necessary) and upload it onto his account as V2. Then he can update that. I really think that's the best solution in our case. But of course I must talk directly to General and see what he thinks. I am just crowd-sourcing possible solutions before I settle on a solution.

    Users will need to know what's going on of course.
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  8. General WVPM

    General WVPM Member

    I could clone it yeah, too bad steam doesn't allow sharing rights to update a mod :/
  9. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Yes, you will probably have to take the cloning route. But we can have a discussion on Teamspeak before I go on holiday and see if we have any other options. Thank you General for agreeing to take this on while I go on holidays. It's very much appreciated. :)
  10. Samuel

    Samuel Member

    Would be a nice option to have.
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