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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Loner, Sep 1, 2016.

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    Not that I'm an expert ( far from it ) but wouldn't it be a good idea to have a Base Mechanics Mod before anything else.
    What I mean is a Mod that takes into account whether or not a unit has cover from trees or behind rocks or some other form of shelter and also has changing weather conditions with all the effects that these conditions would bring, ( hopefully this is possible ).
    Once this is done the other Mod ideas could evolve from this.:)
  2. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    It would be a good idea to do that first. But players have very different imaginings of what should be in the game and what not.

    A weather system is possible. It is often used in survival games.You need to do some particle effects for the graphical part (rain, snow, fog). And then you need to programm a random generator, so that the weather effects appear randomly. Also you would have to script what effect the weather should have. Lowered sight, accuracy and so on.

    My Ideas:

    The most important change that should be done, in my opinion, is that units should not be able to shoot or walk trough their comrades. That would change the complete gameplay because players could not assemble all of their units at one big anthill. (Biggest weakness of all Cossacks games.) Instead players would line up their formations and carefully plan where to place them.
    Next step would be to recreate the accuracy system and the fire power stats of AC and C2. And to lower the realoading speed.
    Unit stats. Creating a "rock-paper-scissors" system. So that Pikemen are really effective against cavalry units. And cavalry effective against musketeers and so on.
    Artillery Crews. Artillery physikssystem and realistic stats. Choice to use different ammo types (canonballs, bombs, grape-shot, flame projectile, smoke projectile, lighting projectiles.)
    Give the Pikemen a real pike instead of a short spear.
    Stamina and fortitude.
    (They should be Optional because not all players like them. So an on/off Button for this feature would be good.)
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  3. Nowy

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    Hmm, base mechanics mod that takes into account weather conditions, tree and stone covers are interesting.
    However these features can generally change C1 game play style and lead to some troubles. For instance AC game included stone cover effects which in fact spoiled combat effects, one man can stop or kill too many foes.

    Weather conditions require lot of work, could consume too much time, change units abilities, taqctics etc.
    I doubt that would be effective for C3 game.

    Ad 1. Yes, that is good point. This could be solved with friendly fire or demage zone out of three muskets ranks.
    This allow fire for three ranks formation, but would prevent to fire with two or more formations stand behind first one.
    Big mobs also would suffer with friendly fire. This could prevent gather all units in one big blob known from C1 game.

    Ad 2. Yes, completly agree.

    Ad 3. Hmm, simple "rock-paper-scissors" system do not works well. There were too many exceptions. For instance Polsih Winged Hussars smashed foot pikes many times, becouse hussars used longer lances, rode on agile, fast, fortitude horses and smartly exploited devastating cavalry charge effects e.g. Kirholm, Klushino, Khotin, Berestechko and many other cases.

    Musket or pistol armed cavalry could out shot pikes, that was well known caracol system. Pikes can did almost nothing in such case.

    Pikes can did mainly protective job in formation which stoped cavalry charges, but did not inflict lot of casualties.
    Horses did not want to be killed and simply stopped or avoided pack formations defended with long cold arms, pikes or bayonets. Then musket or artillery fire could inflict bigger losses on cavalry. However cavalry could effectively charge units which reload their fire arms.

    Ad 4. Yes, artillery crew would be fine, but more ammunition types are not necessary. Cannon balls and canster or grape shot for cannons. Shell grenades for howitzers and bombs for mortars are enough. Other ammunitions types were ralrely used for specific purpouses e.g. heated in field smith cannon balls were fine flame projectiles to burn buildings.
    Gun powder did enough smoke on battlefields. Lightnig projectiles without day and night effects are useless.

    Ad 5. I think C1 pikemen had long enough pikes. Longer pikes hay days were in 16th century. Later Pikes were even shortened, these were easier to use in combats, especially in 18th century.

    Ad. 6. Yes, that would be very fine features.
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