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  1. I currently have an odd problem in Single Player. When I double click to select multiple landing craft I get some weird number of landing craft if all the landing craft I own are selected. and the Frame Rate drops to almost zero until I unselect them?? I If I try to send them somewhere I get a "Floating Point" error? (for 12 landing craft selected I get 64, if I select less than the total number of landing craft I own I get the correct number) I use McGraphics and the Little Mod.
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    Well, I've not lost hope. Loss of control of units in OCMOD3 was an AI conflict issue. We caused it by modding; it's not in the basic game. We are on track to debugging it. Player versus player has been okay in tests so far.

    So with strange errors, you should if possible test the standard game. If the standard game does not have the error then the mod(s) likely caused it. Also, if you are running two mods at once, are they fully compatible? If there is even one file in common that both mods change then you could certainly get mod conflicts leading to game errors.
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    The problem of unresponsive units is happening still, it happens to other players in the game as well, they literally can't control their units, and the lag can be so bad its a 20 second delay in moving a unit or getting it to attack, we all play with cable internet too, why does this happen?
  4. It's not particularly unique to Cossacks, it used to do the same thing on CnC generals when you had too many units in play.
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    I've never experienced any of this in any strategy games I have played, including the original Cossacks with thousands of thousands of units on the map.
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    i dont able to delete in the game !!!
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    When i started to search the game, i was in roomwith my friends (we was 1 team) and we play against each other(randomly, sometimes we were in same team, and sometimes we were in different).
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  9. not on generals you haven't, more than a certain amount of units would cause the units to stall online. They would effectively either delay or ignore orders online, you can experience that on this one too if you have too many units, they'll start to delay before obeying a command.

    You have to remember this version of Cossacks can bare no relation to the original in terms of game engine. The original had an extremely simple A.I logic that enabled you to have theoretically thousands on units in play and suffer no ill effect, part of the genius of the original was how good they could get the graphics to appear without really being 3D at all.

    Downside to this fantastically simple logic is if you look at the pathfinding for them, they were pretty shocking over large distances, with many units either getting lost or simply wandering too and fro between a hillock like a village idiot.

    The original game didn't stand up well to A.I games with naval combat, as even now the attack logic of send a bunch of units to your island and destroy your transport is a bit of a folly, from a players point of view, yet really the developers are admitting that the games would get too bogged down with scripts if they kept their transport and re used it. (I have seen other games tackle this downside, Rise of nations for e.g, where units automatically board their own transport without the need for a vessel, so long as you had a dock, effectively mean't seabound games are easier to script and meant the combat was far more lively across a range of maps and terrain). Bugs aside for a second, Surely your A.I opponent should come to the logical conclusion that so long as his own island is secure, he should seek to establish another base on your island to make attack a lot easier and keep the pressure on you, as well as capturing ore nodes for themselves.

    Another irk of mine is the lack of wall building that seems to be chronic on this game, given that it's far more important in this particular RTS series where a small horse mounted army could effectively outflank a much larger and slower opposing force and take their base from under them without so much as a whiff of combat. They need walls to protect their buildings from instant capture, yet they never seem to do it.

    Nowadays they need more sophisticated AI that work their way across the map or use multiple strategies to win a game, you multiply these pathfinding routines for every single unit across the internet game, you can see why it gets a bit dopey.
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