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  1. Kamilow

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    Some details:

    - Still no sound of explosion when grenadiers use grenades on some building or wall.
    - Minaret have standard academy sound. I suggest to use minaret sound from first Cossacsk or something new.
    - When blockhouse shot to enemy there is no shot sound
    - Blokhouse does not have its own sound
    - Sound of tower is too quiet
    - Archers or muskeeters should automatically flee and shot when the enemy uses melee attack on them. Often shooters are standing when they are killed in mass.
    - Scotish piper sounds like a drummer ( Piper in England roster has correct sound).
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  2. wolfsfuchs

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    Grenadier of Saxony dont fire anymore within the last balance Patch.
  3. Portugal hasn't got special port. It has an ordinary one:)) Where is the port with artillery?
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  4. Hansol333

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    oh man I really dont understand how nobody noticed. I mean I could understand small bugs in campaign or that a upgrade for a nation gives 11 rather then 1 bonus or anything like that but has nobody tested Saxony and noticed that grenaders are useless. Same with last patch, dutch 18c dragoons were useless amd where is the special portyard for portugal.

    disable attacks still doesnt work.
  5. Daddio

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    Disable attack does work, just not very well.

    When you hit the do not attack button, any attack that was already in process will continue until they fire. but they will not attack after that first one.

    If you place them on do not attack and then move them in range then they will not attack.

    It would be nice if they obeyed the order as it was given. In OC mod the head shot bonus increases as you get closer. So it is better to absorb a long range volley, and then move in for a higher rate of damage. The ability to turn it on and off during battle would be great.
  6. Hansol333

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    I checked the files (units/country) and the Portuguese port simply doesn't exist. Therefore it is not a bug that Portugal got the wrong unit but rather they simply lied to us and didnt intended to create it in the first place.
  7. 5||901234||123457||

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    Shame on them.
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    Me and my friends have the same problem when we play in multiplayer :( For now no help and no solution
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    Even bigger shame that is mess devteam stirs, after about all the mischief with half-broken multiplayer, as well SP plagued by solid issues at start. Although game plays way better than day-one state, I am an optimist things can become stable.
  10. Hansol333

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    SP is not playable at all at least not random map, the AI is so damm bad it is a shame. They constantly retreat and are way too devensive. I remember playing on release date a campaign, the first mission was a joke, they never attacked only very rarely. I can understand that the first mission should be easy but not on impossible. Second mission however was way more a challenge.

    for example:
    -if you choose start with 18c century and million resources they construct as much 18c barracks as possible BEFORE construction academy, stable or 17c barracks, meaning it is impossible to lose. I tried, me vs max of impossible AI players, you CANT lose.
    -upgrade plan is terrible for example they research creation time upgrade for horses in blacksmith even if no stables are present.

    I know that the MP was messed up at the beginning (like most games) so I focused the first days on SP but it wasnt good either.

    These SP problems are not bugs but they contribute to the overall frustration. And unfortunately I see zero changes in AI behaviour.

    There is one SP bug, the AI is WAY to devensive but if you reload a saved game the enemy attacks you. Same in C1, if you build towers they never attacked, they waited out of range and attacked with mortars. However if you reloaded the game they attacked. Same in C3. It is quite annoying to save/reload often to make the AI attack you.

    also german SP campaign are unplayable because the translation is beyond bad, sorry but I often have no ideas what they mean.
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  11. betto1882

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    Need help please :( I have this error in multiplayer
  12. (OC)Fotheringill

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    As long as we are bitching and moaning here, I have a few of my own not already discussed at length on these boards.

    In the game shell-

    Be able to list people on line alphabetically or entry time into the shell or rank or whatever. Personally, I would settle for alphabetically. We should not have to go through the entire list of people on line
    Be able to communicate with someone in the shell so the other party knows you are trying to communicate.
    Be able to ban a player from a room, not just kick. This will get rid of unwanted people constantly reentering your room.