Build Queuing by 50 shortcut key

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gambler71, Oct 25, 2016.


Bigger Build Queuing Shortcut Keys/Clicks

  1. I Would Like Build Queue Shortcut Of 50 Units

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  2. I Would Like Build Queue Shortcut Of 100 Units

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  3. I Like It The Way It Is Now

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  1. Gambler71

    Gambler71 New Member

    I really like the fact that we can build by 1's / 5's / infinite, but it would also be great to build by lots of say 50 (maybe alt+left click).

    If you want to build 400 units, you have to use infinite queuing and remember to turn it off, or hold shift and click a lot of times, which becomes boring. Especially if I would like to do it again every 10 minutes or so.

    Dev's are doing a great job, thoroughly enjoying the game.
  2. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Don't infinite queue units which inflate in price. An example is the diplomatic center dragoon. It inflates in price by 2% per each unit. It is best to order these by number so a way to order 50 at a time could be useful (but also disastrous if you did not have enough gold for 50). Other units... well if you wanted 400 why not just queue infinite? Remember, if you queue infinite units you pay for one at a time helped out by your flow of income. You don't have to have all the money on hand at the start. If you order 400 at once you would need a stock (a hoard) of resources because you are paying for 400 up front and not paying for one at a time.

    It's a stock versus flow concept. Check out Wikipedia on the topic.
  3. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    What could be implemented for this is if you hold down your mouse button the numbers could start to shoot up, then when you lift the button you have to double click to confirm the number. Similar to wall building. This could save a lot of time and clicking eg when ordering 500 merc drags or 1000 fishing boats.
    Oh and if you overspend and run out of gold that is your own fault lol
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  4. Takeo

    Takeo Member

    For me this feature (+2% price) should not be bypassed. If you train 5 dragons per click u should pay 100 + 102 + 104 + 106 + 108 ( 520 ) and not only 500.
  5. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    I think it inflates by how many dragoons you actually have, not per second . Therefore if you start with zero dragoons the price is 100 gold. If you click really fast your dragoons will be cheaper, but if you click slowly your dragoons will start to come out of the diplo and the price goes up.
  6. Takeo

    Takeo Member

    Yes, the price goes up when the dragon traning is finished. So if u recruits dragon when u are supply block u will pay 100 only for each dragons...
  7. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    Takeo - yes you are right if by supply block you mean population limit. It is the same with fishing boats, once they start to set sail the price starts to go up.
  8. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    Here is a better idea - left click for 1 unit , shift and click for 5 units (as it is now) . Right click to see a drop down for 20,50,100,200,500,1000 units. Implement for all buildings that produce units.
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