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Discussion in 'Modding' started by visiofx2, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. visiofx2

    visiofx2 New Member

    i change (unit.script) musket unit build time and resources value random map is working but campaign not working

    how to change campaign unit build time or resource value ?
  2. Lieutenant-Général

    Lieutenant-Général Active Member

    Are you sure that no mode are active in the mod manager?
  3. visiofx2

    visiofx2 New Member

    No mode has been applied
  4. Setakat

    Setakat Member

    Campaign maps are a precreated map based of vanilla (aka unmodded) game data. A lot of settings within the unit.script and some of the country.script files are "baked" into the mission files, and override the settings in default and modded files. The same is true for any saved random games.
    You'll need access to whatever map editor GSC has used to build the campaign maps and the source files, and then you'll have to rebuild the maps with your mods active in order to update their saved configuration.
  5. visiofx2

    visiofx2 New Member

    Thanks for advising
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