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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Wralth, May 8, 2017.

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    CA aims to do many things for a purely multiplayer mod: For starters there is no more population cap and unit upgrades are completely removed. Instead, the player is given a broader choice in how to build his army strategically while also building their economy for the sole purpose of generating an army, not to pay for increasing building costs.

    A quick rundown on what this mod does:

    No popcap
    No scaling building costs
    No unit upgrades
    No capturing, you can "capture" town centers, houses, markets and mines, but they instantly explode all the time.
    Towers can defend buildings now. They use rifles now too.
    Unit costs massively increased.
    Gathering spots have to be used much more extensively. Your economy will no longer fit into a tiny living room.
    Armors are calculated on a percentage basis. Negative armor means that a unit takes more damage.
    Units are rebalanced to fit efficiency triangles comparable to age of empires. Roundshiers beat pikemen, pikemen beat cavalry, cavalry beats roundshiers.
    Walls are attackable by every unit except for pure musketeers. Same goes for towers.
    The academy replaces the 18thc century upgrade and is to be built at a much later stage in the game.
    You can build as many diplomatic centers as you want. Same goes for ferries.
    Diplomatic center units count as fully capable units, however they cost much more because of that.
    Removed upkeep for everything except walls (because walls are bugged, even in vanilla right now)
    Unique upgrades for units are gone. Ferries start with 300 spots and mines hold 50 peasants at all times.
    Formations give bonuses depending on their size and for cavalry each formation type has differently spread bonuses entirely!
    Ships and cannons can be attacked by any unit in range now. They also have much more sensible HP.
    Same for buildings.
    Fields last forever so you will not have to refresh them every few mins.
    Almost every nation has a roundshier or sword infantry unit (ukraine still waiting for adjustment)

    Still needed to add:
    Upgrade system (shouldnt take long, i just had to postpone it over actual game engine changes)
    Full nation rebalances and uniqueness.
    Properly working market system
    Multiply all unit stats by 10 for better damage calculations.
    Adjustments to some unit hitboxes.
    Make fields removable by building on them.
    Add general WVPM's reload framework.
    Adjusted starting resource options.
    Reintroduce the fishing boat (as a different unit though)
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    Were you able to create Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander/Planetary Annihilation's economic system as well?

    I mean, obviously the gather systems are different, but I think (?) the economy can be adjusted to fit in.

    As in you start building a building or a unit, and as long as you have resources you'll build it, but if you aren't getting any more resources it stops completely.

    I know you know what I'm talking about since we've both probably played Supreme Commander as well, since I haven't played Total Annihilation, but there might be other people that haven't and that's why I'm explaining what I mean by the different economic system.

    It was really unique and probably a hallmark of such RTS games.
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    Best of luck.
  5. Wralth

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    It would be too complicated to recreate on the fly while also not really adding too much to the game. I might consider making some structures super expensive and slow to build for some kind of insane payoff but right now nothing really sensible comes to mind.

    The mod, for what its worth, is actually leaning more towards emulating the feel of age of empires games with the added bonus of having unending resources
  6. A. Soldier

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    Alright then, keep up the good work. I might try it sometime.
  7. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

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    I like a lot of what you speak of ;-)
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