Cossacks 3 of my dream!

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    Seeing so many suggestions and requests to Cossacks 3 team and also discussions about these request we've decided to start this topic. Here you can describe Cossacks 3 of your dream in general or in detail and we will be able to see in complex common suggestions, ideas. No hot discussions, just essays! :)
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    I dream about great war of big armies ... where tactics control and effect everything ... big and beautiful vibrant cities in different buildings .... great economy and agriculture ... wildlive and nomadic groups .... big maps .... diplomatic tactics and making allies and enemies
    .... units promotions like american conquest ....battalions and moral system .... strategic mines .... like in cossacks 2 ... live rivers on the map ....
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    Righty..... *deep breath*

    Privateer's 'Cossacks 3 of his dreams'

    My dream Cossacks 3 would include all the features we know and love from C1 - the vast numbers, the vast nations and their unique architecture, but also a few nips, tucks and new content.

    I dream of a Cossacks 3 where the starting age is no longer the 17th century but the 16th, so to encompass the majority of the early modern period. Imagine the arquebusiers, the armoured pikemen, gendarmes and demi-lancers! 1500s to the 1700s of European warfare would be awesome. My dream version would also have ship-boarding to add another element to naval warfare.

    The other things I'd have in my dream Cossacks 3 are:


    • I would like to see a simple trading mechanism (in the same vein as Age of Empires) - I want to send a horse and cart caravan to my neighbour's market or even one of my own in a faraway outpost and let him automatically trade, going to and fro. Being able to pick what resource you want the trader to bring back would be handy.

    • Another trade item I would like to see is a visual representation for sending tribute to an ally. I'd like to send xxxxxx coal in the form of a little mule with loaded saddle bags from my market!


    • Constructable Blockhouses would look great in a hastily defended outpost village. The weak wooden pallisades and blockhouses would be erected far quicker than their stone counterparts and may just give the defender a little more time....

    • What is the European landscape missing in Cossacks 1? A great big fortress! Star forts securing vital crossroads would look fantastic.

    • A form of defence which occupies the space between the weak pallisades and strong stone walls would be great too - let us build Gabion basket walls around our most vital cannon emplacements! (the intro video in Cossacks 1 features lots of them! :D )

    • Tavern/inn/pub - This building allows you to hire special units such as Brigands and Spies

    • The existing Shipyard should have Marines and perhaps Bucaneer infantry available as soldiers/light infantry which can board any ship adding a bonus of some sort as well as being able to disembark and fight.


    • 17th Century Grenadier - give us some seigers.
    • Sapper - engineer unit available to all. Can build all defensive structures as well as construct petard bombs to place onto fortifications.
    • Flag/standard bearers - add him into a formation to give a large morale boost (more hitpoints and slight armour bonus) with the downside being that if he is killed, the formation gets a negative effect for a small period of time.
    • Trade Cart - for land-based trade routes.
    • Trade Ship - for water-based trade routes.
    • Coastal batteries - anti-naval artillery
    • Spies - units which can appear as enemy peasants. Has a large field of vision and can venture into enemy buildings to give information on building/training queues!


    • Neutral buildings - small hamlets and farms to give a bit of ambiance
    • Animals - a bit of life to the countryside.
    • Highwaymen/brigands - perhaps a few bad guys hiding in the odd forrest or by a road, in wait for badly assigned peasants!

    Other features

    •Garrisonable buildings like in American Conquest
    •Repairable ships!
    •Artillery crews - I feel that a new audience may find it odd that a 2015 game has ghost cannon! I can live without limbering up and trotting the cannon away via horses, though I think having crew (in very much the same way as American Conquest) would add more life to them.
    • Field preview - When placing a mill I would like to see the extent of the field, so I can avoid losing some of it to trees/stones etc.
    • I would also like to be able to tribute units to my ally for him/her to use as they want to.
    • Potential expansion pack idea: Nations from outside Europe that had an interesting history during the Cossacks 1 time frame - The Persians, Chinese, India, etc. Would make some nice campaigns with the European civs in their far-flung outposts!
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    Good AI which build a good mix of units, makes use of formations, and acts intelligently. Without a good AI, nothing else really matters.
    Cannon Crews. Unmanned cannons kill the immersion for me.
    I would love to see a grand strategy map and somehow play a campaign with Cossacks battles like Total War.
    Huge Maps where it takes a while to march from your base to the opponents.
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  5. Masher

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    I agree with what has been said above. Especially a.i, a good a.i will be very important to all the single player people out there.

    Many of the little things i'd like to see such as trade ships and carts have been mentioned above, but i shall make a little list of small improvements/changes i would like to see for my self.

    Add new sound effects, good decent impact sounds from cannons and melee help immerse me into the game just as crews manning a cannon would.

    Animated trees. I would like to see the trees sway in the wind as my troops line up to do battle with the enemy. Games as old as Stronghold 1 have animated trees i hope Cossacks 3 does too.

    Please allow us to send our damaged ships back to port and repair them. Again this was mentioned above but it's something i really want to see. Please allow this one at the very least.

    Copy and paste feature for the editor. If i place a battle formation of say 160 troops, let me copy and paste this in the editor so that i do not have the tedious task of creating formations of units over and over when designing my own missions/battles. Also please make sure peace mode can be turned off in the editor, i always loved a little mess about in Cossacks 1 editor. :)

    Animals that roam around trees and rivers that can also be hunted for food.

    Normal,Large and Huge maps, Cossacks 2 maps were too small, bring back the huge maps from Cossacks 1.

    Ability to break an alliance during battles with the option to lock this before the start of battle. For example, 6 players 3v3, locked teams is disabled, any player may break his alliance at any point during battle. This brings the act of betrayal and trust into a battle and can make for some very interesting battles. We had this in age of empires and it was very fun at times as well as frustrating. Good times.

    Add a research upgrade which allows cannons to be limbered so that they can move at the same speed as infantry.

    Add a dedicated unit such as a sapper that builds stone guard towers,walls,fences, block houses and coastal defense guns. Remove the ability for peasants to build these defensive structures.

    Allow ships to catch fire during battle, also make it so that not every ship explodes on death, have some slowly sink to the bottom of the sea.

    Add the ability for large ships such as ship of the lines to be captured by the enemy when below 10% health and are alone. So if a single ship of the line is patrolling or keeping line of sight in one area of water, allow for a small chance that outnumbered and very badly damaged ships can be captured. This will encourage players to repair ships if the repair feature is added.

    Add a 18c Ferry. Please please please add a bigger stronger but slower ferry. Keep the original 80+200 upgraded one. Yet allow us to research and build a 18thc version which can carry double the troops and has a much stronger hull but is also much slower because of this. I loved to play on Island and Continent maps, sadly not many of my friends did because getting troops over to another players island and gaining a foothold was VERY tedious and outright boring due to the fact a ferry could only hold 280 men and was easily single targeted by any competent player.

    Give Ukraine another infantry unit, i will not pretend i know any history about Ukraine, but did they seriously only have 1 type of infantry unit? Add a pikeman or swordsman or something.

    A great variety in random map generation, don't just allow for plains, hills etc. Make sure we can have snowy forests, deserts and lush green forests as well as plains to fight on.

    Town Hall alarm bell. As you know a good tactic in Cossacks was to raid and hurt your enemies economy by killing his peasants if he left them undefended. Add an alarm button to the town hall, when a player clicks this button all peasants close by stop working and enter the town hall for safety. When pressed again have the peasants return to the tasks they were assigned before.
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  6. Andrej

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    Great topic, thank You!

    I would like to see a quality "second to none" RTS in the segment with Cossacks 3! Just like I saw back in 2001 when I purchased the original Cossacks.
    The Cossacks 3 of my dreams would include:

    -game controls should stay as minimal as in original game
    -units in proper scale with buildings
    -wild life, that could be hunted for food
    -a lot of different units
    -moral, lower battle ability because of wounds and fear
    -cannons with full crew is a must have!
    -peasants/units that can go into buildings for protection
    -bigger maps
    -rivers, creeks, and lots of details on random maps
    -high AI on the opponent's side
    -formations and all tipes of units in use at the side of computer opponents
    -use of fortifications/walls and palisades around the opponents cities at the side of computer opponents
    -men/units on city walls or fortifications
    -men on ship decks
    -ships with realistic damage ( broken masts, rudders, torn sails... ) but, repairable in the docks
    -a little more food production options like farms, different fields - animals like cows, goats, sheeps, pigs, that can be stealed in a raid or killed
    -more possible trading options
    -buildable roads between cities ( with crews to build them )
    -banners and flags that moves in the wind ( located on the top of the buildings )
    -dead bodies that stay on the battlefield for a longer time ( that was awesome in AGE 1 and 2 )
    -weather element: storms on the sea, rain/mud on the battlefields
    -trading ships
    -pirates are must have
    -details, details, details:D it is nothing more beautiful than nice detailed armies slaughtered and nice cities/villages destroyed

    You guys are the right guys for the job! I am currently in large scale battle in American Conquest and it nothing but pleasure to play such a masterpiece with details, massive attacks, a lot of units, nice countyside, wild life, impresive graphics... WOW! Keep doing the good stuff!:)
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  7. Foeurdr

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    From all I saw on this forum (and this thread) I think Cossacks 3 dream game for me would be this :

    Music and sound

    • A soundtracks equal to Cossacks 1 in quality with as much tracks

    • Soundtracks with different influence, arabic, slavic, etc. as to reflet the different nations

    • Better sounds for cannon, musket, hand to hand combat ...

    • Add some military march for the drummer (and bagpipe)


    • possibility to create easily patrol and guard unit for the camp and even a militia

    • line of sight, you don't see what happen on the other side of a mountain

    • possibility to make coordinated attack with your allies, giving them on objective or them giving us a objective

    • Trade system between player like what suggested privateer

    • a small promoting system

    • being able to reform outdated units, 17th century musketeer for is 18th century counterpart for exemple not for the ships though

    • Marching and charging speed

    • Highwayman and pirates


    • Warships able to transport smalls troops

    • Repairable ships, costing ressource

    • another transport ship in the 18th century


    • A lot of different uniforms for each nations so we won't see the generic grenadier for every faction

    • No ghost manned cannon and limber for cannon to make they more easily moved across the map

    • Flag bearer alongside the drummer

    • A mounted infantry (well technically a dragoon), move as cavalry unit, dismount to fire

    • physic impact of the cavalry

    • A bit of wildlife


    • Peasants automatically constructing near building (wasn't so great to have to order them for each house)

    • Variant for some building especially house

    • Some different crops

    • stronger wooden wall and constructible blockhouse


    • having a great technological tree but more organised than Cossacks 1


    • an AI smarter, with many different strategy and able to adapt is army based on his previous failures

    • many different difficulty but without giving the AI outrageous bonus to his economy (basically he is the same as the player)

    • keep the possibility to play with the AI the same camp but allowing us greater control when doing so.


    • Having an option to give bonus to some player between 0% to 100% in amassing ressources
    • Map with river and bridge on them

    • Weather
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  8. Nowy

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    I already started similar tread about C3 whish list in general discussion section.
    If you like to see here common suggestion, ideas etc, I could cast my wishes here.

    1. Timeline = 17th 18th centuries
    These is 200 years with different units, weapons and tactics.
    Such long period could make many difficulties for developers. I hope they can do all the best what they can to eliminate nonsense and stupidity which existed in pervious Cossacks games.

    2. Game modes
    * Single player and multi player skirmish
    Gameplay in classic C1 style however with some important features as like units morale, fatigue, experience, build able roads between town centres, well organized settlements all build able by players, variable zones of danger shooting, but without visible colorful green, yellow, red zones and any indestructible buildings.
    Better units behaviours, soldier is a human, he can get tired, waver, panic or run away.
    I do not want see robot clones units and their stupid combats in gigantic blobbing mobs.
    Therefore characteristic national uniforms, morale and fatigue systems with on/off option are necessary.
    * Historical battles
    It is hard implement historical battles from such long period.
    If GSC team implement editor then players could recreate themselves their historical battles.
    * Five historical capaigns.
    I believe there will campaigns in
    Baltic lands and Russia
    Holly Roman Empire
    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
    Netherlands or West Europe
    Ukraine or South Europe
    * Editor
    Editor mode would be fine for modders and these players which likes make their own maps, scenarios, campaigns or modifications in the game.
    Game should include smarter and better AI which could lead their army in organized manner and use adequate tactics.

    3. Nations.
    GSC announced 12 nations. I believe there are:
    Austria, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine
    In next realize could add 8 nations :
    Bavaria, Crimea, Denmark, Hungary or Transylvania, Piedmont, Persia, Saxony, Moldavia or Wallachia

    4. Strategic and tactical maps
    Skirmish map generator could randomly create regional maps with characteristic landscape.
    C3 game also could include Europe strategic map similar to C 2 Battle for Europe.
    Struggles over all Europe lead by one nation were impossible at that period, but strategic map allow play in variable regions and show national achievements in Europe.

    5. Economy
    Economy development should base on agriculture, fishing, mining, manufacturing and trading. Agriculture employed majority of workers and this was main economy sector at that period. Nations could build their economies in similar way, but with some differences between East, North, South and West Europe, and Eastern countries.

    C3 game should recreate these differences, include different conditions for mentioned regions and include more economy aspects.

    Wood cutting, stone pits and mines could employ less peasants. Stone was not main resource. GSC team should eliminate from C3 game stone tricks in the market often met in C1 game.

    Add wider agriculture aspects, some more crops e.g. potatoes, fibre crops, flax or cotton, vegetables plants or wineyards, few orchard or olives trees, animal husbandry and nomadic herds for increase food production.

    Fishing boats should automatically withdraw from battle area.

    Add few craftsmen shops, 18th cc manufactures and iron works. Some colonial trade post represented as anchorage points placed in map corners would be fine. West Europe and Russia experienced colonial expansion and great changes in their economies at that period. British Industrial Revolution changed British economy and society in 18th century.

    Add pack horses and supply wagons for resources transport from mines to town centres or stores.
    Merchant ships could lead overseas trade too.

    6. Units
    All nations create units in specialized groups: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Sappers, Priests, General Commanders, Trains, Vessels and Workers. They could get similar statistics for all nations.
    Infantry create various types e.g. Pikes, Musketeers, Grenadiers, Skirmisher, Foreign or Mercenary, Guard or Elite
    Cavalry create various types e.g. Light Cavalry, Dragoons, Heavy Cavalry, Foreign or Mercenary, Guard or Elite
    Irregular Cavalry e.g. Cossacks, Mamelukes, Tatars and other national cavalry.
    Artillery e.g. multi barrel guns, light and heavy cannons, howitzers, mortars, each one with 4 artillerymen
    Horse drawn limbers and ammunition caissons with 2 drivers rode horseback on left side horses.
    Sappers skilled soldiers could build field works, fortifications, floating or pontoon bridges, military camps, use siege techniques, blow up explosive kegs, build siege trenches and field works around fortresses etc.
    Supply Train
    Army needs lot of supply, then supply train horse drawn wagons are necessary. They could transport some food, baggage and equipage needed for big army. Supply wagons also could create military camps and strengthen defensive positions around camps.

    Vessels e.g. sea boats, river barges, merchant brigs, transport vessels, sloops of war, rowing galleys, galleons, 18th cc bomb ketch, frigates, three types of ship of the line which can represent small 50 guns two deckers, common 74 guns two deckers and large 90-120 guns three deckers

    Units improvements
    Implement automatic dual weapons system, where cavalry and infantry can shoot and fight in melee
    Add sabres or swords for 17th Musketeers, Serdiucks, Janissaries etc. They were know sabre melee fighters.
    Implement automatic squads fire by ranks system similar to HEW mod for ACFB
    Implement Artillery crews and horse drawn limbersas as like C2 game had.
    Slightly increase light artillery guns soild shot fire range.
    Decrease cannons canister shot demage, especially against armoured units.
    Decrease fire arms accuracy, especially for artillery and ships at long range.
    Decrease Dragoons muskets fire range, they can not outshot infantry muskets
    Decrease bayonets power in combats against cavalry! Dynamic cavalry charge could wiped out disorganized infantry.
    Implement cavalry charges impact and automatic cavalry counter-charges, and retreats.
    Infantry could withstand cavalry charge only in well organized hollow square (kare) formation or with well delivered volleys in short distance and proper time

    Polish Winged Hussars were armed with longer lances than infantry pikes. They were well armoured and used sabres, swords and other weapons, therefore this cavalry in repetitive charges could smash enemy infantry or cavalry. These very dangerous charges could withstand only well defended formation with well delivered volleys and very numerous units.

    Add ships crews: sailors, marines and naval commanders created in sea ports or naval bases, then boarded and hidden on ships which will sailing at seas
    Change transport vessel, that could be merchant size sloop ship and any disarmed warship
    Implement ships combats in battle line, occasional ships boarding, capture, haul and repairs in docks or naval bases.
    Smaller ships should avoid engagements with bigger warships. Ships can not fire through other friendly ships without any casualties or losses
    All ships finally can not explode. They could slowly sank or drift as wrecks to closest coast

    7. General Commanders
    It would be wonderful include General Commanders in five ranks and their Adjutants as fallows:
    Brigade General and 1 Adjutant could virtually command up to 4 basic infantry squads or 2 cavalry squads
    Division General and 2 Adjutants for 8 infantry squads or 4 cavalry squads supported with Light Artillery Batteries
    Army Corps Commander and 3 Adjutants for 16 infantry squads or 8 cavalry squads supported with Artillery Batteries, Sapper and Supply Train Companies
    Army Commander with 4 Adjutants for more squads
    Supreme Commander and 5 Adjutants could take command over all national forces

    Navy Commanders in four ranks which could keep order in organized navy
    Commodore and 1 Adjutant for ships squadron = 4 galleys or 4 frigates
    Rear Admiral and 2 Adjutants for battleship squadron = 4 galeons or 4 ships of the line
    Vice Admiral and 3 Adjutants for battleship squadron = 4 galoens or 4 ships of the line
    Admiral with 4 Adjutants for fleet = 10 galeons or 10 ships of the line
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  9. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Must split my dream wishes in next post. :)

    8. Basic squads
    Basic squads should include officer, flag bearer drummer or trumpeter and some soldiers
    Infantry = 12, 72 and 120 men could represent company, battalion and regiment size
    Cavalry = 15 and 45 men could represent cavalry squadron and regiment
    Irregular Cavalry = 10 and 40 men could represent weaker irregular cavalry squads as like Cossacks, Tatars, Mamelukes etc.
    Artillery = 3 cannons and eventually 1 howitzer and 4 limbers could represent artillery battery, and 2 cannons could represent artillery section
    Siege Artillery Section = 2 the same type heavy guns used during sieges e.g. heavy cannons, howitzers or mortars
    Specialized Companies which do not need officers staff
    Militia company = 12 militiamen to defend mines and other key buildings
    Skirmish Company = 12 skirmishers e.g. Jegers, Pandour, Voltigeur etc.
    Sapper Company = 12 sappers
    Artillery Train Company = horse drawn 2 ammunition caissons, each with 2 drivers on left side horse
    Engineer Train Company = horse drawn 2 pontoon bridges and tools carriages, each one with 2 drivers
    Supply Train Company = horse drawn 2 supply wagons, each one with 1 men
    Garrison Artillery
    Cannons locate in fortifications e.g. Tower, Bastion, Fort and Fortress

    Garrisoned fortifications as fallows:
    Blockhouse = 24 infantrymen
    Tower = few artillerymen needed for 1, 2 or 3 cannons
    Bastion = 24 infantrymen and some artillerymen for 2, 3 or 4 cannons
    Fort = 72 infantrymen and some artillerymen for 4, 5 or 6 cannons
    Fortress = 240 infantrymen and some artillerymen for 8, 9 or 10 cannons

    Individual vessels e.g. fishing boats, river barges, merchant ship etc.
    Transport convoy = 2 or 4 transport vessels used in landing operations
    Costal Guard Team = 2 small gun-brigs or cutters, guarding costal sea sectors
    Post Team = 2 warships guarding important places e.g. anchorage, harbour, roadstead
    Escort Squadron = 2 sloops of war, escorting transport convoys or battle squadron
    Cruiser Squadron = 4 galleys or 4 frigates, one ship needs Commodore and Adjutant on board
    Battle Squadron = 4 galleons or 4 ships of the line, one ship needs Rear or Vice Admiral and Adjutants on borad
    Fleet = 10 galleons or ships of the line, three ship needs Admiral , Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral and their Adjutants

    9. Order of Battle
    Organized warfare with proper squads organization, formations, units deployment and characteristic order of battle.
    Squads combats should be basic combat system. Disorganized individual soldiers or gigantic mobs can not win the battle. Army needs Generals Commanders, Adjutants, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Sappers and Train squads. Individual units can not fight effectively against well organized and trained squads. Then squads formations needs some bonuses.
    Squads flank and rear attacks bonus and stand ground bonus are necessary.
    Squads could fight in organized manner and defeat even gigantic mobs of individual units.

    10. Victory conditions
    Similar to C1 skirmish conditions. However it would be wonderful, when developers predict other victory conditions, especially for campaigns, which can base on six objectives. For instance.
    * Hold control over initially owned areas and Town Centres
    * Hold control over chosen sectors, key strongholds or try stay in armed neutrality
    * Make possible alliances or coalitions and cooperate with allied nations
    * Create Army and eventually Navy, and destroy enemies armies and navies
    * Send military contingents to chosen sector, capture Town Centres and occupy these sectors
    * Help allies hold control over their sectors or other chosen sectors and Town Centres
    Each nation could include their own objectives, but they should include realistic conditions. There were many impossible or crazy scenarios which existed in C1 game. GSC team should eliminate historical stupidity and pure nonsense campaigns.
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  10. Nick

    Nick Active Member

    I am going to stick with my musket gun and FIRE on some of the things that I have originally/previously said that essentially does not effect the game style in anyway as they are not that overcomplicated to do or put in the game:

    • Vastly improved building speeds on all units, buildings etc because some buildings or units would take ages to build even when fully researched/upgraded.
    • Another additional guard tower made just purely from wood not just stone that would take ages to build.
    • More historically accurate variations of ships for every nation with there own unique capabilities/abilities plus upgrades/research.
    • A much better organized research tree for the University to make it easier to find the particular research your looking for rather then just all jumbled up everywhere. Perhaps made in an actual tree or sections each respected to where they belong Damage/Defense/Rate of Fire/Speeds etc...
    • Maybe a conquest mode or some type of new game modes.
    • Flag bearers for the nations. Just to give that sense of realism and pride of playing each unique nation.
    • Additional flags flying on important buildings like the town hall or barracks for example.
    • National fife/marching theme to your respected nation perhaps adding a flutist that does this so you have a choice of drummer or flutist.
    • Enhanced/realistic sound effects like the ones used in Empire Total War - DarthMod for example.
    • 3 or 2 ages that you can research at the town hall 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.
    • Cannons with soldiers rather then cannons being moved by ghosts.
    • Maybe having a playable pirate faction/nation with there own campaign to.
    • Two different ferries where one is fast, takes less troops, has less hit points and the other is slow, takes more troops, has more hit points.
    • More variations in gathering foods like from shrubs, wildlife etc and perhaps rather then just grain crops maybe some different crop types like corn, fruit and veg to choose from with there own capabilities/abilities.
    • Better AI.
    • Obviously new units for every nation with there unique uniforms etc.

    So there's just some pretty basic simply things to do in my opinion that I think everyone else would happily agree on. :)
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  11. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    Great work guys! Amazing to see so much of enthusiasm and so many good ideas. All of presented cossacks' dreams are really convergent. Can Admin tell us how much of it is already in? We can start with for example units discussion for selected nation and so on.
  12. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Few days and there are lot of dreams, suggetions and wishes. GSC can not ignore their fans and customers wishes.
    These clearly shows what fans and customers want to see in C3 game. If they want to sell well this game, they should include more than new graphic, 5 SP campaigns and only 5% changes in the game. ;)

    That is what I have postulated in this forum from the begining.
  13. ZooM | Eric

    ZooM | Eric Member

    Please stop to mention the 5 %.
    A game is not simply written down, it will be developed , and ideas come with time.
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  14. Nick

    Nick Active Member

    Nowy, you have like posted the same thing non stop in almost every thread that I go in I think everyone gets your point by now :rolleyes:
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  15. [IG]Hipolit

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    At least we see that his opinions are stable in time and consistent what makes him a reliable cossack!
  16. Nick

    Nick Active Member

    What? o_O
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  17. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    This is untrue statement. I am not posted the same thing non stop in almost every thread.
    You could read more my posts in this forum. ;)

    I am only dreaming and wishing that they will make more than 5% changes, improvements and implement some new ideas in C3 game. I take this pesimistic number from GSC team announcements, reviews and their actual treatment of their fans.
    I can change my opinion only when they prove that they do something more than they promissed in their announcements.
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  18. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

  19. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    My ideal C3 would be like OC Mod but even better. This won't surprise anyone! :)

    Some factors that make OC Mod different are;

    • TRADING - The Market is more expensive to build. Market trading has been overhauled to nullify reverse trading and to offer poorer prices for all trades.
    • MERCENARIES - The impact of diplomatic centre mercenaries is much reduced. Mercenaries are stronger but more expensive to buy and slower to produce.
    • FORMATIONS - Formations give much greater bonuses in attack and defence. This encourages use of formations because units out of formation are very weak.
    • CHURCHES – The church is much more expensive (10,000 gold units for 18th C capable nations) and is built mainly to enable progress to the 18th C.
    • PROGRESS TO 18th C – It is much more expensive to progress to the 18th C. This ensures the need for more extensive fighting in 17th C mode first.
    • PRODUCTION RATES – 17th C Pike are now produced at much the same rate as 17th C musketeers. The 18th C musketeers are produced at a greater rate than 18thC pike so the latter become a rarity on the battlefield. Grenadiers are tougher. Horse units now produce slower and the harness upgrade has a reduced effect as well.
    • PRODUCTION SITES – A key change is that the 17th C barracks now produce 18th C muskets in the 18th Century. The 18th C barracks are essentially for the production of grenadiers and sharpshooters (skirmishers).
    • ARTILLERY - Artillery has a slower fire rate with slightly greater range and delivers slightly more damage. It is more expensive and slower to produce.
    • SHOTPOWER - Base shot power has changed with all units now having between 26 and 42 base shot power. Reload rates are slowed down.
    • HOUSES - Houses are more expensive but each one will house more population. Housing now takes up less space on the map.
    • WALLS AND TOWERS - There are strict limits on wooden walls, stone walls and towers. This ensures that battles in the open will decide many games.
    • STABLES- Stable production is more even across the nations though a nation like Poland still excels in cavalry. Elite horse units have additional bonuses.
    When I say make it better than OC Mod, the main thing would be to add better line formations for ranked fire and add deaths from friendly musket fire. Formations might also need a slightly wide-spaced formation to adopt when required to stand under cannon fire. A mild to moderate morale and fatigue system could be added. Don't make it too severe though.

    - Reduce effectiveness of fire through trees and fences. Allow defenders at fence to poke muskets through or over for fully effective fire.

    PATH FINDING! Improve path finding if possible. Remember that funny sort of Z-shaped path that units would follow sometimes?

    As I have said elsewhere, allow formations to be put into armies. Have army march at pace of slowest formation including cannon if cannon are present. Have all formations in army draw up correctly aligned in the same alignment as when they started. Obviously, impassable terrain will affect this.
  20. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    I would add one suggestion, once a barracks is built, Let the units upgrade in the barracks as well.

    Example - pike and musketeers from 17th, once upgraded can now produce 18th pike and musket. this will give more room on map for other buildings.

    Same for housing, upgrades to housing would more units per house built. etc.
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