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    They also have reskined 18th century dragoon. You didn't even notice what shows that same units with different skin and a little changed stats shouldn't be called unique units. In such a case half of the western nations is just almost same with no unique units, ships, buildings, mechanics or anything else except visual differences.
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    Dutch should take new unit with this Dlc. No matter which from 17c. or 18c.


    Dutch Infantry Early 18c.


    Dutch Reiter


    Dutch Grenadier and English 18c. Muskeeter
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    The Dutch had a light dragoon and helbardier in AoE3 as unique units. Maybe an interesting source of inspiration for Cossacks 3?
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    And also:
    - Unique warship - Fluyt.
    - Unique scout - Envoy.
    - Unique building - Bank (which produces coin).
    - Less civilian population than other western nations (but banks compensate it).
    - Villagers cost coin instead of food.
    - Skirmishers are avaible earlier than in other nations.

    Much more unique features than in Cossacks 3.
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    Hehe rly :-D . Where's blue uniformed Netherlands 18c musketeers? :p