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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Nowy, May 21, 2015.


    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    What you describe would be an addon for the failed Cossacks 2. God forbid we get something like that again^^ You want back many things i hated about cossacks 2 like Garrisoned fortifications for example. Gladly, the producer has already mentioned in an interview that Cossacks 3 will be just like C1. Therefore most of your wishes will remain wishes.
    Don't get me wrong though. I appreciate the effort you have put into this and i don't want to offend you too. What they can do is to fulfill your single player campaigns. But i think the focus should be on multiplayer as this is what the most players are playing and looking forward to. If it was up to me there wouldn't need to be any campaigns or single player mode. Pure waste of time. The longterm fun is all about multiplayer.
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  2. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Hum, I think you say that because you are part of clan and an adepte of multiplayer but there is also a large single player base. Why do multiplayer people always feel the game is alive because of them ?
    I think they should focus equally in multi and in single player part of the game.
    The campaigns in cossacks were really good, I hope they do an awesome job there again and keep the variety in the gameplay there was (like this one battle on the prussian campaign where you could only give directive to the troops it truly gave me the sensation of being a general in the XVII-XVIIIth century).

    To come back to what Nowy say
    4 - If CSG add a version of the european map like they did in Cossacks 2 alongside the campaigns, skirmish and missions we have it will be great
    5 - Economy I'm not so sure, I like the style we have actually were everybody can develop the same way, just make the need of nations different like the ukrainian who needed ludicrous amount of food in comparaison of the other nations.
    6 - I agree, but could you explain what exactly do the supply train ?
    7 - maybe a bit too much complicated, officer, drummer and standard bearer are just fine for me, but officer for the cavalry and artillery are a good idea. As for the ship, in that time the officer depend of the kind of ship, a first rate has obviously high ranking officer so I think for the navy formation it would be more like one 4 rate ship allow you to command a certain number of frigate, galleys, etc.
    8 - We have, in my opinion, already a good system of number per formation. but I like the idea of supplying troop for our defensive buildings, kind of what's in american conquest.
    9 - I agree
    10 - Always to have more objective possible in a game and in option !
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  3. CyberInsaneo

    CyberInsaneo Member

    Why on earth would you want to remove the single player elements?! In an age where we are getting less and less for our money you are literally demanding for less content!
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    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    i am not demanding it. I just said that i personally don't need it.
  5. CyberInsaneo

    CyberInsaneo Member

    Ok sure, of course multiplayer's a big part of cossacks, but I personally prefer the historical scenarios, and the ability to play at my own pace.
  6. CyberInsaneo

    CyberInsaneo Member

    GSC I think I've found your new designer!
  7. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    You get it wrong. I know that they announced C3 as remake of C1 game. However they should looking forward and add some more elements which could make the game more interesting and acceptable for historical fans too.

    You simply forgot that C2 has not garrisoned buildings. I think that C3 could include few garrisoned fortifications.
    It is much better than ghost manned cannons or towers or shooting blockhauses from C1. Garrisons are realistic and they could add possibility for sieges which were common at that period. It is not hard implement such thing.
    Even modders could do it well, look at HEW mod.

    GSC sold few milion Cx copies, but how many Cossacks fans do you met in multiplayer scene?
    Some thousands? Then multiplayer is not so popular as you think. It is not a core game mode what people whant to see in the game.
    I propose to develop economy in similiar way for all nations, but with well known regional differences. For instance. Animal husbadry and nomadic herds were very important in East Europe. Manufacturing, shipping and trading were important sectors in West Europe. North and South Europe also had their specific sectors.

    Few more crops add more reality in agriculture. Some craftsmen shops or manufactures could produce goods for gold. These elements add some more economical asspects into the game. All we know that economy maintain army.

    Supply train wagons were commonly used in armies at that period. They carried soldiers baggage, equipage and supply.
    They were used even in battles. Ukrainian Cossacks defensive tactics included supply wagons organiozed in tabor which surrounded their camps. C 3 game should include such cases.
    You little bit miss understud this point. I proposed include Generals and Adjutants to represent complex army structure.
    Armies needed higher level commanders. Therefore GSC team could include Generals and their Adjutants. They could make more fun when players will properly organize their armies.

    Naval commanders were needed for big ships. Then they could form ships squads or ships groups. I give simple examples how it could looks in the game.
    I do not think so.
    Actually C1 game include 15, 36, 72, 120 and 196 soldiers. Cavalry also have few squad sizes. Artillery guns could create very large squads. Do you remember mortars case? There are too much and useless diverse in C1.

    In my proposition simpler squad sizes could reprezent basic tactical squads
    - infantry companies, battalions and regiments.
    - cavalry squadrons and regiments
    - irregular cavalry smaller and bigger squads
    - artillery sections and artillery batteries
    - specialised companies e.g. skirmisher, sapper or train companies
    - ships teams, squadrons and fleets

    This is simple organization.

    I like your humor.
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  8. CyberInsaneo

    CyberInsaneo Member

    Hey I just thought that there were some really good ideas here.
  9. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    OK. I see that we agree in many suggestions for C3. It's nice.
  10. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    I wish to see in the C3 game:
    * bigger maps with correct regional terrain representation suitable for great battles
    * correct order of battle with General Commanders in few ranks and heir Adjutants
    * craftsmen shops, 18th century textile manufactures and iron works which can produce variable goods for gold
    * more agriculture aspects and regional diversity e.g. animal husbandry, nomadic herds, bigger cereals plants, some flax, cotton, potatoes plants, olives and orchard trees, wineyards and vegetables
    * more field works and fortifications e.g. military camps, fleches, redoubts, wood palisades, stone walls, siege trenches around garrisoned fortifications as like blochouses, towers, bastions and fortresses
    * morale, fatigue, experience systems, soldiers human behaviours e.g. waver, panic and runaway effects
    * proper battle tactics, squads deployment, cavalry charges, formation combats, flank and rear attacks bonuses
    * buildings all build by players in organized settlements, villags, towns and fortifications
    * roads buildable by players between town centres which allow faster move soldiers and transport resourses
    * squads organization for artillery, cavalry, infantry, sappers, horse drawn trains and ships
    * well recreated ships sailling, maneuveres, organized ships combats, possible ship capturing
    * ships accidental burn or crushes in heavy weather, sallow waters or underwater rocks
    * ships repairs, renovations and resupply in ports or naval bases
    * season of the year, characteristic weather conditions
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  11. Andrej

    Andrej New Member

    I can see, there is a lot of different and good prepositions. First of all, I would like to thank to the GSC team for creating the original Cossacs and American Conquest. I still play both of them and never get bored! RTS Masterpieces!

    In the Cossacs 3 I would appreciate if You include in it:
    -cannon crews ( like in american conquest )
    -wild life ( animals.. )
    -soldiers on some walls and outposts
    -flags and banners on the buildings and in the battle
    -supply sistem for troops
    -road construction option
    -and my favourite, longer lasting roting of the dead soldiers, horses, some different injuries ( like leg cuts, arm cuts )
    -buildings, that can be filled with peasants and other units to shoot from them ( like in american conquest )
    -single player random maps are awesome and they must stay in the game
    -in single player modes, there would be very very nice to have more diverse landscapes ( with some creeks, rivers, and posibility to make bridges or pontons across them )

    Where can I preorder?:)
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  12. Voyager

    Voyager Member

    I support your suggestions! :)
    It would be great to see them in cossacks 3!
  13. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Hmm, you cast some fine ideas, but few of them are controversial.

    Cannon crews of course are well come too.
    However I prefer C2 artillerymen, they better represent artilllery crews from that epoc.

    Wild animals could inflict some troubles. Better implement animals nomadic herds to represent specific food production and army food supply known in that times.

    Soldiers on some walls could be hard doable on small wall buildings and small maps, I suppose.

    Weatehr conditions would be fine however there are some troubles too. Nevertheless I also suggested include such feature in C3 game. Let's developers try include rain, snow, frost or hot dry time in the game.

    I would like to see supply system in the game too.
    Have some suggestions for supply ammunition caissons and other supply.
    Supply system could give more immersion and more enjoyable game options.

    Road construction realised by players would be well come too.
    There no needs to include such system which works in C2 game. However roads build by players between far away towns would be fine in the game.

    Long lasting dead bodies would be fine, but different injuries, legs or arms cuts could be hard do in such small scale.
    Blood and cut bodies also could inflict some marketing troubles in some countries.

    Buildings filled with peasants and other units known from American Conquest game could inflict known troubles.
    Therefore I prefer include only few garrisoned fortification buildings and implement new siege techniques.
    Sappers explosive kegs and heavy bombardements could make a breach in fortification walls. Then besieged forces could offer capitulation or storm that beach and capture fortification.

    Siege trenches and some field works arround besieged fortification also could add more immersion there.

    I like single player mode and support your suggestions there. Even started another thread about AI.

    It would be great see some new ideas in C 3 game.
    Therefore I cast this wish list and add some ideas in other threads too.
  14. Andrej

    Andrej New Member

    I almost forgot: It would be great to see that the buildings are in the proportion with soldiers. I have a feeling, that this will be the greatest RTS ever!
  15. James Hayes

    James Hayes Active Member

    Please if you do have things like building roads, unit morale,stamina etc make them able to turn on or off. me personally i used to love like 3000 units going to battle with each other without running off.... have maps x2 or x3 like in btw. keep peace time, the economy in btw was perfect for me was still challenging yet easy to learn. for me C2 sucked balls and was the worst creation out of them all.
  16. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Turn on/off option for morale, stamina is doable. C2 had similiar, but limited option.
    Buildable roads would be very fine effect. There are not needs to turn them off. If player dislakie build roads, he can not build the roads. Then he will move his units little bit slower.

    They should include fatigue effect. It is crazy when units can marching across all map and combat without fatigue.

    3000 units going to battle disrodrerly as one or few big blobs were quite foolish fearute in C1 and they should eliminate such crazy combat system. C2 game have much better combat system. However it require too much squads micro management for infantry fire combats.

    They should include organized squads combats, but allow autommatically do some things in fire combats.
    Nice example they could find in HEW mod for their ACFB game. Squads combats is clue of warfare while individual soldeirs or large mobs send to combats as gigantic blob is idiotic feature.

    Bigger maps x2 or x3 are fine, but probably this option will not in the fame. Someone suggested that they will take care more about quality of landscape then map size.

    Peace time and simple economy probably will similiar to C1 game.
    However they should add few more elements for economy development. Small crop plants, would cutting, stone gathering, few mines and fishing are not enough to represent economy in the game.

    I hope that they add some new elements, improve combat system and add some realistic features into C3 game.
    Only graphic improvments and old crazy gameplay are not enough!
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  17. James Hayes

    James Hayes Active Member

    see you want to complicate a simple yet fun game. fatigue? who would want to attack another player across the map when they know their units would be at a disadvantage? it would end up people not wanting to attack first. 3000 units attacking each was what was fun about c1 and it is what made it different from any other game that has ever bene made. why do you think people still play it to this day? because it is fun and repayable. why would you want your units to walk slower becuase they are walking up and hill or grass etc in c1 is was fine becuase things like a sich cossack sneak attack it what made the game harder in MP making units slower just makes hte game slower and less diffcult. by the sounds of it you want it to be come like TOTAL WAR. which for me is A NO GO!.
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  18. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    No, I don't want C3 game to be like Total War. The latter is not realistic in simple term of tactical warfare too.
    I would like to see great RTS game with more realistic features which allow play historical battles.

    Therefore only eye candy graphic with old C1 features are not enough. Gigantic blobs with 3000 units attacking all along entire map and fast mass killings are not interesting. This is only childish and borring case. Only nostalgia syndrome will not help sale the modern RTS game. C3 should include some more features.

    Morale, stamina and fatigue effects do not mean that nobody will attacking only waiting for enemy.
    These features properly implemented would works fine, add more immersion and realistic elements in gameplay.
    This is a matter of good prediction how, where and when these effects will play their roles.

    C2 has such features, they works fine, however sometimes can inflict some troubles.
    GSC team could improve them and add to C3 game as option. These features are not too complicate.
    More options in the game is better in this case.

    Then you will can still play with stupidly fast gigantic blobs and other players will can play with more realistic features.
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  19. Snuffy

    Snuffy Active Member

    Not to worry about single player. You have to have single player to even turn the game on. ;)
  20. SirToasty

    SirToasty New Member

    I would like to see the Mod1 (that was bundled with Back to War I think?) intergrated into this version, i.e - I'd love to see more unique uniforms, different mercenaries available depending on country and the extra cannons.

    I would also like to see a simple trade cart function as well (ala AoK)
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