Could we have the Cossacks 2 combat system back?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Grubnessul, Aug 13, 2017 at 8:56 AM.

  1. Grubnessul

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    Cossacks 2 had one of the most interesting combat systems of any RTS game I have ever played. It was well passed, reasonably realistic (probably the most realistic in any game set in this period) and yet not frustrating. Most importantly, it offered interesting choices. Not only the decision when to release your volley, but the experience system gave a fluent dynamic in which you could gain and lose better units and thus the question in what cases you would prefer to commit your most experienced units and in which you would rather sent in the rookies to preserve your guards.

    Compare this to Cossacks 3 in which formations add little and require unnecessary (and annoying!) micro if you want to reform them into bigger ones. just selecting all units and attack move seems to be working easier.

    Moreover, we lack all the above mentioned choices; shooters release their volleys at semi-automatic speed and it hardly matters to hold them until you can see the white in your opponents' eyes.

    Since you already designed it successfully once, it should be doable to implement this successfully in Cossacks 3
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    When I pre ordered C3, for some reason I had the features in C2 already in C3 that was to be released. I was wrong.
  3. Daddio

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    It would have been nice to had had a continuation of the series in C3. The next step so to say. That was my expectation early on. But from the start they stated that it was to be a remake of C1. With the stipulation that C3 was only to be the beginning of the new series, and that more advanced games were to follow.

    What we did not get then or now is some type of schedule as to when this will occur. Or what type of game will come out of it.

    Popular speculation is that AC is next. But I think that a simple remake would just about end all interest for the old timers of the game. We are ready for some improvements in both appearance and game system. Not really willing to wait another 2 - 3 years to see some innovative gaming systems. AC had a lot of faults, Faults frankly that were mostly fixed in the Hawks mod. Any successful remake would have to be a continuation of that mod.

    Personally I would love to see them jump to the next step past C2. Which I feel is the best game of the series. And the logical next step.

    But we will see. Many of us may hinge our gaming decisions on the direction they plan to go.

    Good gaming all,

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    I prefer the combat system of Cossacks 1. Cossacks 2 system look like a bad Total War in my opinion. Seing half of the ennemy units fleing and let be killed as sheeps killed all the pleasure of the battles.
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    I don't know how many years I have left on earth, but I ain't 16 any more. Whatever they do, I hope it is done in an expeditious manner. I have been gaming on line with others since Age of Sail II. I feel I have taken a step back to the game I played right after that one which is going back to Cossacks I.

    If this development team is true to its performance in C3, there will be little or no input from those playing C3. They also need people on the team who know how to code the features they want.

    Still waiting for the Mac version of C3.