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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by condor_fly, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. condor_fly

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    Would you like to see a 'live' animation in the game Cossacks 3?
    I do.
    But, how AC showed us, long animation isn't good for real-time strategy game, when enemy's unit had already follen and hes killer has continue to hit an air above.
    What is better short adecuate animation or "real live" animation, which is not entirely consistent with what has happened on the battlefield?
    Truely, it is dilemma for every developer or modmaker.
  2. Wololo

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    I would like to see combat animations like in Total War games where battles are long and impressive while in Cossacks 3 battles with few thousand units last max several dozen seconds, there is one death animation and all it looks just funny :D

  3. Poppadomus

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    If that was in cossacks it would be the best game ever made.
  4. Aistis1990

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    Lol now that was a fight :-D ... Id like to see more animations but they are too hard to make what to talk about implementing them...
  5. -Fisher-

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    Haha this champion duel was impressive... until I saw the end of the combat :-D

    Actually the animation I'd most like to see in C3 is a proper cavalry charge. The shock between the cavalry and the infantry, a bit more like in Total War. Rather than the horsmen stopping and then hitting.

    Arty crew would be a thing too (crew that can be killed and replaced), but this means that during most battles the crew would be killed quickly, and cannons would just remain neutral until there is no shooter left on one side...