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    C1 and AoE2 both lacked an explorer unit back then, perhaps because the devs of the time didn't know how the gameplay would evolve before hardcore players came in? The workaround was (is) to use drummers and sheep, respectively, which I believe most players would agree that is pretty lame.

    RoN and AoE3 both realized that and successfully implemented their concept of an explorer. For C3, I think such unit would have a slightly different use due to the fact that there's no difference between unexplored area and out-of-sight area like in those other titles. It'd be more useful to just discover enemy nation and location (what we do with pikes today) and to "patrol the borders" early in the game, so to speak. These are thoughts from the top of my head:
    • Largest unit line-of-sight of the game;
    • Fast mounted unit. Perhaps with different speeds between nations, but still at least as fast as Sich Cossacks and the like;
    • Unarmed;
    • Cannot capture buildings;
    • Automatically spawned from the Town Hall;
    • 1 TH = 1 Explorer or more, depending on the nation;
    • Ability to patrol (this should actually be featured by all units in the game);
    • If you wanna go fancy, special ability to hijack enemy buildings, like the commando in RoN. This would have to be researched in the academy;

    While the explorer units would patrol the borders early-game, the actual replacement for the lame drummers we place in the map today could be outposts. The building would provide line-of-sight to the player and maybe even feature a small defense, so that it could be used near mines to work as a cheap tower as well. Thoughts:
    • Largest building line-of-sight in the game;
    • Cheap and fast to build, just like a palisade;
    • Either start empty and allow garrisoning a few archers/musketeers (more fun and challenging) or provide them as part of the building (in that case archers for Algeria and Turkey and musketeers for the others);
    • Weaker than a tower, stronger than a mine;
    • Costs don't scale so badly, otherwise people would just keep using drummers;

    More thoughts anyone?
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