Get (world space) height in shader

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Przemek_kondor, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I'm trying to change color of pixel (fragment) depending on its height above the ground (e.g. the higher above the ground the brighter would be a pixel).
    In order to achieve that first I need to calculate/get vertex position in world space:
    worldPos = worldMatrix * gl_Vertex

    The vertex shader (e.g. Cossacks 3\data\shaders\obj\ has:
    • (in-built) gl_Vertex - position of a vertex in object space
    • (in-built) gl_ModelViewMatrix - combined world (so called "model") and camera matrix
    • custom cameraMVM - I'm assuming it's just camera matrix (w/o world transformations)

    Since there's no world matrix attribute passed (btw1: is there a way to do so?) I tried to get it this way:
    uniform mat4 cameraMVM;
    varying float worldPos;

    void main()
    mat4 cameraMVMInverted = inverse(cameraMVM);
    mat4 worldMatrix = gl_ModelViewMatrix * cameraMVMInverted;
    worldPos = worldMatrix * gl_Vertex;

    but I don't get anything sane in worldPos
    Anyone know how to get such position (in world space)
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