"// hardcoded unique upgrades", lmfao

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Wralth, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Wralth

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    If anyone has taken a look at the updated country.script they will immediately notice that someone at GSC must have had their brain surgically removed.

    On a serious note, this is friggin scary. If future updates are going to be implemented as braindeadly as this then idk what im going to do with my own mod, wtf...
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  2. (OC)Fotheringill

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  3. Wralth

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    They basically went and did the most retarded way within the code files to add some final upgrades to units that didnt have 6 upgrades in their path. They couldve done it super easily without any issue but instead decided to create an entire section dedicated to manually adding one upgrade after the other line after line.
  4. Loner

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    My solution to that was to delete all of them in one go.:D
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    Yeah I mean if the final upgrade would be different (+attack speed, +shield, + hitpoints) or anything like that (require more time or more different resources. but why add extra lines. country.script is already so confusing.

    for some units they removed upgrades, for example highlander, from 6 to 3,
    rather then simple change the damage bonus to 0 (that would disable the upgrade) they added:

    if (cid=_eng) then
    // disabling upgrades past 4th one
    var i, j : Integer;
    for i:=0 to gc_country_maxupgradecount-1 do
    for j:=0 to gc_country_upgradelinks_maxcount-1 do
    if StrExists(country.upgradelinks[i, 0], 'ba2.highlander.1.3') or StrExists(country.upgradelinks[i, 0], 'ba2.highlander.1.3') then
    country.upgradelinks[i, 1]:='';

    However progesseconimicalAI (the file that decides what to build and when) is even more retarded. Just test, start with 18c and start with million resources and you know why.
  6. Ftoomsh

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    I was rather confused by the way they added upgrades. I mean confused as in I could not understand why they chose to do it that way. It seems to make that part of the country file more messy and confusing. I can see no positives to the method.

    Before this release I was experimenting with reducing upgrades. I could see no good reason for two really cheap upgrades one after the other, for example. I had reduced the existing 5 attack and 5 defense upgrades, for Prussia's pikes as a test case, to 3 attack and 3 defense upgrades. I simply blended the costs and the upgrade results logically to fit 5 into 3. It's easy enough to comment out the last two upgrades and blend costs and results in the first 3 upgrades. However, I have not implemented the experiment in our mod yet. Every time I am ready to do that with an experiment they patch (lol) and I have to fix the mod to work with the new patch.

    I certainly agree with upgrades in RTS. It's a way to generate qualitative asymmetry in military units (and also in economic development). It induces people to take educated risks in the fog of war with their economic and military development paths. However, upgrades can be excessive in number and they can take the game' s focus away from battles. In the end, RTS has to be about the battles.
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  7. Wralth

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    You dont have to actually comment out upgrade stats, just set them to 0 and the game automatically doesnt add them. Once the script iterates over an upgrade that has 0 values it will come to a hault and you only get all upgrades prior to that.

    Actually commenting out an upgrade from the method call will probably throw you a compile error.
  8. Ftoomsh

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    I had no trouble with the test I did. At least I had no trouble that I noticed. But I didn't get a chance to test it much before a patch came along and then I had to fix the mod after the patch. This test idea is on the back burner again. Maybe I will wait until the patches are less frequent.