Is it possible for anybody to convert or make WW1 models from somewhere?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by A. Soldier, Jun 13, 2018 at 10:59 PM.

  1. A. Soldier

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    I'm really interested in making a WW1 mod for this game however I am lacking models and the knowledge, skills and time needed to make them, even just a basic reskins for existing units would work, anything that would resemble a WW1 uniform or building or vehicle just whatever.

    I have an idea of basing this off of other people's work on the workshop which is just marvelous (of course everybody will be properly credited) combined with my own ideas and some concepts from the Entente: Battlefields of WW1 game.

    Thank you in advance and cheers.
  2. Loner

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    Very difficult with the models that are available, it's the headgear more than anything. The closest I could find to anything remotely simular was the Voluteer of Portugal, sorry.:(
  3. Wralth

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    Just hire an indian 3D modeler for something like 500 bucks on freelancer lul
  4. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Can you show me an example of what you mean? I'd be really grateful for it.

    Not amused.
  5. Loner

    Loner Active Member

    I'm having a go, but it isn't easy.
  6. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    No worries dude. I am in no rush, take as much time as you need.

    I just want to see if it will be usable or not, that's all.
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  7. Loner

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    Getting there, should be done by tomorrow.;)
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  8. Loner

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    Based on this image of a WW1 British Soldier.
    WW1 British.jpg
    Bear in mind, I am no artist, the following were created with 'Copy and Paste', and a lot of 'Clone Stamping'.
    20180619113812_1.jpg 20180619113922_1.jpg 20180619114053_1.jpg 20180619114102_1.jpg
    As I said previously, couldn't do anthing with the hat so I just matched it to the uniform.
  9. Daddio

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    very nice!
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