Key changes in the re-balance patch

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  1. (OC)Fotheringill

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    I believe General WVPM is working on that aspect.

    One problem is a line of muskets directly behind a line of pikes. At very close proximity, someone or more than one should fall from friendly fire.
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    I think this could be limited to the type of formation. Typically, a 3 row line formation should be capable of firing. And pikemen are supposed to protect musketeers from cavalry and melee attacks, so their place is in the formation, not ahead of it. Sounds eay to write but I am no codemaster ot know if tis possible, you have the say :)
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    Aside from making land units recognise the obstacles in front of them, you'd just have to change the unit widths in their .object files - I had these set at 0.2 so that at max two rows could fire, but if set lower a whole regiment should be able to shoot, while regiments behind wouldn't owing to the mass of men infront of them