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    Dear friends!

    We'd like to announce a [KR.S] clan tournament with 100$ total prize pool. It'd be held on 10-th and 11-th of March, starting on 14:00 o'clock by Kyiv time. There'd be 32 participants, with extended pool of replacement players (replacement would be chosen accordingly to player skill in order to make the games as balanced as possible).

    Tournament regulations:
    2v2, 16 teams
    Best of 3 games, finale is best of 5 (up to 3 victories)
    1\8 and 1\4th of the tournament would be held on 10-th of March
    1\2, 3rd place game and finale would be played on 11-th of March
    5000 15pt
    18th century options: Immediately
    Season: Summer
    Map shape: Land
    Terrain type: Plains
    Resources: many
    Map size: small
    Cannons: Default
    Capture: No capturing peasants or Centres
    Dip center and Market: Default

    2 nations would be given for each game, each team should have them both (players may choose particular nation out of these two at their discretion).

    All games would be streamed.

    In order to register, please, join special Discord channel: https://discord.gg/DWJAbty. Then, write your Cossacks 3 nickname and approximate level of skill. Please, try to write your skill objectively, as you'd be assigned to team according to your level.
    [KR.S]Atom 8/10

    You'd have to approve your participation on Discord channel. Games grid with opponents would be shown on 9-th of March. If you would like to cease your participation, please tell about it in good time.

    Prizes: winning team would receive 50$, 2nd place would get 35$ and 3rd place nets a 15$ reward.

    Have a good day!

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