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    What do you think about this?

    You start the game and you want to look at replay so you see this:

    RN0 E443 3005 00C0000C 121120.rec
    RN0 8B99 3005 00000092 1121120.rec

    This tells you honestly nothing and I think it would not be so hard to do this:

    RN0 E443 3005 00C0000C 121120.rec -> Aurora vs Zetta.rec
    RN0 8B99 3005 00000092 1121120.rec -> Aurora + Zetta vs Puck + Nebula.rec

    Perhaps there would be good to have for each replay a specific folder:

    Recent (last two days)
    Skirmish (Versus AI)

    And if you select replay: Aurora vs Zetta.rec
    So it show you description:

    Name of the map: if there is any
    Duration: 15 mins
    Aurora - Prussia lost
    Zetta - Saxony win
    Small preview of the map

    And I would like to add two things:
    In multiplayer you can invite your friends and together watch the replay.

    Next I would like to add while watching replays these things:

    In Starcraft 2 is a lot of things that can be compared, but in the Cossacks 3 I would like to see some of them.
    You can see at the top right corner resources of both players, so it easier to compare.

    Units what you have now actually

    Production what is actually produced at the moment: units, upgrades and buildings.

    Thank you!
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