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    Hello Guys... I would like to suggest an option which is the ability to save the game while playing multiplayer.... What I mean is lets say for example i play with a friend and after 1 hour he has to leave... We can save the game and after he comes back i can give him the save file and continue the game.. I remember in old games like empire earth etc.. this was possible so i hope you guys can do it too...

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    I like this option also :)
  3. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

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    this was in the Cossacks, if you save the game so all players have the save file :)
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    It should be kept :)
  5. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

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    I think that there it will be.
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    Yes this was possible in Cossacks BTW. And The developers have already stated that they will be retaining all options with a few additional ones from the first game. I would expect that this would also be included.
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    We can hope, but I want pause at game too.
  8. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

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    I'm sure there will be a pause.
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    Nice, thanks for information.
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    I would also like to append my contribution for this suggestion.

    The multiplayer save game option is VERY important to me and my friends who are playing C3. The reasons are pretty evident (or as OP wrote...). The other thing is - it would perfectly bypassed the temporary problems with game crashing - we could just save the game for prevention if some of us would got crashed! Then simply quit the game and reload it from save file...

    I hope that this is so essential, that it will be added! But if this is essential for Devs too, I don't understand why it still isn't available...You just can't rely on that the most of the MP games are played within one hour...There are many cases in which the multiplayer save game would have a great use and now it hasn't because the players are missing this option, so they just have to get along with this... I am not professionally skilled programmer / game programmer but I can't believe that implementing this option is so hard & complicated, that almost half of year after official release we still do not have this option in game! Or is there a really serious problem because of the multiplayer server design?
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    So true ^^ Must have been presented with the release build............ Even though I don't play online multiplayer cause imbalance of core nations powers, its worth adding that friends can party for interrupted& continued games.
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    The last time I tried to save and send a game for review, it was 75 meg. How is this supposed to work?
  13. Samuelius

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    The game should create save file on each player's HDD and when loading the game Just the host player, which could be anyone Who played the game and has the save file, would use the save file with stored game data. There should be no issue since the game takes the creator of the multiplayer game as a host even when a gsc server was used to create a game connection between the players. The game is not running on Gsc server anyway if I am correct.
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    Announcement on Cossacks 3: Remake Bundle coming in shortly. Sarcasm here, jippy. Ain't possible happening in T-minus 90000 days.

    Stick with Back to War, the best we can at the moment do.