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  1. Hansol333

    Hansol333 Active Member

    First of all I am very very tired so please ignore spelling errors, I have to go to bed or else I die. I continue to play tomorrow, maybe the campaign, I will then continue this post.

    First impressions

    So after being a while inactive here I post my first impressions on C3. I haven’t tried multiplayer so far (guess why) but some random maps.

    In general I would consider the game not good right now. Yes there are a few new good things but many things that are terrible.

    Lets start with the good things.

    - Balance: it is not a pure remake and some things are changed. For example 17c dragoons and musketeer get +2 damage if they are in formation. Making them not totally useless. I heard that should only be for Ukraine shooter but it seems to apply to all 17c shooters. I hope that this is not a bug but a balance change. We all know how bad there were back then in C1.

    -I thought that there will a rebalance of merc grenaders and roundshield but they seem to be as bad as before. Haven’t tested the Multi barrel massdeath, so far. Healer seem to have more healing power. They were only cannon folder in C1. Havent tested the market so far in detail. Hope it is not as broken as in C1.

    -Map: there is a small black area at the corner. Very nice now it is much easier to see units that walk near the end of the screen.

    -help: you can always see the number of peasants without work and the not occupied mines. It is much easier to send them to mines or give them new work. How often did I forget to send peasant to mines in C1.

    -formations finally work. Very nice. No more auto stopping. However I only tested that with 120 units and maximum 3 formation at the time. Can be that they become buggy when several formations are active at the same time.

    -it seems you always start in a corner in random maps. While it is therefore easy to find your opponent (and therefore maybe boring) it reduced the randomness. Played as Ukraine against a nation that was very close well game over, you were far away = you will win.

    Now to the bad things.


    My goodness my first impression was that I got the alpha version. Played first against Algeria with cannons. Build a tower and they never attacked. They build some houses quite far away from the city. Maybe Algeria or towers were broken. New game new nations same difficulty (impossible) and no cannons. This time much better the enemy actually attacked. Most the time or always at the same postion. The truth is that I have no problem with that or even like that. I prefer force 1 vs. force 2 in an open direct attack not these sneaky hit and run tactics. Against real players there will be enough attacks from all sides so no problem for me and from time to time he sends some sich Cossacks merc which can cause terrible damage if you haven’t protected your city. I was never a fan of water maps but I have seen some videos of braindead Ai on water maps.

    I have a problem however if 20+ of my units run after one unit while other enemies continue to cause damage. That was unfortunately also possible in C1. For example dragon against pike. It can be possible that the dragon automatically runs away if enemies are close, then continue fire and repeat until he is on the other side of the map.

    However the worst thing is that if I select a barracks and auto train pikeman and send them so location x they ALWAYS go to that location. Sounds good but it isn’t. Even if they are attacked by melee units they simple continue walking and don’t even think of attacking. I really don’t know if that is really bad AI or a bug. It looks really stupid if the walk and melee cavalry simple attacks them and they dont care.

    Ai player also tends to forget to protect cannons quite often.


    -the small miniscreen (bottom right) covers the text of some upgrades. For example academy shield upgrade, it says increase shield ( and then the remaining text (+2 defense) is missing. Therefore fully description of many upgraded in the right part of the academy are missing.

    -the black void around the map doesn’t cover all areas. On the left side there is a area where I cant see units.

    Creating new random map sometimes the graphics were dead and there were white spaces and black spaces on the map.

    I cant see my coal amount. I can only see the first 4 digits and not how many peasants are on coal mines,

    Other things I dislike

    -Cannon towers no longer show the range in which they could fire

    -how do I open the screen with unit description, see unit upgrades, maintenance cost and so on? I couldn’t find that out so far.

    -I really hoped for more zoom options. Come on yes the close up animations are nice but which guy uses them with hundreds or even thousands of units?

    -you cant change map size (why?

    -you cant change game speed and it feels so slow to play. I can increase the speed if C1 so much that it is almost unplayable. Even in a 1 vs 1 skirmish against AI I can’t change the speed, come on. Also some upgrades were changed. Food upgrades give more meaning you produce almost no food at all without upgrades.

    Yes so far I am disappointed. I heard multiplayer was really bad so I just wait a couple of days. Later on I post some new stuff.
  2. Hansol333

    Hansol333 Active Member

    campaign (austria)

    First mission: a joke, I played impossible and would lose if my general (heavy cavalry) die. However they attacked all 10 minut or so with a handful of units. I could not train pesant so losing them would be a wipe but other than that a joke, no timelimit or anything. I know it is the first mission but impossible is somewhat else (except you mean it is impossible to lose). I was totally disappointed and wanted to stop playing. Especially since some enemies were just standing there and did nothing even while being attacked.

    However then I played the second mission. The beginning was also boring because no attacks in the first 30 min or so but then endless spam of units. Right now I have problems with the mission. This mission is much harder but it is still boring if nobody attacks you in the first half hour.

    And yes multi barrel cannons are weaker.
  3. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Impossible level change some things depending on the mission, it can be that the ennemy unit gain more upgrade or your don't get any upgrade at the beginning. It also change the amount of ressources you get at the beginning. When there is base building then AI act like in skirmish, but in general will happily give you some of its peasant to you :confused:
    Some missions also lack challenge after some time, also you should only play field battle (here are mission like this) on higher difficulty otherwise you can steam roll the AI whithout any strategy. On that point the austrian campaign get a nice field battle as the four mission I think. The english campaign also has a lot of those.
    For the missions you are doing I would advise you to take the hills as much as can to position your musketeers or whatever shooters you have like janissary and try to send lot of raiding party if you can make some musketeer go raiding too with light cavalry.
  4. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    GSC decided release unfinished product, bugged as hell!
    Sorry, I can see here only dark side of this "game".

    AI is ....
    Basic units get old bad stats
    Combat effects looks ...
    Damage ratio still crazy
    Economy presentation ....
    Fortifications with long walls ....
    Game play in old style looks ....
    Horrible yellow lights around buildings ...
    Irrational, old warfare style ...
    Poor units animation ...
    Ships do not work well
    Zoom do not help, small details never help when main things are .....

    I was not surprised that MP soon was down for hours.
    C3 looks and works worse than I was ever expected.

    I never thought that I can say C1 looks and works much better, C2 graphic and animations are way better.
    Sorry devs, I do not want to discredit your hard work, but you broke my dreams about fine Cossacks game!

    Thanks God I did not spend my money and do not buy C3 game yet.
    I only watched many game play videos and read some reviews, and that was horrible.

    I do not want to write about lot of bugs here, there were too many, that could be long list.
    GSC is still working and make patches, so some things will be fixed.

    Nevertheless from my point of view I can specify C3 disappointing, bad things in 10 points.

    1. Chaotic buildings, insane megalopolis, ill-faded, bad fortifications
    2. Disordered mass killings, badly organized combats with poor effects
    3. Strange scale of buildings, units, strange colors, sounds, pompous music worse than C1
    4. Old bad units stats, nations balance, strange weapons usability, weird units behaviors
    5. Old bad movement, poor animations, singular units marching far away in insane strings
    6. Poor economy, crowding peasants insanely working at cereal plants, forests, stone pits
    7. Small, badly organized armies, poor squads, strange formations, bad combats
    8. Mixing units, squads passing through each other, cavalry never trampled anybody
    9. Poor interface, too darkened icons, too darkened menu, worse than C1
    10. Small maps with darkened landscape, less transparent than old C1

    These bad things are known from C1, but 16 years passing, many things could be improved.

    Copy paste old features from C1 to C3 was not enough!
    This led to horrendous bugs and other bad things which looks even worse in new graphic.

    Sorry, this is my first impression on bad C3 release.

    Nevertheless I still give GSC a chance to make more improvements and changes in the game.

    They should listen to customers wishes and better redevelop C3 game.
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  5. Andrej

    Andrej New Member

    I wrote before and I am going to repeat again: I am waitng for Cossacs 4. I hope that developpers will listen this time to their customer's prepositions from this forum. In the past we wrote a lot of good ideas that should be properly packed in the game. I know that GSC can and is able to make a great game, so why not?
    Until Cossacs 4, I will play Cossacs 1&2 and American Conquest series.

    In other words: who would like to buy a 16-year old slightly facelifted product advertised as a new one?
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  6. Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Active Member

    I had the chance to play a few games on a friends computer, single player only. Not sure if it would do on my laptop (HD5470 4GBRAM and core i3, should run I think).
    The good:
    - graphics is nice, although I am not a big fan of 3D games and this one is no exception
    - some light balance changes - musketeers get extra damage so more useful now
    - nice look for the stone resources, rest is a bit oldish
    - stronger AI ( see The bad for more )
    The bad
    - bugs
    - the so called Impossible AI would harass you all the time with a few cossacks trying to steal peasants and build your nation. That`s his main aim, as it seems. What is more interesting is that he captures peasants while pikemen are around, literally next to them. Captured mine (with Ukraine) cannot be retaken...
    - don`t know about the others, but to me the battle is a complete mess - I have no idea what is happening and they end very quickly
    - musketeers seem unreally strong, looks like a bug to me or the 4% dead shot chance has been increased too much
    - nuke-like artillery
    - unmanned cannons - a band of them just looks ridiculous
    - maps are too small
    - Ukraine overpowered again, as in the first game - nice job
    - some mercenaries are totally useless as in the original
    - bands of mortars literally wipe out several building before even to react
    - game crashed once on me, my friend said it does often (some exception)

    That said, I will wait until it is finished and will then consider buying it. Not sure if it is just me, but I am not that attracted to it as with the first series? When C1 was released, I would play it 25h in the day, this one got me tired after 3 games, one was short (AI smuggled some Sipakhi through the battle line and took my camp, yes I lost ot it :D). I might buy it now but only if it costs no more than EUR10 (that` too much for it in this state but will throw the money in the bin).
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  7. Hansol333

    Hansol333 Active Member

    The main problem I have right now is that units stop attacking.
    austria campaign, mission 3.
    I dont know if it is just that mission I havent noticed that bug so far.

    my melee is attacked by cavalry. I send my formation of 17c shooters to attack them, the first few seconds it was ok, they attacked and caused quite some damage but then they stopped attacking even so enemy units were in line of sight. They they killed my melee and attacked my shooters.

    Thats the main problem of 17c musketeers (austria and spain especially) they are trained so slow you MUST NOT lose them, and it is very great if you lose them due to a bug. Great spend half an hour for one formation and then lose them. thats way to demotivating. right now I have no interest in continue playing, but I try another campaign, maybe it is just that mission.

    Even without bugs, the gameplay is sooo slow compare to C1.
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