News: huge patch, sale and many details

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bodun, Jun 21, 2018.

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    Priority fixes needs to be multiplayer lags (optimize code), multiplayer game reconnect/rejoin, multiplayer save game, multiplayer custom maps (we need to be able to play on custom designed maps).

    Unit attacking bugs, nothing is worse when you attack a formation that is on stand ground and you get slaughtered because of the way the formations attack, stand ground is far too powerful.

    Stacking of unit formations is a real problem and incredibly unrealistic, it should be separate formations attacking/defending, not a blob of stacked formations in one spot. This is not hard to fix, just make it that 2 or more formations cannot take up the same space on a map.

    Less, but still important are Algeria getting a gunpowder unit, some suggest the Bedouin unit which has a musket, you cannot play with Algeria against any other nation, Algeria is often randomly selected in a random nations game, no one want's to get Algeria. The thing that is annoying about this is that its so easy for GSC to do, they literally just have to reskin a unit and add some lines of text to the game files, no programming required.
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    We all wait.
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