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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ftoomsh, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    OCMOD3 is running again. However, it is a cut down and simplified version. I rebuilt it from scratch and used about 10% of the coding effort to get 90% of the original balance. More of the vanilla parameters are kept this time round to reduce coding changes.

    Compared to vanilla;

    (1) Infantry life is doubled.
    (2) Musket range is increased by 50% on average.
    (3) Firing rate is halved (but still faster than previous OCMOD3).
    (4) 17th C Muskets are created a little faster.
    (5) Flat market and OCMOD3 style economy are back.

    What's missing or changed compared to the old OCMOD3?

    (1) Musket shot mechanics go back to vanilla system (apart from changes above).
    (2) Different formations no longer march at different paces.
    (3) 18th C unit production is slowed again to keep numbers a little more under control.
    (4) Costs are further shifted from upgrade costs to unit creation and maintenance (consume) costs.

    Note: The further shifting of costs allows players to get upgrades "out of the way" earlier in the game progress and to concentrate more on military action in the late game. Having said that, the number of upgrades is the same as vanilla. Heavier unit creation and maintenance costs can mean that late game economy damage can be critical especially if you play the "no market" option.

    The future of OCMOD3?

    I am not sure. Ranked fire, friendly fire effects from muskets and morale effects are distant, slim possibilities at this stage. I will be experimenting on them. No promises though.

    If there is support for the formation and reload effects (by General WVPM) being added back in to OCMOD3 I might be able to add back in parts thereof. This would bring back features like different formation speeds, no reloading while moving and proportional range damage effects. Again, no promises at this stage.


    Fine rebalancing will be ongoing. This new iteration of OCMOD3 does alter game balance. The tactical balance is probably more like vanilla again so the playing switch should be easier. The strategic balance is still quite different from vanilla, which is the whole point of OCMOD3.

    Ftoomsh ("Crazy Cossack" on Steam).
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  2. Loner

    Loner Active Member

    In my Mod I've done away with military upgrades altogether, allowing more time to concentrate on unit production and warfare.;)
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  3. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    In the previous OCMOD3 I started to consolidate upgrades. For example, I brought barracks upgrades back to four for attack and four for defense. This was an unpopular move at the time, with a number of players, and I had to unwind the changes. However, I do recall Daddio liked the change.

    Upgrades are a method to aid or even create opportunities for timing-window attacks. "A timing-window attack, or timing push, is an attack that is done at a certain period or moment in time and results in an increased advantage compared to attacking outside that window. The time period in which an attack is stronger than outside the time period is commonly referred to as a timing-window." Timing-Window thinking is somewhat traditional in RTS and perhaps it is indeed time to challenge it. It's an artificial way to overcome the unit parity of balanced factions and introduce some asymmetry into the game. Without it, players are thrown back onto pure tactics and strategy. They especially have to allow for strategic attenuation, meaning that an attack can run out of momentum because the defender near his base can bring up reinforcements faster than the attacker who is far from his base.

    What you might find is that very good players will become more cautious about launching attacks. Raiding will become more difficult too. There could be a lot of maneuvering, fencing and shadow-boxing, before the real action. Then again, few players are capable of showing that sort of patience. I know I'm not.

    I have thought another kind of game model would be for reinforcements to come in from off map. There would be no villages or barracks on-screen. The player would start with some scout cavalry on map. He would have to secure an abandoned base in his starting corner and rebuild it. The only construction would be military; forts, fleches, gabions, emplacments etc. Each goal of securing and rebuilding, plus capturing towns further inland on the map, would trigger reinforcements coming in from off-map into the refurbished corner base. Some captured towns would supply ammunition and food surpluses which would help with supply and morale. I guess the campaign trigger method of OCMOD3 could support this but it would be a single map battle not a campaign. Map design would be crucial to this sort of mod.
  4. Loner

    Loner Active Member

    This is leaning slightly towards my ideal game model, which is 'Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe' with 'Cossacks 3' graphics and game play, where there is no building involved just warfare.
  5. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    I had the new cut-down OCMOD3 re-balanced with a basic first balance. Now, I am trying the refine the balance. Some things might be out of balance until this process is finished and I have a few other things distracting me at the moment.

    I am attempting to create a balance where muskets > pikes > cavalry > muskets. Of course there are many nuances to this as follows;

    (1) Pikes are stronger and cheaper than 17th muskets very early on.
    (2) 17th muskets begin to gain a bit of an ascendancy as they are upgraded.
    (3) 17th muskets still need to be used carefully and must beware of being caught by cold steel cavalry.
    (4) Even upgraded cold steel cavalry needs to be careful to and not charge into upgraded pikes where the pikes have anything like a 2 to 1 numbers advantage.

    And so it goes, with the economy modded to support strategic play.

    I am having trouble finding a role for dragoons. Every unit should have a role or a time window. I have upgraded the range of all muskets so dragoons on plateaus would be useful. Dragoons can of course kite cold steel infantry. Dragoons can shoot a volley at slow horse and then run for safety but these are quite limited uses unless one wants to micro kiting (Parthian tactics) incessantly . Should 18th C dragoons in formation be able to force at least a draw with equal numbers of hussars, assuming they create at about the same rate?

    The role for 18th C pike is limited too (as I have slowed their production rate) but I am okay with that. They are somewhat of an anachronism.
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