OCMOD3 V1.0 - Released

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    Here it is folks, enjoy.



    Footnote: Very soon we will post is up to the Steam Mods Workshop.

    2nd Footnote: This mod is far from finished. We intend to keep refining it, adding to it and re-balancing it long term.


    [OC]Davout created the original OC Mod based on Cossacks 1 BTW Ver 1.35 plus Baddog mod. Many of the ideas in this mod are inspired by Davout’s mod. [OC]Clausewitz taught me the best way to play that Mod, by defeating me many times.

    Concept Design: OCMOD3 Committee
    [OC]Ftoomsh, [OC]Fotheringill, [OC]Daddio, [OC]General WVPM
    Design Advisers: [OC]Swordsman, [OC]Coswar, [OC]Etheren
    Parameter Coding: [OC]Ftoomsh
    Formations, Range Damage and Reload Systems: [OC]General WVPM
    Testing: Old Cossacks ([OC])
    Present in spirit and waiting for Mac Release : [OC]Flashman.

    Many thanks to the expert modders who patiently helped a dummy like me (Ftoomsh) take my first modding steps in C3. Thanks to General WVPM, Ebel, Francesco Cavalii, A_Soldier, y-quinox, Lieutenant-Général, serdiuk38 and others who have helped with all sorts of answers and ideas.

    Finally, many thanks to the Developers. Without you there would be no Cossacks 3. It’s a great game and has great modding potential! The standard game and the mods will only get better with time. And please, can we have more? :) More modding tools and more detailed patch information. :)
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    Initial feedback from my match against the AI with the mod:

    The cost changes are welcome, as are the nerfings to merc and cavalry rushings as well as the addition of the 18th Century Musketeers to the 17th Century Barracks, however, I do suggest that you are able to build 18th Century Musketeers from the 18th Century Barracks, and that the 18th Century Musketeers in the 17th Century Barracks require an 18th Century Barracks in order to be built from the 17th Century one, as it stands right now you can just economize on costs and skip the 18th Century Barracks along with Grenadier support and formations, as much of a bonus they might provide. The impact of formations will be most noticable when morale is added.

    Formations and combat feel slower and more realistic than in vanilla and are akin to Francesco's realism mod, however the more refined combat and formation bonuses of General WVPM's systems are very much noticable.

    Overall it's obvious this was made from a combined effort of many people with many hours and love poured into it, reminding us of the good old days of Mod1 and OC mod for the old Cossacks games.

    The only things really missing for me like I already mentioned were, Blockhouses, or active defenses apart from the Tower which is already buildable and Standard bearers to make formations look cooler, until a morale system could be put into place so they are given an actual role on the battlefield apart from just looking cool in a formation.

    As expected, the combat was realistic as I already mentioned here and said I hoped for in the other topic.

    On a side note, I am not sure why but I was lagging throughout the match at a constant 20 FPS, I am however unsure if it's from the mod or from a recent update to the game.

    Cheers and keep up the good work!
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    Thank you. Of course, we know this is just a beginning and we intend to do much more work on this mod to enhance it and continually refine game play and balance.

    I would like to bring Blockhouses into the game. I did that when I further modded OC Davout's OCMOD1 but I only gave the blockhouses to some selected nations who were a bit lackluster otherwise. However, we have to be careful that blockhouses don't make the game too defensive. We play mostly 5,000s starts on 2x maps and the game is already defensive. It is harder to raid than in vanilla and even though I made tower construction depend on an artillery depot, be more expensive, inflate in cost more and limited towers to 8, these towers still play a powerful defensive role in 17th C.

    The hardest thing with balance in some ways is making a game where early to middle game wins are still possible on bigger maps without excessive raiding - I mean wins with fuller attacks and not just economy raiding. At the moment, turtling is a very strong strategy in 1v1. We play with 3 of each mines but maybe the lean setting (2 of each mine) would encourage more expansive and more aggressive play early to mid.

    But as I always say, we need to see how people evolve their tactics and strategies. It can be a mistake to judge too early and say the mod balance is too defensive. It might be that players have not yet figured out the best ways to attack at the various game phases in this new mod.
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  4. A. Soldier

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    Agreed, I just feel like something is missing from the game, apart from cannon crews and standard bearers.

    It could be of course because I've spent so much time on American Conquest instead of Cossacks, so naturally something feels missing for me.
  5. Ftoomsh

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    To me, the big three things missing are;

    (1) Morale.
    (2) Friendly fire effects from muskets.
    (3) Prevention of Stacking and Bunching.

    Also missing to me are proper real time effects. We can see that in RTS (real time strategy) civil time is compressed compared to military time. In the game it takes about the same time to build a building as it takes to have a small squad fight. In real life it of course takes a whole lot longer to build a building than to have a squad fight.

    The ultimate game of this type would blend RTS and Battlefield Game elements . The only way to do that would be to have a two-speed time engine in the game. Civil building would also be dispensed with and only military building would be undertaken: redoubts, trenches, fleches, gabions, ditches, palisades and stakes and maybe tunneling.

    Essentially, reinforcements would arrive from off-map. Early contingents would include fusiliers, sappers, peasants and light cavalry scouts. You start your base (just a wood fort with palisades) and range out with scouts. To make the game work, it has strategic time and tactical time which run at a ratio of 60:1. In strategic time (you begin the game in strategic time), with each minute of player time (real world time) an hour passes in the game world. You see only a strategic map with symbols for formations and work details. Scouts go into the fog of war with orders and act like scouts do. They seek scouting information not engagements. Only when the scouts return do you get a reveal of where they traveled and the reveal in light misty grey and the territory they scouted. Occasionally a scout will not return at all. If a scout blunders into an enemy contingent, he might be killed. The engine handles this and you never see it.

    Once you have established a fort/staging area then reinforcements arrive. If the scouts find useful things like mills, villages, important bridges on good connecting roads, then you move contingents to secure these points. Each time you secure key points and send messengers back to fort and fort relays messages off-map, then more reinforcements arrive. Securing important points ensures supply of food and sometimes captures of ammunition stores poorly defended by "neutrals". It also ensures reinforcements arrive from off-map.

    If less than 5% of units on-map engage, the game stays in strategic time and the engine decides the outcome of the engagements. Only when 5% or more of units on map come into engagement range (equal to cannon range) does the game shift from strategic time to tactical time. Then you get full tactical control in real time and fight your skirmishes and battles. Tactical time happens at 1 second to 1 second ratio. It is genuine real time. In any lull (less than 5% engaged) the game goes back to strategic time and formation symbols.

    You can see that triggers could be used to handle this. The creation of the two-speed time engine however (and its two displays of strategic and tactical) would be a big undertaking I think. But this model could also be created, albeit without the two-speed time engine, in Cossacks 3.
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    The two speed idea is damn fine thinking - someone needs to take that up in a separate game! (Although, seconds are defined in one way or another I seem to remember - I wonder if one could get game time to slow during combat in the same way that music triggers with combat)
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    I don't know into which thread to put this, but we need to post instructions on where to unzip the zip file. I will put it here for the time being.

    Download the .zip file.

    When you engage the unzip or extract command, you need to find your cossacks3/mods folder. It might be cossacks/mods folder. I am at work and do not remember which it is. After extraction, start the game through Steam. You will get a pop up box that says Play Cossacks 3 with a few more choices like editor and mod (this will be the last of the four choices). press that last one. You will now get a screen that will have all of your downloaded mods listed. Uncheck any other that are checked. Check our mod and exit through the Xout in the upper right hand corner of the pop up box. You are now ready to launch the game normally. If you want to play vanilla, follow above instructions and uncheck the x to the left of our mod (or any others) and Xout in the upper right hand corner of the box and then start the vanilla game.
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    The full address is: \Steam\steamapps\common\Cossacks 3\mods

    For anybody that's still confused and can't find the game folder.