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    In the gaming biz there appears to exist this certain perception among development teams; you release it, you done with it, its considered up to market quality standard, final per se. Then if you point a bug, something inaccurate, you get a spectacular "Hi. Look for another game then." answer by a person tagged a developer on Steam forums. I miss the real times fans interacted with developers in forums and most common channels, both giving their love for common cause.

    In fact I rarely buy new games because of this, plenty o' major classics to spin around for the next decade, I prefer to stay in the past else I think we fuel the fire and give new and wise developers that want a quick buck a motive to exploit the market. To each their own, yah, yah.
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    There are still some very obvious bugs in C3. They are also easy to fix. In the vanilla game walls still do not cost anything to build although they do cost to maintain. Wralth fixed this bug in his mod TA ages ago. I added his fix to OCMOD3. In the vanilla game, muskets shoot through stone walls. This is also easy to fix. Playing with a little bit of code that Cavalli added to his mod, I have fixed this in a test. I am not even a programmer, just a parameter modder. I really wonder why these simple fixes are not done in the vanilla?

    Cavalli developed a real physics musket ball from the capabilities in the engine and scripts. It is simple and logical when you see it (though I couldn't have figured it out myself). I have experimented and even the standard SHOTMUSKET weapon can be made to not fire through friendly troops. Don't you get annoyed when you see muskets firing through their own meat-shield troops or even through their own peasants? It looks so wrong. Also, tactics become better with proper musket physics.

    Seeing how these things can be done by modders, I wonder why morale, garrisoning and fire by rank is not made by the developers. It would be easy for them. Both arcade and realistic variations of the game could then be chosen by options. These things would have given this game a whole extra dimension. I really don't understand why the developers didn't and still don't see the potential of doing this game properly.
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    Developers have not been here a very long time. Therefore, nothing will help. It's true that when they were in the active phase, somehow it was still of little use. Now there is no sense at all. This is the end of the project. Judge for yourself: the last half-year - 9 months of communication is only from the fans. This is the end of the story.
    Yes it is. The product of this quality we received for use. Enjoy.
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    Unfortunately you are right. I looked at some posts in the announcement forum. At the beginning, there were a lot of posts from different admins/developers. Right now basically all new threads in the announcment forum are created by Bodun, but if you look at page 4-6 you see posts from much more. I clicked on their profiles there werent any new posts in recent times.