Reload Animations and No Fire Through Friendly Units.

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ftoomsh, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Has anybody done any work on reload animations for muskets? I am not an artist or animator so I am just wondering if anyone is trying such things. Also wonderful would be a kneeling front rank.

    I believe my 3 rank firing system (in OCMOD4) would work well with such graphics. As I have said before, I achieve 3 rank fire by lifting friendonline musket-shot (ray) detection in the y-axis just enough that 3 ranks and no more can fire at a target at full range. The smoke puff is not lifted. The system is pretty accurate. Deeper ranks on rising ground (forward slopes) also get to fire. It looks quite realistic except for lack of animations and one technical flaw.

    My system adjusts for the unit-box heights of infantry muskets and cavalry drags. It does not adjust for enemy units coming closer. The declension of the ray leads to a greater angle so the second rank and then the third rank do not fire subsequent volleys as the enemy closes in (which melee units do). This is a flaw but in most engagements the flaw is not noticed in the heat of battle when the lines become ragged (which in turn they do unless on stand ground).

    Theoretically, I could adjust for this flaw by modifying the y-axis lift compared to the range. It's just geometry I guess but I have forgotten most of my high school geometry. I'll see if I can get my mathematician son to give me the required formula.

    If I could add this tweak and then re-introduce General WVPM's range damage system to increase head-shots and/or damage at closer ranges, then I would have a pretty good fire system I think. But without the reload and kneel animations it would never be complete.

    I've been thinking that volley control (holding a volley for closer range) should only be available for formations on stand ground (so not for units not in formation and not for formations marching on attack). However, it would be nice to give the player an option to set a default volley range before the start of the game. Units at idle or on attack would use default volley range. The player should probably be able to set a default volley range to suit his playing style and micro skills (or lack of them). The options would be:

    (1) auto volley at 100% range.
    (2) auto volley at 75% range.
    (3 auto volley at 50% range.

    This last idea is a bit of a dream at this point but I will start work on modifying the y-axis lift and on introducing General WVPM's range damage system to OCMOD4. Now, if only some good elves will start working on reload and kneeling animations. ;)
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  2. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    I've secondarily adjusted the raising of shot height in my Testbed mod to get rank 2 and rank 3 (partially) to fire at close range. If I don't add this second adjustment, the shot ray declines too much as units get close and ranks 2 and 3 stop firing. The second adjustment is very small as the angle in the y plane begins to get very acute. This makes it difficult to make an accurate adjustment at so fine a level. I am still testing it.

    The key line is;

    UnitBoxAdjustment := UnitBoxAdjustment + (UnitBoxAdjustment*((distRatio*distRatio)/1200000));

    You'll see I have to square the distance ratio (TObjProp(pobjprop).weapon.detectradiusmax)/shotdist) and divide it by 1.2 million to get the effect I want without allowing ranks deeper than 3 to fire. Even so, a few odd units fire sporadically from ranks 4 and 5. In a live game this would hardly ever be noticed. On undulating ground one could attribute the firing to the undulating ground. At close range this method gets rank 2 to fire and a few from rank 3. This is better than only rank 1 firing at close range.
    The complete code is:

    var FriendOnLine : Integer;
    FriendOnLine := 0; //Ftoomsh initialises
    var UnitBoxAdjustment: float; // Ftoomsh
    var unittype : Integer = _misc_GetUnitType(goHnd); // Ftoomsh
    UnitBoxAdjustment := 0.93; // Ftoomsh for infantry three rank fire
    if (unittype=gc_result_unittype_cav) then
    UnitBoxAdjustment := 1.0; // Ftoomsh for cavalry three rank fire
    var shotdist : Float = VectorDistance(px, 0, pz, tx, 0, tz);
    var distRatio : Float; // Ftoomsh
    distRatio := (TObjProp(pobjprop).weapon.detectradiusmax{+rbonus})/shotdist; // Ftoomsh
    UnitBoxAdjustment := UnitBoxAdjustment + (UnitBoxAdjustment*((distRatio*distRatio)/1200000)); // Ftoomsh testing not finished yet.
    if (TObjProp(pobjprop).weapon[weapon].weaponid=0) or (not gWeapons[TObjProp(pobjprop).weapon[weapon].weaponid].bcheckfriendonline) then
    FriendOnLine := 0
    FriendOnLine := _misc_IsBuildingInRay(goHnd, px, py+UnitBoxAdjustment, pz, tx, ty+0.5, tz); // Ftoomsh test changes py from 0.5 t0 0.935 for infantry
    if (FriendOnLine = 0) and ((TObjProp(pobjprop).weapon[weapon].weaponid=0) or (gWeapons[TObjProp(pobjprop).weapon[weapon].weaponid].bcheckfriendonline)) then
    FriendOnLine := _misc_IsBuildingInRay2(goHnd, px, py+0.5, pz, tx, ty+0.5, tz);

    Any suggestions on how to refine this method would be much appreciated. It seems to me this method with my current formula is always going to be hard to calibrate accurately. The second adjustment to the unitbox height is so tiny and yet needs to be very accurate.
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  3. Awar

    Awar Well-Known Member

    You can achieve a ban on shooting through your units in another way.


    We add a unit, gc_obj_material_body, to the check mask of the obstacle in the path of the shot.

    var mmask : Integer = (1 shl gc_obj_material_body) or (1 shl gc_obj_material_building) or (1 shl gc_obj_material_wood) or (1 shl gc_obj_material_stonewall) or (1 shl gc_obj_material_woodwall);

    We add a friendly unit to the check of buildings, ships.

    if (gObjProp[cid, id].bBuilding) or (gObjProp[cid, id].media=gc_obj_media_water) or ( (enemyplmask and gPlayer[TObj(pObj).pl].myplmask)=0) then

    As a result, only the first rank shoots.
    To prevent the second and third lines from making a shot.
    We add a variable.
    var findunit : Integer = 0;

    Now, if the check found a unit that interferes with shooting
    We change the variable to findunit := findunit+1;

    if GetGameObjectRayCastAABBByHandle(goHnd, x1, tmpy1, z1, x2, tmpy2, z2) then
    if (gObjProp[cid, id].bBuilding) or (gObjProp[cid, id].media=gc_obj_media_water) or (findunit>1) then
    Result := goHnd;
    end else
    findunit := findunit+1;

    If an obstacle occurs again during a new check and findunit>1, we cancel the shooting
    So, our squad is firing from the first three rows.
    I need to test everything again. Then this option can be used.
    The full version of the code will be placed later.
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  4. Awar

    Awar Well-Known Member

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  5. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    I liked your post Awar because it details a neater and more logical method than my approach. I suspect it also requires less processing so that it will be more optimized. It should cause less calculation load I think. However, one point in favor of my approach (derived from Cavalli originally) is that deeper ranks on a forward slope get to fire too. I had one game in OCMOD4 where two sides of three rank fire came from a square on a hill (forward slope) plus some troops right at the back corner of the square were up on the highest point of the hill and because of the high terrain point and the long weapon range I give, they were firing too! That was a nice effect. They wouldn't have been able to fire on flat ground of course.

    The only question I have is this. How will it perform when other friendly troops are in front of the formation in question? I mean a different friendly formation or possibly unformed friendly troops like hussars galloping in front of the shooting formation. Is the test limited to the formation that is shooting or is the test applied globally as it were and thus affected by all friendly troops in front? I have looked at all the examples above and there doesn't seen to be an example to answer that question.

    I have a lot of game testing experience of what a ban on shooting through friendlies does to general tactics and especially to flank attacks by cavalry. It makes flank attacks much more deadly especially by fast horse. It takes of lot of testing to get the balance you want in this situation. Some players might not like the fact that cavalry flanking becomes so effective. Other players will love it. Offering the option on the ban on shooting through friendlies is a good idea. As I said elsewhere too, I found that a ban on shooting through friendlies really means that longer musket ranges are required so that the units can get in two or three volleys before melee enemy troops close in except of course that hussars close in too fast for the extra volleys. That's okay, that's the hussars' "superpower" but it makes combat balancing even more tricky.

    With cavalry flanking becoming more effective, it would be totally amazing if you could mod the AI to take advantage of that. :)

    I allow three rank fire because I have slowed fire rate. I need to get enough fire into approaching enemy melee troops. On flat ground, inaccuracies in my system (and inaccuracies in how well the ranks line up) mean an occasional fourth ranker fires. I have to tolerate that because if I tweak it the other way, half of the third rank won't fire. Also, due to inaccuracies in calculations in my system it means that when melee enemy get close only two ranks fire. Maybe the third rankers are poorer troops and have fumbled the next reload, lol.
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  6. Awar

    Awar Well-Known Member

    The physical model remains the same, only the height of the shot is 0.5
    You can add a little height to get the desired effect.
    Formula for checking the unit along the bullet path
    GetGameObjectRayCastAABBByHandle(goHnd, x1, tmpy1, z1, x2, tmpy2, z2)

    it is applied globally

    Thank you for your advice.
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  7. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    All of this means;

    (a) The new State vs Country "ban fire through friendlies" option will be an excellent fire system. :)
    (b) Some options may need to be tied together. Thus "No firing though friendlies" and "Muskets get 50% extra range" will need to be tied together in one option like "Ranked Fire and Longer Ranges".
    (c) At the same time, (b) will work better with reload times being doubled compared to vanilla (in my opinion) .
    (d) Doubling reload times works against (b) and (c), this is true. However, I deal with that by lifting the head-shot value to get more kills.

    Items (b) and (c) would be my ballpark recommendations. Obviously, testing will still be required within your total game balancing model. What you do with reload times and the head-shot chance will depend on your balance testing I think, plus the general playing experience you want to achieve.

    Following on from the above;

    (d) Cavalry needs to be balanced so that it suffers badly (usually) if it gallops straight into a firing line as it will take a lot of fire. But if it flanks the infantry and then "crosses the T", meaning attacking the end of a firing line from a right angle then it will do well and often enough can roll up and destroy the whole firing line. Even attacking the end of a line from 45 degrees the cavalry can do well. This is all true when thin formation firing lines are created. Maybe it's not quite so true when you have deep firing lines of 8 ranks (4x4) but even then you will notice the effect is significant. In OCMOD4, 72 man and 120 man line formations are just 3 ranks. The 196 man line formation is 4 ranks and the 400 man line formation is 6 ranks.

    Another nice attacking strategy is to fix an enemy infantry firing line with your infantry firing line and then attack it with cavalry while it is all aiming at your infantry.

    In turn, all of these effects mean cavalry handling by the player (and AI) becomes more challenging. Quite possibly players will find it best to employ cavalry at the flanks of the infantry army in most cases. There will be tactical exceptions though.
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  8. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    More thoughts. During ongoing balancing of OCMOD4, and its ban on firing through friendlies, I have found a number of interesting effects.

    (a) Long lines deliver more fire. This is obvious and to be expected.
    (b) A big square delivers better fire power than a column, usually.
    (c) Columns (called "square" in formations.cfg) deliver the most concentrated bayonet power.
    (d Squares (called "Kare" in formations.cfg) don't concentrate bayonet power as well as columns.
    (e) Bayonets do better when troops are moving, not on stand ground, unless the stand ground bonuses are very large. (Hence squares need a large stand ground bonus which leads to a possible player exploit. See note 1 below.)

    Points (c), (d) and (e) occur because moving infantry can really concentrate and thus they concentrate all their bayonets in a very small space. Lines get badly defeated by cavalry attacking from their flank (crossing the T) and this effect is exaggerated in OCMOD4 because of the very long, thin line formations I use. This effect will be less exaggerated in State vs Country if it keeps its current deeper line formations. I have found that if a line in OCMOD4 is threatened by melee cavalry from the flank (and it has no cavalry support of its own) it should immediately be set to column and allowed to concentrate. Even if it only gets half concentrated by the time the enemy cavalry charge arrives it is still a lot better off. It still takes a lot of casualties but it delivers more casualties to the enemy cavalry at the same time.

    Note 1. Exploiting stand ground bonus for the true square (Kare). If the player clicks to change from line to true square and then hits Ctrl-S to stop the formation and then hits stand ground command, then when the stand ground progress bar completes the formation which is still much more a line than a square gets the square hold ground bonus. This problem is worsened in OCMOD4 because I made stand ground progress very quick. Perhaps I need to make it slow again. After all, charging cavalry gets in range quickly and then the stand ground progress bar won't complete. Another fix might be to not permit stand ground to be an option after a Ctrl-S on a formation. Easier might be just removing Ctrl-S for formations. I note these issues because they might affect State vs Country balancing but in general the deeper lines (more ranks) of SvC line formations will reduce these kind of problems a bit anyway. But deeper lines also make it difficult to deliver a wide front of fire with all the units firing. There are pros and cons (arguments for and arguments against). It is worth keeping a watch on these effects when balancing.
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