Servers & players list (independent to the game)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Przemek_kondor, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    An idea came to my mind about Multiplayer browser (servers and players).
    • No need to start Steam then C3 then MP to see them (you could see if it's worth starting beforehand)
    • You can easily find players (see their score, played games (what's not visible now), whether they're playing - not easy now, etc.)
    • Probably games in progress would be visible
    • Probably as website (but could be independent app for Windows/Android/iOS)
    • Unfortunatelly this would be just for info, no joining games (since C3 doesn't support such deeplinks AFAIK)
    The problem I faced so far is the communication protocol with the C3 master server.
    What I could find out is that after handshake first the client (C3 game or hopefully independent browser) sends player's (C3 account) e-mail then and then authenticates with C3 account credentials (e-mail, password and C3 user id).
    Unfortunatelly I got no response from the C3 master server after sending e-mail (probably I missed some bits or something).
    Note: I've used Wireshark 2 to see the C3 game <-> C3 master server communication

    Does anybody have more experience with TCP sockets?
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  2. I managed to get response from the server - it's a lot of (like live view - updating rooms' statuses, maybe also chat) data. But still don't understand some values I sent in request (I just copy-paste what C3 game sent). And noticed that sending e-mail first isn't needed.
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