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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ftoomsh, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. rob89

    rob89 New Member

    Many thanks to Awar, Demoul and all other people who collaborate.

    The game has now a new life and is quite perfect.

    I hope one day to see the long awaited stardard bearers (that could be linked to some form of "morale"),
    and, after the implementation of artillery crews, a way to manage "big batteries" (4-6 pieces) together.

    Last but not least, a slow rate of troops production, to avoid a too fast replacement of losses

    thanks and regards
  2. Demoul

    Demoul Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Interesting idea. It will be necessary to offer this to Awar. Thanks!
    At the expense of flag-bearers:
    The models that are represented in the game are more suitable for the 17th century. For the 18th and later - it will not good look. + The flag itself (rag) is very short.
    In short, still need to think about it.
  3. rob89

    rob89 New Member

    I know, but, seeing your care for the "aesthetic" side,
    a formation without a flag is really bad.
    In my honest opinion, it's better a short flag that nothing :)

    Anyway, my "dream" is an extension with a fifth "period" : early XIX c., with napoleonic era units :)

  4. Loner

    Loner Active Member

    Just a suggestion, my-self. having very little technical ability, replaced the Drummer with the Flag Bearer.;)
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  5. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    I wish flags were in from the beginning, but everything should take second place to morale. Morale should really be the next addition, and strangely enough far easier to implement!
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  6. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    Hi Mr. Francesco, if we have ship flags, we need infantry and cavalry flags too. According to me, this is very good to see every unit with historical accuracy. I have no idea whether can add or not. It's difficult to say anything. But I liked the idea.
  7. rob89

    rob89 New Member

    I agree about morale issue.
    A formation, at a certain level of losses, should disintegrate and flee.
    The same for a big attack. At a certain level of losses, the army should retreat, while now it continues until total destruction.
    The flag could be linked to the unit's morale. If lost, the unit itself should flee ...
  8. rob89

    rob89 New Member

    Guards : they should be the elitè, by definition; and so have the better performances.
    But in some cases they are not the best infantry (after maximized parameters, with training and so).
    The worst case is Prussia
    Guards have less protection then Grenadier, less firepower & range than Fusilier. Why do have Guards ?
    Perhaps they could be rebalanced

  9. Demoul

    Demoul Well-Known Member

    Yes, the guard will be better than the line infantry. Awar probably did not work on the balance yet.
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  10. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    I find the guard unit to be already quite good especially thanks to their high health and the 15 protection against bullet they get (up to 18 in square formation).
    Being recruited in the diplomatic center with as little as 2 seconds is also very good, you would need two barrack to even train regular at the same pace. They outclass other mercenary by far so you can choose them without a doubt every time. They don't even need individual upgrades but still get the benefit of academy.
    The limit of 150 is their main shortcoming.
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  11. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    Please add France accurate version of flag on this time ( not three colors from 1789 but white flag of Burbons dynasty). - Nice mod for Medieval 2 - Europe in 1648. Maybe you found something interesting for your mod.
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  12. rob89

    rob89 New Member

    Some questions & remarks

    a) I can't find the technology (Academy or Port) or the way to repair ships

    b) with the new patch, the AI artillery crews tend to leave their guns and attack, with obvious consequences !

    c) IMHO, the jagers (chasseur etc.) are too many (for XVII C) and too powerful. Two 72x formation of jagers on a hill can decimate enemies before they are at range ...

    As far as concerned with guards ...

    I don't agree with you.

    Take two 120x line formation of prussian fusiliers and prussian guards and compare their performance in the same battle. The kill to loss ratio is clearly better for fusiliers.

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  13. Loner

    Loner Active Member

    Unfortunately, having an all white background the flag is hard to make out unless very close up.:( French Flag.jpg
  14. rob89

    rob89 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    This is a list of possible bugs and some considerations I found in C3/SvC (last patch 1.09.96),
    after a lot of "random" scenarios

    Some are, of course, a legacy of the vanilla package.

    - AI artillery crew tends to leave their guns and attack
    - AI grenadiers / archers never attack palisades
    - AI never build walls / palisades
    - AI large armies tend to get stuck around mountains; then don't move anymore if not attacked
    - AI guns sometimes get stuck near the arsenal
    - AI don't use line formation for infantry units (only for jagers)
    - AI don't use priests within large armies
    - AI in some cases stop its the economic development
    - AI in the "Meditteranean Map" random scenarios don't build ships
    - Ships shoot at enemy troops BUT not at enemy guns (it should be the first target indeed)
    - There is no way to repair ships (IMHO a big issue : at least a repair function in the port, with the ship in the near)
    - It's very difficult to deploy and manage artillery pieces without a "great battery" formation
    - Towers have a less than half the hardness of walls (IMHO, it doesn't have sense)
    - Guards are as strong as grenadier, so there is no significant advantage in capability
    - Jagers, IMHO, have too much firepower and too large formation. And they could be too numerous considering other infantry units. In 18C they are very few.
    - Venetian jagers ("schiavoni") can't group in formation
    - Ships' firepower to be balanced (a Galley's flotilla can't be a match for Ships of the Line); the same for hardness : a Ship of the Line must be some order harder than a Galley (!)
    - Ships' speed to be balanced : IMHO Galleys are too fast in comparison to Frigates 18C. Ships of the Line are too slow (as reference : the 16C (!) was the last great era of the war galleys.
    Medieval galleys are assumed to have sailed only with the wind more or less astern with a top speed of 8-9 knots in fair conditions. The 18C frigates recorded sailing speeds of up to 14 knots with up to 40 guns).
    - IMHO, there is a missing : the coastal gun / coastal fortresses
    - In random maps with sea (mediterranean, peninsular etc.) there is no peasant improvement step for town hall after the mid 18C.
    Max. capacity remain at 115 each town hall (too few !)
    - There are some errors in the statistic sheet : for.ex. I think that the number of guns for Frigate 18C and Ships of the Line 18C are inverted
    - IMHO, rate of fire and precision should be improved by expensive (food, gold, iron, coal) training and not by Academy (too easy).

    best greetings and regards.
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  15. rob89

    rob89 New Member

    It seems to me that this thread is useless ...

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