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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ftoomsh, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Active Member

    I admire your involvement and effort - the game looks so much nicer now! I want to try it, how do I install the mod? Thanks!
  2. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    @Fulcrum it is quite easy.
    If you have the game on steam you can search for State vs Country plus in the workshop. It will be automatically downloaded to the correct path and it will update itself for newer version.
    steam link

    Otherwise you can take the link to the latest version on the forum (you can even have older version on the original russian thread). Awar put it each time on Yandex. For the current version it's this one :
    When you have downloaded the file extract it either to :
    C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Cossacks3/mods
    or :
    C:/GoG Games/Cossacks3/mods.

    Next you only have to open the mod manager to enable/disable the mod when you launch Cossacks 3
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  3. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Mod version : 1.14.07

    Link to the steam workshop :

    1) New unique units in the diplomatic center instead of generic units for Switzerland

    2) Turkey update

    3) Added Walachia cavalry to Austria in the diplomatic center

    4) Some units have been rescaled.
    Guards are now sensibly bigger than musketeers (Guard drummer are bigger too)

    Grenadiers are also a bit bigger than musketeer, but less than the guards.

    Horse of cuirassiers are thicker than those of dragoons.
    5) The difficulty of the computer speed up the production of units. Now, from the normal difficulty AI produce units as fast as the player.
    Before in the game, AI had the same production rate only starting from hard difficulty.

    6) Added for 6 country their guard officer with their flag.
    Because of game limitation, their production is limited to one unit at the time. More could make the game unstable.
    If the stability of the game is affected because of Standard-bearer, an option to disable them has been added in game options.

    When you select "no flags", the units produced is a officer without standard.
    On the picture above, it's the units on the background of the drummer and standard-bearer.
    In the editor, only the officer without flag can be selected from the unit panel.
    To make a standard-bearer you need to build a diplomatic center and age-up to the mid 18th c.

    The next update will be centered on standard-bearer in the 17th c. and guards in the early 18th c.

    It's planned for april's end. It will be the last update planned.
    After there should be only small additions.

    If possible, we would like to have your feedback on the following problems :

    1 Does removing standard-bearer of the 18th c. guard improve game stability ?
    2 How does the game of the computer (AI) has changed now that in impossible difficulty units are created faster ?
    3 Which units parameters have to be corrected ?


    Link to the original State vs Country thread :
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