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  1. Npeter87

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    The main problem is "Erzherzog Carl Infantry" was not the name of unit, it was the name of regiment.

    There wasn't too much types (or names) of infantry in Hungary at those time. There was musketeers, grenadiers, fusiliers, frontier guards (like Szekelys in C3) or 'honvéd' (actually, i can not know perfect english word to this hungarian word, but it means home - or country - defender - 'hont védő', btw. honvéd in german is Landwehr).
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  2. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Then maybe we could say "Militia"
    "Home guard" could also work but to my knowing, this term was used more in a XIXe-XXe c. context.
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  3. Npeter87

    Npeter87 Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, Militia will be the best choice.
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  4. Demoul

    Demoul Well-Known Member

    We want to make a jager for Hungary. I understand that Hungary as a country was part of Austria. But in the game Hungary is as a separate country. And we wont to make the jager for this country. Atleast approximately.
    Maybe in your submission there is a unit that can be made how jager?
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  5. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

  6. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    Hi Npeter I think Hungarian forum needs some pictures. I found these pictures:)) Do you think I found Hungarian sharpshooter? Some of the pictures like Hungarian Szekely infantry in the Cossacks 3:))Do you have information about Maria Theresa army Npeter? If you can find I want to read it.
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  7. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    More pictures:))
  8. HUNRex

    HUNRex Member

    I have played a game with this mod today and I want to ask if the arquebusier upgrade in the blacksmith also works for diplo arquebusiers?

    There is the rate of fire upgrade in the academy, does it work for diplo shooters? In vanilla game I think not, what is the case here in this mod? Do you have any information about future updates and what you are working on?
    Great job keep up the good work. Here is a gameplay from today for those who want to see what is it like..
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  9. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    Hi friend, I think Arquebusier upgrade is only for 17th century first period barrack units. So, your answer is maybe no. I don't know, I think Diplo units not national units, they are just mercenary units in this mod. And they have own production time too. If you want to offer this suggestion,maybe you can write Russian forum too. Demoul can only answer. I think they are working on to finish Portugal and Swiss units. They have to a lot of work to do:)) But I can wait at the end of the world. At least when they promised to doing something and keep their word too. Now we are still waiting huge update from Cossack 3 developers:)) I would like to play with you again. I'll call you when I'm ready. Now I want to watch your last game. Hunrex,stud farm upgrade is new? I haven't seen before. Very interesting indeed:))
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  10. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    Hi Npeter, Demoul and Awar need your help. Can you find 17th century Hungarian artillery with crew photos? Maybe they want 18th early and late too.
  11. Demoul

    Demoul Well-Known Member

    We improvised. We taken as the basis of the English peasant
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  12. Npeter87

    Npeter87 Moderator Staff Member

    No need to improvise, i found some pictures :)

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