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    Big number of units and nations (together with 2017 re-balance) make difficult to know which units are best perfomance and worth choosing. Hence I've decided to create a tool which helps to solve it.

    The tool is a website where you can select (1 or more) color/nation/unit and its upgrades:

    Cossacks 3 Units Ranking_2.png Cossacks 3 Units Ranking_1.png

    • Data is generated by the ingame script (hence future update will take < 5 min)
    • Units base stats (attack (incl. range, damage, reload), defence, hp, buildtime, cost)
    • Total stats (of units built during 10 min (it will be configurable soon) of attack, defence, cost, count
    • Switchable upgrades from barrack/stable, blacksmith and academy which affects single and total stats, and cost
    • Easy units comparison next to each other
    • Selectable color you love and use ingame
    • Selectable number of buildings (will affect cost)
    • Selectable build time (now it's hardcoded to 10 minutes)
    • Formation bonus
    • Total defence
    • Fight simulation (depends on attack and defence to the enemy weapon, range, etc.)
    Known issues
    • There are additional units listed you can't build ingame (e.g. cuirassier in Saxony or light cavalry)
    • There are listed 3 hidden nations (misc, tat and lit) (that's rather easter egg)
    • After changing upgrades or adding units the stats table dynamicaly resizes its column
    • Cavalry attack is sometimes wrongly calculated with blacksmith-sword upgrade
    • Color is updated only after changing its units and not when just changing the color itself

    I hope you'll like it.
    Feedback (bug reports / complains / suggestions) very welcome!
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    I was told there used to be similar tool for C1 but I haven't seen it before.
    It's interesting that we (savvyplayer & me) used different approach - he was parsing game scripts (http://users.telenet.be/Gercon/cossacks/faq.html) and I'm logging values kept in game memory. I wonder if C1 had cleaner code because parsing C3 files would be very though
    Before I thought the Unit Explorer for Cossacks 1 uses some data base and it's down hence it doesn't work but it looks like it's some JS error and probably can be easily fixed.

    I meantime I removed additional units not available in game.
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    Very good job. Thank you so much!! :)