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    Dear friends!

    Cossacks 3 tournaments keep coming - tomorrow starts Nation Cup's registration. Qualifiers would start on Saturday at 22.07.2017 and would continue up to 05.08.2017. Each player can participate in qualifiers for both his parent country, and the country, he currently lives in. This tournaments feature lies in using of 5 options: 5k 0pt, 1k 0pt, 5k 10pt, $$ 10pt no art, 1k 30pt no market/no dip.centre/no art. After running up the qualifiers, teams made of best 8 players from each country would fight each other for supremacy.

    You may find additional details about this tournament and register on it by following the link:

    This SATURDAY, the Rest League on 5000 0pt no market, tournament starts as usual 20:00 msk // 19:00 cet. Nation's - Poland.
    You may register on tournament by following the link below:

    Have a nice day!

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    Wow the format looks very interesting... How did you come up with it?
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    Nation Cup Cossacks 3 - Create your own national team or join to existing one!

    Nation Cup is first in history Cossacks 3 tournament, in which will participate national teams as in football World Cup. We're open to people from all over the world. Every player can join to existing national team (now is avaible: Poland, Germany, France, UK, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia or make new team, e.g. from Brasil, Australia, USA, Thailand, Mexico and even Burundi... You all are invited!

    More info and tournament rules you can read here:
    Do you have questions? You can make it here, via private message or via Steam: (warren_gda).

    Tournament administrators:
    • [1S]Lexus - main admin, german admin
    • [1S]Delta - main admin, french admin
    • Colourfit - english admin
    • [1S]YesYoar - german admin
    • [GP]Warren - polish admin (it's me)
    • [-WN-]Stalman - polish admin
    • [1S]SecretPlayer - russian admin
    • [-RA-]Sanek - russian admin
    • [1S]PanSirko - ukrainian admin
    • [-NF-]Baton - ukrainian admin