Update on the release date of Cossacks 3: Days of Brilliance

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Foxzibit, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Foxzibit

    Foxzibit Administrator Staff Member

    Dear friends!

    Cossacks 3 has been out for more than 2 months, and we thank you for your continuous support and feedback, that helped us to improve the game, to make it better. With our regular patches and updates, we’ve set our course on bringing Cossacks 3 on a completely new level of quality.

    With our first DLC, Cossacks 3: Days of Brilliance, in works, we’ve become aware with help of your suggestions that we need to maintain set level of quality. For this reason, we had to make several adjustments to the release schedule of the upcoming DLC: Days of Brilliance will be released a few days later, on December 13, 2016, as we need a bit more time for testing and polishing new features and changes out.

    We want to take a moment and thank our awesome community for being so passionate about our game. Your passion makes us stronger and helps us to make Cossacks 3 better together.

    Have a nice day!
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  2. colonelburton

    colonelburton Active Member

    A few more days, is not the death !
    Take the time to do a good job :)
  3. Marius

    Marius Member

    What exactly are you changing? Are we talking about balance changes or just the changes with the new units/nations? I think a lot of people want's to see Cossacks 3 balanced. 99% of games in multiplayer have no prussia/ukraine...
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  4. Ivenend

    Ivenend Member

    Don't care about balance or multiplayer... Just hope for more new content.
  5. Marius

    Marius Member

    The amount of stone in each player's spawning location is really imbalanced aswell. I often have games were I or my opponents have almost twice the amount of stone in their locations or around... How can this be
  6. Marius

    Marius Member

    The global market makes this game almost unplayable, if a players steals your trade once or twice before peacetime is up, you have pretty much lost the game. In games where i steal trades I can get 4 18thc barracks before 30pt is up, when I can't I struggle to get the 3rd...
  7. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    Please dont steal peoples trades!! Specially mine you womble
    Just check the price before you hit the trade button, you know what it should be , if its not right wait a few seconds and try again.
  8. Marius

    Marius Member

    The thing is sir, the price is always really bad, so you have to bring down the price on gold. If you try to bring down the price on gold, someone will take it from you. If you trade without bringing down the price first, it's just as bad as if someone stole it from you.

    This results in one thing: The player that manages to win the market war, ends up with sooo much more gold than the opposite player/players. We are talking 100000 or more
  9. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    Yes i know how it works , I have played hundreds of c3 games. And it was the same market system in previous Cossacks versions like BTW. You just have to be quick about your trading, and watch out for the rate changing before you hit trade.
    Or you could try asking in chat for the market. In BTW that was often agreed upon before the game.
  10. Falc09

    Falc09 Active Member

    Marius, I don't think someone stole your trades. I use the market multiple times every minute of the game, do my trades (and of course do backtrades if possible or worth) but I have no time to sit and watch prices. I do my trades and take the ratios as they are. When I need Gold, I buy it, I don't care about prices or others players trades.

    Go for both stone upgrades as early as possible (even befor 3rd town hall and second barracks). That makes such a huge difference and boosts your economy so much. Trading all Coal and Iron at the beginning for the 3rd town hall is stil the biggest mistake you can do. The thrid townhall increases your stone gathering by 50% (3 instead of 2 peasants at a time) while even the first stone upgrade increases your gathering by 100%.
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  11. Open said, the market system in Cossacks is crazy. It is not at all realistic. Where are the buyers for the immense stone production? In the 17/18th food production was far more important. Reverse trade was in my opinion not intended by the developers. Reverse trade handicaps the AI (as far as I know the AI is unable to manage it).
  12. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    They should just boost mine output, about 200% should do it. And make the upgrades cheaper. And allow the mines to count as housing as well. After all mining villages always grew up around pits. Otherwise it is hardly worth bothering even to put 5 peasants in a mine once you have the 2 stone upgrades.
  13. Falc09

    Falc09 Active Member

    I would prefer global mining upgrades. So e.g. you invent Stage II (+5) only once at the academy and it apllies for all your mines and it is also not lost when some/all mines are lost. So after the upgrade all mines even those that are build in the future have 10 spaces.

    Of course upgrades could be pretty expensive as they apply for all mines and give you a huge boost.
  14. Karol Tott

    Karol Tott New Member

    I imagine the upgrade in the academy for mining to be similiar to those applying to stone/wood extraction, so it would be a percentage bonus to the output.
  15. Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Active Member

    They have bigger issues to address than the mines and etc. The game is still not stable, has many bugs remaining, months after its release...No comment, really.

    Mines do not need higher output, they need lower cost of upgrades to make them useful and double the health.
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  16. colonelburton

    colonelburton Active Member

    I like the idea but the upgrade should be very expensive !
  17. Freestyle

    Freestyle Member

    I for one don't like that. It's like trying to tighten a screw with a hammer. The problem lies in the stone production/upgrades and global market, not local mine upgrades. People would still run stone exchanges to get resources for the global mine upgrade no matter how expensive you put it, and the trade-stealing would still be around.

    Also what would happen to conquered mines? Would my enemy get all his mines upgraded instantly as well? Or just that one (I see code complexity since they would be global)? Or none (there goes a strategy element - you don't upgrade mines far away from your main base because they might get conquered)? Also, I understand a mine upgrade like "go down there and dig deeper", not as a non-sense global tech - albeit things don't need to make much sense if there is a high gameplay value involved, it's not the case IMO.

    I think both the global market and the massive stone upgrade should go away in favor of lower mine upgrade prices - I can count on my fingers how many times I've upgraded a mine to level 3 in 15 years of cossacks because a) it's too expensive b) stone exchanging is so much more efficient.
  18. @Freestyle: I think, you are not so far away from @colonelburton with your opinion. With your suggestion of disabling the second stone upgrade, a global mine upgrade, e. g. to 100 workers, is an alternative. The production rate of the workers in the mines should be reduced (balancing necessary). My idea is, that it will be comparable to the production and reverse trade of stones after the second stone upgrade. After that mines become much more valuable and a stone stays stone - just needed for building construction. The stealing of trades will be over. Additionally a trade should have a lower impact on the market price as it has currently.
  19. Marius

    Marius Member

    You sound like a player I would beat easily. Ofc you have time to watch prices.
  20. Karol Tott

    Karol Tott New Member

    I have never really bothered with watching how do the prices in the market change either. When I need 100 000 gold for 4th XVIII century barracks, I just sell 800 000 stone and see, If it was enough. Is it really that big difference? All this market stuff needs a lot of micro and there are plenty other things, I have to take care of: battles, raids, expanding base...
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