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Do you want to see Venetian Campaign and new units for this faction?

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  1. Fluffy Fishy

    Fluffy Fishy Member

    Sorry I haven't posted here for a while, I have been rather busy of late and have had to divert my attention elsewhere.

    As a little update I have just ordered the books;
    Gli Schiavoni. Le Fedelissime Truppe Oltremarine di Venezia. Tre Secoli di Storia 1500-1797.
    L'esercito veneziano del '700. Ricerche e schizzi.
    (I finally found a second hand copy and from the sound of it its in great condition too, hopefully)

    So those should arrive in the next few weeks.

    I also recently received my copy of Le mura di Bergamo e la guarnigione veneta fra '500 e '600. so hope to find some time to decipher and post some stuff from what I learn from this too, its a good book from the look of it with some nice illustrations, hopefully they can add to my understanding of the subject :)
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  2. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Active Member

    Oh, very good news Fluffy:))) I hope this section will get better. Don't forget to make your comments which you learn from these book and share pictures. It's utmost important. I'm still reading my book and when I finish I'll share more information and ask you some questions:))
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  3. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

  4. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Well ill probably slap in morlach guys into my mod at some point, though adding mounted archers to every nation takes precedence.
  5. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    Add also Stradioti for Venice , Bedouins for Algieria and Ironsides for England.
  6. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Depends on how much fun it would be to add them. At the end of the day my mod isnt intended to simulate realism. Its all about gameplay.
  7. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

  8. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Idk what youre talking about dude there arent even half a dozen modders doing cossacks 3 content so asking for expensive modding tools would only make us look like pretentious millennial snowflakes.
  9. Fluffy Fishy

    Fluffy Fishy Member

    I've not really looked at the other examples but generally speaking the osprey books are fairly badly researched, especially the Venetian Empire 1200-1670, it has some pretty awful inaccuracies in it and as far as I can recall hasn't been revised in the nearly 30 years its been published. I also have Osprey's other medieval italian based books on their militia, condottieri and general army composition, they aren't nearly as well researched as the soldiershop series, although they are harder to work with thanks to them only being published in Italian.

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  10. Fluffy Fishy

    Fluffy Fishy Member

    Apologies it has been a while, I have meant to post this for a few weeks now but its an article looking at the similarities between the famous Russian Edinorog (Unicorn/Licorn) cannon and the Venetian Cannoni di Nuovo Invenzione, the article is a nice brief essay and introduction to both guns, with a little bit of their history and some fantastic bibliography and sources to list, the notes are also worth having a flick through because the text is a great little enlightening passage. To read you can either download or just scroll down for the full article.

    Enjoy :)
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  11. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Active Member

    Hi, Fluffy, you are right. Some of the Venice books, language is Italian and rare to find too. I saw Battlefield series on the internet. But I haven't read too. I wonder what they say about Ottoman army and Venice army .I think Venice nation's army still need well-search studies and books too. I finished my book about The Battle of Lepanto. I'll start a write article about Venice, Ottoman and also Spanish navy. But I'm afraid it takes a time. I must review what I know or not. I suggest you to read this book too. It gives great information about all navies and some of the land forces and battles before Lepanto. I'm expecting you to share good articles like that pdf. If I can find Ill share too. As I said I must review my knowledges then start writing.

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  12. Fluffy Fishy

    Fluffy Fishy Member

    I found these lectures posted, they seem very informative on the long history of Venice.

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