AMD Artifacts - Solved by using old Driver!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by r1gd, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. r1gd

    r1gd New Member

    I am being cursed by a blacksmith bug that affects only ukrainian blacksmith and random scenarios.

    My setup:
    CPU: i5-6500
    Motherboard: Gigabyte H110M
    Graphic power: RX480 GTR

    All is not overclocked, No other issues with ANY game.
    This is a new Windows instalation with updated drivers for everything. (i like to have my installs smooth) :)

    The link:

    Sometimes it causes my game to crash.

    Any suggestion's / ideas are more then welcome, ill try anything :)

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  2. Bodun

    Bodun Administrator Staff Member

    Hello r1gd,

    The bug's with newer AMD Radeon drivers, please try using older ones (March-April) for example.

    Best regards.
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  3. HUNRex

    HUNRex Member

    I also had this issue and with roll back too.
    Since the last update of driver it doesnt appear, so with the very latest driver I dont have issues, its the 17.9.1 Crimson driver
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  4. r1gd

    r1gd New Member

    Thank you Bodun & HUNRex for both suggestions!
    I was running AMD Radeon 17.30 something.

    The rollback to driver: AMD Radeon 17.9.1 worked perfectly!
    It even fixed the issue for me playing in windows border less where when alt tabbing my screen went black.

    For those who have the same issue i found the easiest way is to use the AMDcleanuputility which you can find true google which removes the AMD driver completely.
    After a restart install the AMD Radeon 17.9.1 which you can find on the driver site Guru3d.

    See you on the battlefield! :cool:
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