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Discussion in 'Modding' started by [WW]Prototype, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. [WW]Prototype

    [WW]Prototype Active Member

    Hi people!
    I have a tool for you,for those who wish easily make audio mods in C3..
    So.. I've started once to make a mod,I wanted to get C1 audio into C3,making this manually it's just lazy,and makes headaches.
    so,here is the interface of the tool

    I want to warn firstly about one issue that can have a place for somebody,it's about antiviruses,the tool was written on develStudio,so Antiviruses can detect the tool,like it is a virus,just put in exception,if you have a problem like that.
    download link:
    so,we have 4 sections here,
    1 - the section where you have to add audio files,for example if you want to replace C3 audios with C1 audio,you should add on the first section the C1 audio files,and the C3 audios,you put them in the 3third section.after that select the audio from 1first section,and on the 3third,then press "change" button,you will see,your file was modded.
    2 - here you generate a list from any folder you want,nothing special here.. It is interconnected with 3third section,and with 4fourth.
    after making a replace,you can back the original file,which was replaced,it's all from section 4fourth.

    you can add descriptions for each file..all lists with files,can be played by pressing "enter" key,or doubleclick.
    we have folders with languages,and lists,in lang folder,here you can manually change everything you want.

    that's all guys what's the tool is about..except maybe some little details,which i suppose everybody is capable to understand it by his self intuitively.
    besides C3,the tool can be used in any another way..
    next versions are possible,only if i will see,that this tool is useful and demand.
    for the next versions,or for a case if a new version will out, there's an auto updater available.

    if somebody has detected some bugs,i ask you to report it here.
    waiting for your great mods,and your wishes about the tool in next versions..
    Thanks you all.
  2. ToraktheNord

    ToraktheNord New Member

    Really interested in the tool, but I somehow can't open the archive with 7zip.
    "The file "[Path]" couldn't be opened as archive"
  3. [WW]Prototype

    [WW]Prototype Active Member

    just download "Winrar" if you're on windows..
    it's a simply zip archive..

    anyways a new version 1.1 already out.
    - some bugs fixed on the beginning while the tool started..
    and the key
    - was added an opportunity to save the mod,into an archive. only files which was found,and which are not the "originals",will be added to the archive,your exports will be in export folder.

    to update the tool,just reopen it,there will pop up a modal popup,which prompts you to upgrade.

    have fun guys!now with export,i'm gonna making some mod too,i will upload it here. )
  4. [WW]Prototype

    [WW]Prototype Active Member

    version 1.2
    - was added a function to format files from any formats to any,was tested only mp3,ogg,wav formats.
    - changed file replace logic,now the files will be not deleted from list "1" while replacing a file.
    - added export options: a folder (or a sequence of folders), and file name (note * file name as the same is used as the root directory of the archive.)
    - Added option "not formatted", in the case when you have such a file in wav format, which must be replaced by a file in ogg format, if the tick is,
    there will be only the file name change, but the format remains the same. ie, for example, if your file is audio.wav, a replaceable effect.ogg,
    after replacing we obtain effect.wav, was introduced this feature, due to the fact that the game is not played back correctly "some" formatted files ..
    had to change manual files .snd, in ambient, interface, units, folders. changing it to the desired resolution files ..

    new version download link: or update with the tool it self..

    and also the first sound mod created with the tool,more precisely exactly with the 1.2 version.
    link: 3&file=ProtoMod_C1_Sounds&ver=1.0&ext=zip
    was changed all possible sounds from Cossacks: back to war,to Cossacks 3,just extract the folder into mods folder,and enable it in "Mod Manager" in steam,and then have fun!
    for some bugs make a report here,thanks..
  5. Anderstein

    Anderstein Member

    Your audio mod is no longer available. But I made the same mod with a focus on getting the nations right. If someone still wants this, go ahead, just look at the other thread.
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