Balancing Linear Tactics

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    Here's what I have learned about balancing the game for linear tactics (when muskets can't shoot through friendlies). Other modders might find this summary interesting.

    1. Use the standard musketshot because it can lead a target moving across the field of fire.
    Vanilla projectile weapons cannot lead transversely moving targets.

    2. Raise the y origin of the shot just enough that ranks 2 and 3 can fire over troops in front.
    This means 0.93 for infantry and 1.0 for dragoons.

    3. Slow the rate of fire at least by a factor of 2 for a little more realism.

    4. Increase musket ranges by at least 50% in all cases.
    This greater distance means the line gets in 2 or 3 volleys when infantry approach.
    The line usually only gets one volley against charging cavalry.
    Lines 2 & 3 don't fire when enemy get close due to the angle of fire lowering.
    (This at least mimics the formation overall losing firing cohesion.)

    5. Give the muskets a higher head-shot chance.
    A good value is random<0.25.
    Much higher than this and casualties suddenly increase greatly, for some reason, at about 0.28.

    6. Use the incremental damage of shots as in:
    "without a head-shot this will kill an infantry man in (say) 4 shots."

    7. Create more genuine 3 line formations but it's just not possible for 196 and 400 man formations.
    I made the 196 man formation 4 ranks and the 400 man formation 6 ranks.

    I noted something in a failed test which caused formations to only kill only one force-targeted enemy. The routines seem to pick just enough shots for a kill. Sometimes one musket fired and an enemy died. Sometimes 2, 3 or 4 (about) fired to kill one enemy. It seemed to me the routines were efficiently allocating just enough fire to just kill and not waste "shots" on any individual target. I'm not absolutely sure about this but since it is a "ray" weapon this is probably right. I scrubbed the bugged code that worked like that. I didn't set it aside.

    I am still considering putting General WVPMs flexible firing framework back into this mix or at least the part that gives lower kills at greater ranges and more kills at close range. However, part of point 4 above will work against this effect at very close range.
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