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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Vladeks87, Sep 29, 2017.

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    New building - Colonial barrack (england, france, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal)
    - Imperial barrack (Austria, Russia, Turkey, Prussia)
    - Mercenary barrack (Algeria, Hungary, Ukraine, Venice, Sweden, Poland)
    - Clan barrack (Scotland)
    - Royal barrack (Bavaria, Denmark, Piemonte, Saxony, Switzerland)

    New units:
    England - sepoy (125 HP, 55 close att, 18 range att, 800 range), gurkha (75 HP, 32 close att, 23 range att, 900 range), colonial militia (55 HP, 26 range att, 950 range)

    France - zouave light infantry (75 HP, 68 close att, 27 range att, 950 range), tirailleur (100 HP, 28 close att, 26 range att, 920 range)


    In this barracks can be build military from colonies, mercenaries and others but all of them is infantry.
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