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    Dear friends!

    After thoroughly reading all your recommendations and ideas about improvement of the ranked mode in Cossacks 3, we made the necessary adjustments and numerous bug fixes to improve the overall quality of the mode. With the release bugs squashed, playing ranked both solo and with your friends is now a significantly better experience.

    We also have news for Mac and Linux users: the beta-testing will commence within a few days. We included the way to access the beta branches in the end of the patch notes.

    We thank Mark "Madgeek" Kandaurov for the screenshot.

    Patch Notes 31.03.17 (

    1. Reduced the amount of units sent to defend the buildings from 3 to 2.
    2. Reduced the range at which units can capture buildings or defend them from being captured.
    3. Now there's a mechanism that forces the game to continue after the re-host process is done, if some players failed to reconnect within 10 seconds after a new host has been found.
    4. Removed the re-host process from finished sessions, when victors and losers are already decided.
    5. The game has an anti-spam mechanism right now.
    6. The resource nodes are now placed closer with more players on the map now.
    7. Resource nodes are now placed more evenly across the map, making the start of the game more fair for all player.
    1. Fixed an error that prevented the notifications about lack of resources for unit maintenance/construction of buildings and population slots from appearing on the players' screens.
    2. Fixed an error, which allowed the player to make a foundation of a building, even if he lacked the necessary resources for its construction (it was impossible to finish the construction).
    3. Fixed a number of errors, which prevented production of some units.

    1. Ranked games are now 1 v 1, they use the same map settings as before. This may change in the future, depending on the feedback from the community.
    2. Changed the algorithm the game uses to define a host. Now the player with the most RAM is more likely to be chosen as a host.
    3. Added a list of players queuing for a ranked match.
    4. Added an icon that will appear near players that are queueing for a ranked match.
    5. Added a timer that shows how much time has passed since you entered a ranked Queue.
    6. Non-ranked games now count towards the amount of victories made by player.
    7. The "Quick Play" button now displays the number of players queued for a ranked match.
    8. Added counters of victories that are displayed next to the players' nicknames.
    9. Fixed an error, when the game tried to add the player to an already started session.
    10. Made some correction in the poit distribution formula. Now players will get even more points after winning against a more powerful opponent, while victory over opponents of lower rank will grant less points than before.

    Drummer 17c:
    - Reduced the defence upgrade bonuses from 20 to 12.

    Officer 17c:
    - Reduced the damage from 150 to 30.
    - Reduced the damage upgrade bonuses from 150 to 20.
    - Reduced the defence upgrade bonuses from 20 to 10.

    Officer 18c:
    - Reduced the damage from 150 to 50.
    - Reduced the damage upgrade bonuses from 150 to 100.

    - Reduced the reload time of cannonballs from 14 seconds to 11 seconds the same way as in the original Cossacks)

    Players can now create formations with hired grenadiers and roundshiers as Ukraine, as it has no officers of its own.

    Exciting news for Mac and Linux users:
    The Linux and Mac versions shall enter an open beta phase of the game. Every Mac and Linux player will be able to launch the game on his/her system by following the steps bellow:
    1. Go to your Steam library.
    2. Right-click on Cossacks 3.
    3. Select "Properties".
    4. Select the "Betas" tab
    5. Use "beta000multios" as a beta access code.
    6. Now you can select an appropriate "Beta" from a drop-down menu above.
    7. Now you can participate in the epic battles of 17th and 18th century Europe as well!

    Due to nature of the Steam betas, Linux players will be able to play play only against players with the same version as them. So if you want to play against your friend who uses Windows, it's necessary for him to follow the steps above and switch to the "Linux beta" version as well.
  2. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    1. Ranked games are now 1 v 1, they use the same map settings as before. This may change in the future, depending on the feedback from the community.

    Here is my feedback - change it ! Why not allow any settings the host fancies? 2v2 or 3 v 3, 30 or 45 pt, millions, capture off , 2x or 4x map. All these options are there but we are not allowed to play with them? I see no logic whatever in this decision and it has put hundreds of people off- check the multiplayer numbers.
  3. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    because developers want destroy multiplayer game, before whit normal top 100 and ranks number of player was increase, now decrease again
  4. brocart

    brocart New Member

    Please could you display ratio and real skill of players? You should implement an ELO ranking, or a raking system inspired from starcraft 2 which makes players of equivalent skill playing versus each other. (I can provide you with the formula to apply ....)

    26 ranked games, 25 victories, and I simply destroy most of my opponents... a bit boring.
    Besides, you should make one ladder per rules, considering a limited set of rules. (1000 no pt 5000 no pt , million, and one other rules).
    As number of players is not that big, you should avoid too many settings.

    And please, improve game performance... Ok i have not the best computer on earth, but it is a decent laptop with 4g RAM that should be able to run this kind of game with 60 fps.
    And I simply cannot micro when fights involve 600+ units.
    Lucky I am, as my opponents are not used to the game mechanics enough so its ok, but i would like to be able to micro vs good opponents...
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  5. arpe

    arpe Active Member

    Boring is a million resource.
  6. brocart

    brocart New Member

    arpe I agree, but as it seems rather popular...
    Hopefully new incoming balance changes will make this mode obsolete ;)

    +, it would be great if developments upgrades would be cheaper, to allow a more interesting game faster, and less passive ! and each upgrade would be a choice, not a "natural path" that you have to follow because of upgrades different costs
  7. Freestyle

    Freestyle Member

    1. Ranked games are now 1 v 1, they use the same map settings as before. This may change in the future, depending on the feedback from the community.

    Change it, please.

    I stopped playing for a while and was waiting for the ranking system to get back to the game. It's a huge disappointment that I can't team up with my friends AND even worse I can't play the settings I like.

    Is there a good reason not to let people play ranked games with the rules they want?
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  8. Commodore

    Commodore Active Member

    Freestyle I totally agree and so do many people but the devs seem to have their own agenda.
  9. Enfurio

    Enfurio New Member

    I can understand that it`s not possible to let people choose their own game settings the way the ranked system is set up atm. There aren't enough players for this. I would suggest that a host can set the game as ranked and make it not interesting for high level players to fight low tier players by giving them almost no points when they win. The system should count the ranked points of each player inside a hosted game and have an algorithm in place to make point destribution fair. You could also restrict the game settings in order for the host to set a game as a ranked game without restricting the amount of players. A good ranking system lets people continu playing for a longer time and in my opinion it`s more important then introducing any other new content to the game.
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