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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ftoomsh, Jan 16, 2020.

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    I suffer from client lag in big unit numbers games, probably because of the high internet latency (ping) involved in playing from Australia and connecting to the USA or Europe. However, I sometimes suspect that increasing musket range and increasing reload times also causes problems in my mods (OCMOD3, OCMOD4). Increasing these parameters is integral to my attempts to make a "realism" mod. I want ranges and reload times to look more realistic and to have an impact on tactics. This works well except for client lag animation issues.

    Does increasing musket ranges and and/or increasing reload times have an effect of making musket troops misbehave. By "misbehave" I mean that in large battles of thousands of troops they seem to break line (on the computer screen of the client player) and walk back and forth towards enemy lines without firing. I call this "milling about". This only occurs on the client's video screen display, not on the host's screen, so far as I know. At the end of the battle, it appears that hits and deaths have been calculated correctly in the engine. The battle outcomes seem correct in the end but the messy milling about of line troops during the battle looks bad on the client's screen.

    When increasing musket ranges and reload times should I really be changing animation cycling of the musket troops too? The troops don't have a reload animation of course (unless someone makes one) but is there a point in the animation sequence where I should be adding more images (of the same kind) or adding a time lapse to stay on one animation for a longer time? Then the lagging client might not get the incorrect animation of the troops marching back and forth out of the firing line without appearing to either shoot or use the bayonet. They need to stay in the line and reload and fire. These battles happen at quite long range because I have added range to the muskets.

    If I should be changing animation cycling or timings for troops with longer reloads, how would I do this without adding actual new animations (like reload animations)?

    On a closely related topic, I notice that my troops behave jerkily when trying to advance on attack around a building. They are trying to take a shot through the building but of course they cannot. The troops in Awar and Demoul's State vs Country plus do not do this. Is this because my new test (for preventing muskets firing through friendly units) is only applied in unit.script and not yet applied in I notice that State vs Country plus also applies its new test (including BuildinginRay2) in Is this the key to better unit behavior when changing friendonline firing rules?
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