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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nowy, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    There is C2 bugs fixes thread and it would be good include C1 bugs fixes. It would be more helpful for developers at last C3 game will base on C1 gamplay. Therefore I create this thread.

    I noticed such glitches in C1 game.

    1. Muskets too fast reload ratios, they can shoot almost as moder machine guns.
    2. Bad fire arms ranges e.g. Dragoons, Serdiuks, Janissaries can fired at longer range than musketeers
    3. Bayonets too big power and bad upgrades, even single infantryman can kill few cavalrymen
    4. Grenadiers too poerful hand grenades and horrible last upgrade which allow destroy buildings
    5. Artillery ghost manned and mortars blindly advanced on enemy lines and provoke artillery fire
    6. Archers and Grenadiers insane sorties, fire arrows can destroy even stone buildings
    7. Ships can fire through other friendly ships and do not inflict any demage or losses
    8. Polish Winged Hussars can not create formations, however they were known from excelent drill
    9. Individual unit clones blindly advance and try combat against stonger enemy forces
    10. Poor units balance, strange statistics, fighting abilities and unrealistic upgrades
    11. Poor formations sizes, poor tactics, strangely balanced nations
    12. AI poor abilities and behaviours

    It would be fine improve these things in C3 game.
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  2. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Those are game design choice not bug
    but I agree they are some things that I hope I don't see in Cossacks 3 like an army of grenadiers sitting in a destroyed camp during all the game.
  3. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Yes, these were poor game design choices, but these also were historical bugs.
    I never find such things in real history.

    So, it would be good when developers eliminate these insane things.
    There were more bugs, glitches and whatever bad things in C1. Players could find much more things, therefore I created this thread to specify these things which sould be improved in C3 game.

    This time I can add to that list next bad things.

    1. Maps with poor landscape, poor islands, highlands, mountains, river, forests shapes, too large flat ground etc.
    2. Spammed fishing boats which provoke warships to fire at them intead fire at enemy bigger warships
    3. Poor swords and sabres melee abilities, which needs too much slashes and cuts to injury enemy
    4. Janissaries, Serdiuks, 17th Musketeers, Dragoons, Officers, Drummers without sabres or swords
    5. Too powerful fire waepons, especially Drgoons, Janissaries, Serdiuks musket fire at longer range
    6. Strange Bavarian and Danish musketeers statistics, the latter can throw insane hand grenades
    7. Ships combats which usually ended with horrible big amount of ships blow up and sinking
    8. Very accurate ships cannons and mortars, especially ketch bombs fired at very long range
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  4. [KGR]T-yph]oOo[n

    [KGR]T-yph]oOo[n New Member

    Here are some bugs which made life hard to all pro-players and even occassional-players:

    1) game crashed (dmcr.exe error) when there are more than ~1000 soldiers at once on your screen:
    This was a problem especially at league games like lcn-leage and rush-league as we had neither "to look at just half of our army" or "turn down the screen-resolution to 800x600" so that there are never a lot of soldiers inside your viewing range.

    2) game records: they get lost after a game crashes (dmcr.exe).
    Especialy league games which would be watched by a lot of people are just lost forever when this happened.
    Ps: as every 3rd game crashed (which itself was way too much and was often caused by bug nr1 in this list), also every 3rd record could not be watched anymore. Just imagine how many tournament finals was never seen by the fans just because there was no record to share...
  5. [KGR]T-yph]oOo[n

    [KGR]T-yph]oOo[n New Member

    Regarding the complaints of the member "nowy":

    Why did nobody from the whole community disargue with his complaints?

    This person is for sure a single-player? Also most of his points wasnt bugs at all which was already pointed out by "Foeurdr" It would be much better to handle the really bad bugs experienced by the online community as they are the ones sharing the game to their friends, relatives and even sons and daugthers in some cases. ;-)
  6. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    Nowy believes that the game is flawed, because of the imbalances of the nations, and the non-realistic actions of some of the units, and game play aspects.

    While there are many who agree with him, (I count myself as well on most items) His insistence that everyone else is wrong and he is correct has caused many to not respond to many of his post.
  7. [KGR]T-yph]oOo[n

    [KGR]T-yph]oOo[n New Member

    Yes its kind of unrealistic and historically uncorrect. Also if I really liked the old gameplay and would be really sad about changes that mess up the game, the balances should definetly be corrected.

    I totally agree that its just a ridiculous gameplay if 300 prussia musketers can destroy a whole algerian army of 10000 man. The movie 300 is based on sparta and not prussia. ;-)
    Oh no what did i just say.... Please dont touch prussia too much, it had such a perfect gameplay!!! Just improve the other nations to adapt or something similar - i am sure the developers know what they are doing. (Cheers)
  8. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    You are provoking me to say that you are wrong, so I can easily say you are wrong in this matters too.
    Take in mind that I wrote many posts and started many threads in this forum which had many views and replies.
    Here you are few examples
    So, your suggestion above was clearly FALSE.
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