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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Nowy, May 21, 2015.

  1. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

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  2. Pales

    Pales New Member

    My first wish is I want to see a more informative minimap than old cossacks.
    On the minimap i want to see the icon of the squad and the squad's name.
    Here is an exemple from my other favourite game World of tanks:
    The polygons mean the class of vehicle, near the polygon the tank name. Of course the greens are the allies and reds are the enemies.

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    let's stay realistic pales! When i play Cossacks i don't want a minimap that makes lights like a christmas tree and distracts me from fighting !
  4. Pales

    Pales New Member

    You can switch off the minimap if you want to play blind in a strategy game.
    But here is a simplified version just for you:
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  5. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    C1 or C2 mini maps included sufficient information. Strategic points, main roads and units deployment. That is enough. More information is useless. You can not expect that you will have all information in a strategy game. They annouced 10,000 men in the game. How you can name all of them on mini map. This is impossible.

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    i agree. the computer shouldn't do all the job for oneself.
  7. Pales

    Pales New Member

    I often losed a squad in C2 because i didnt see in the minimap. For me in C1 or C2 they aren't visible enough. I don't want to name 10k men, just the 45-120 men squads by an icon.

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    Attention and overview is one of the many things one needs to be a successful player.
  9. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Hmm, can you imagine 7 players, each one create 20 or more squads, it is 140 squads on the mini map.
    Do you still want to name by an icon all these squads on the mini map?

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    Yes that would be Chaos. .
  11. Styo

    Styo Active Member

    It doesn't help that you guys are using mini maps from an MMO game... Personally the minimaps in Cossacks, American Conquest, and Cossacks II were fine for me.
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  12. Pales

    Pales New Member

    You are right, but i don't know how can you manage 20 or more squads, if you don't know where are they on the map exectly. For me it was often a problem in a huge battles where i had many squads. The icons (so only the icons as you can see on the 2nd picture without squad name) seems to me more useful than the c1-2 minimap.
  13. Pales

    Pales New Member

    yes definitely 120 squads cause chaos with or without icons on the minimap
  14. Sageboba

    Sageboba Member

    One of the solutions to finding units without having a map full of chaos is to have hotkeying units using ctrl + 1-9. That would definitely help.
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  15. Styo

    Styo Active Member

    This sounds like a better option.
  16. Pales

    Pales New Member

    I created a C2 minimap picture how i imagine this. Left side an ingame picture right side our solution. As you can see some red squads are invisible at left side but right side these are visible. The red squads amount is same.
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  17. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    You chose simple example whcih shows that your idea do not help too much. You show only two player and only one player use icon symbols for red squads. Bear in mind that when players got more squads and more players will use these icons they will useless.

    For me left mini map on your pictures is more transparent. If you seek for certain unit you can use Ctrl+A option.
    Then you have all your squads avaiable on unit cards. When you chose unit card you will have their position on map. That is enough to find chosen squad. General strategic situation I can better see on left mini map.

    Your proposition would be fine for organized groups of units in Brigades, Divisions or Army Corps structures.
    Then it would be easier to use these icons on mini map.
  18. Pales

    Pales New Member

    "You show only two player and only one player use icon symbols for red squads." Of course every player use icon symbols for squads I made it with paint just for an example.

    I played 99% 1 v 1 cossacks battles. 2v2 battles were always laggy games i don't know why.
    It is interesting the left side is more transparent for you because there are many invisible squads. And i want see them without any hotkeys...

    True, with more squads and more players these icons are ussless as the current minimap, but you can see better the single squads.
  19. Teppich

    Teppich New Member

    These examples are based of C2, but this will be a C1 remake. In C1 I never had these kind of problems.
    It could get quite confusing if my army consist of squads and individual soldiers. A big blob of colour and some symbols mixed in.
    But I'm not completely against it. It could be useful on huge maps with few units or for players who really like squads.
    A couple of buttons beside the minimap for settings and everybody wins.
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  20. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Lets systematise C3 wish list in 10 general points.

    1. Tmeline = 17th 18th centuries
    These is 200 years with different units, weapons and tactics. These long eras needs lot of work to achieve good effect.
    So long period could make some diffculties for developers. I hope they can do all the best what they can to eliminate nonsense and stupidity which existed in pervious Cossacks games.

    2. Game modes
    * Skirmish
    Gameplay in classic C1 style however with some important C2 achievements as like units morale, fatigue, experience, buildable roads between town centres, well organized setlements all bulildable by players, invisible zones of danger shooting, but without visible colorful green, yellow, red zones and any indestructible buildings.
    Better units behaviours, soldier is a human, he can get tired, waver, panic or run away.
    * Historical battles
    It is hard implement historical battles from such long period. If they implement editor then players could recreate themselves some historical battles.
    * Five historical capaigns.
    I believe there will campaigns in
    Baltic lands or Russia
    Holly Roman Empire
    Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth
    Netherlands or West Europe
    Ukraine or South Europe
    * Editor
    Editor mode would be fine for modders and these players which likes make their own maps, scenarios, campasigns or moddifications in the game.

    3. Nations.
    GSC announced 12 nations:
    Algeria, Austria, England, France, Poland, Prussia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and Venice.
    In next batch probably they could add next 8 nations:
    Bavaria, Denmark, Hungary or Transylvania, Netherlands, Piedmont, Portugal, Saxony, Switzerland
    Developers also could take into account other nations: Crimea, Persia, Moladvia and Wallachis

    4. Strategic and tactical maps
    Skirmish map generator could randomly create regional maps with characteristic lanscape.
    C3 game also could include Europe strategic map similar to C 2 Battle for Europe.
    Struggles over all Europe lead by one nation were impossible at that period, but strategic map allow play in varaible regions and show national achievements in Europe.

    5. Economy
    Economy development should base on agriculture, fishing, mining, manufacturing and trading. Agriculture employed majority of workers and this was main economy sector at that perod. Nations could build their economies in similiar way, but with some differences between East, North, South and West Europe, and Eastern countries. There were large disproportions in resources, population, innovations, colonial expansion, terrain and weather conditions which heavily influenced on economic development. C3 game should recreate these differences and include different conditions for mentioned regions.

    6. Units
    All nations can create their characteristic units: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Sappers, Trains, Vessels and Workers.
    Infantry e.g. Pikes, Musketeers, Grenadiers, Skirmisher, Foreign or Mercenary, Guard or Elite
    Cavalry types e.g. Light Cavalry, Dragoons, Heavy Cavalry, Foreign or Mercenary, Guard or Elite
    Irregular Cavalry e.g. Cossacks, Mamelukes, Tatars and other national cavalry.
    Artillery e.g. multi barrel guns, light and heavy cannons, howitzer, mortars, horse drawn limbers and horse drawn ammunition caissons
    Sappers skilled soldiers in specific duties, miners, pioneers, pontoniers etc. They could build field works, fortifications, floating or pontoon bridges, military camps, use siege techniques, blow up explosive kegs, build siege trenches and field works around fortresses etc.
    Supply Train
    Army needs lot of supply, then supply train horse drawn wagons are necessary.
    Vessels e.g. sea boat, river barge, merchant brig, transport vessel, sloops of war, rowing galley, galleon, 18th cc frigate, three types of ship of the line which can represent basic 50 guns two decker, common 74 guns two decker and large ship 90-120 guns three decker

    7. General Commanders
    It would be wonderful inclusde General Comanders in five ranks and their Adjutants.
    Then higher level organization and proper order of battle would be possible in the game.
    Brigade General and 1 Adjutant could command up to 4 basic infantry squads or 2 cavalry squads
    Division General and 2 Adjutants for 8 infantry squads or 4 cavalry squads supported with Light Artillery Battery, Sapper and Supply Train Companies
    Army Corps Commander and 3 Adjutants for 16 infantry squads or 8 cavalry squads supported with 2 Light Artillery Batteries and 1 Heavy Artillery Batttery, Sapper and Supply Train Companies
    Army Commander and 4 Adjutants for more squads
    Suppreme Commander and 5 Adjutants could take command over all national forces

    Navy Commanders in four ranks could keep order in navy
    Commodore and 1 Adjutant for cruiser squadron = 4 galleys or frigates
    Rear Admiral and 2 Adjutants for battleship squadron = 4 galeons or ships of the line
    Vice Admiral and 3 Adjutants for battleship squadron = 4 galoens or ships of the line
    Admiral with 4 Adjutants for fleet = 10 galeons or ships of the line

    8. Basic squads
    Basic squads could include: officer, flag bearer, drummer or trumpeter and soldiers
    Infantry = 12, 72 and 120 men could represent company, battalion and regiment
    Cavalry = 15 and 45 men could represent cavalry squadron and regiment
    Irregular Cavalry = 10 and 40 men could represent irregular cavalry squads as like Cossacks, Tatars, Mamelukes etc.
    Artillery = 2 artillery guns could represent artillery section while 3 cannons with 1 howitzer and 4 limbers could represent artillery battery
    Siege Artillery Section = 2 heavy cannons, or howitzers or mortars used agaisnt enemy fortifications
    Specialized Companies without officers staff
    Skirmish Company = 12 skirmishers e.g. Jegers, Pandour, Voltigeur etc.
    Sapper Company = 12 sappers
    Artillery Train Company = horse drawn 2 ammunition caissons, each with 2 drivers on left side horse
    Engineer Train Company = horse drawn 2 pontoon bridges and tools carriages, each one with 2 drivers
    Supply Train Company = horse drawn 2 supply wagons, each one with 1 driver

    Garrison Artillery
    Cannosn locate in fortifications e.g. Tower, Bastion, Fort and Fortress

    Garrisoned fortifications
    Blockhouse = up to 24 musketeers
    Tower = few artillerymen needed for 1, 2 or 3 cannons
    Bastion = up to 24 infantrymen and some artillerymen for 2, 3 or 4 cannons
    Fort = up to 72 infantrymen and some artillerymen for 4, 5 or 6 cannons
    Fortress = up to 240 infantrymen and some artillerymen for 8, 9 or 10 cannons

    Individual vessels e.g. fishing boats, river barges, merchant ship etc.
    Transport convoy = 2 or 4 transport vessels used in landing operations
    Costal Guard Team = 2 small gun-brigs or cutters, guarding costal sea sectors
    Post Team = 2 warships guarding important places e.g. anchorage, harbour, roadstead
    Escort Team = 2 sloops of war, escorting transport convoy or battle squadron
    Cruiser Squadron = 4 galleys or frigates, one ship needs Commodore and Adjutant on board
    Battle Squadron = 4 galeons or ships of the line, one ship needs Rear or Vice Admiral and Adjutants on borad
    Fleet = 10 galeons or ships of the line, three ship needs Admiral , Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral and their Adjutants on boards

    9. Order of Battle
    Army well orgsnized include:
    Generals, Adjutants, Officers, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Sappers and various Train squads.

    Individual units can not fight effectively against well organized and trained army.
    Squads get bonus. Flank and rear attacks bonus and stand ground bonus also are necessary.

    Higher level of army organization include Brigade, Division, Army Coprs and Army.
    They could create order of battle, fight in organized manner and defeating even gigantic mobs of individual units.

    10. Victory conditions
    Similiar to C1 skirmish conditions. However it would be wonderful, when devlopers predict other victory conditions, especially for campaigns, which can base on six objectives. For instance.
    * Hold control over initially owned areas and Town Centre
    * Hold control over chosen sectors, key strongholds or try stay in armed neutrality
    * Make possible alliances or coalitions and cooperate with allied nations
    * Create Army and eventually Navy, and destroy enemies armies and navies
    * Send military contingents to chosen sector, capture Town Centres and occupy these sectors
    * Help allies hold control over their sectors or other chosen sectors and Town Centres

    Each nation could fight for their own objectives, but they should include realistic conditions. There were many impossible or crazy scenarios which existed in C1 game. GSC team should eliminate historical stupidity and pure nonsense campaigns.
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