Cossacks - Back to War - pure remake

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by [KGR]-^K[o]K^-, May 21, 2015.

  1. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member


    Please remake the old Cossacks - Back to War - with all the things that have included.

    + add
    for example:

    ctrl + alt + click = add +100 units
    ctrl + shift = add +1000 units
    (shift + click = add +5 units it take too long :D )


    more challange
    more difficult and difficulty

    Very Easy
    Medium = Normal
    Very Hard
    Cheater AI 1 Resources
    Cheater AI 2 Vision
    Cheater AI 3 Insane

    more adapt AI
    AI need use all units

    Game options
    More Options in menu (lobby): (where players wait before game start)
    Special list of all units what you can disable or enable for every single unit

    Also i hope there will be war ships like in BtW

    And please don't add stupid things from Cossacks 2

    for example:

    troops walk along the way = (roads)
    occupying villages for (food, gold iron, coal)
    Zone of damage during shooting (red, green, yellow zone)

    I hope it all
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  2. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    If you like C1 BTW so much, you can still play this game.
    New C3 as pure remake of C1 with your ideas will looks like outdated game. This case comercially could be fiasco.

    Add some fine ideas from C2 are well come. Some improvements of course are necessary.

    Morale, fatigue systems, buildable roads, well organized settlements all buildable by players and invisible zones of demaging shooting are very good for new warfare game. These elements makes modern games more realistic, and much more interesting. Then more customers can buy and enjoy this game.
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  3. CyberInsaneo

    CyberInsaneo Member

    Correct! There needs to be additions and improvements to the formula. And it's not like Cossacks 1 is going to go anywhere, you can still play it.
  4. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member


    I don't like features of Cossacks 2, but the engine (graphic) look awesome
    Cossacks - Back to War look too old, but with the engine of Cossacks 2 will be awesome
    I like the old features of Cossacks Back to War, if there will be small changes and it don't change the game play-style or the game mechanic and
    principles is ok.
    If there will be something from Cossacks 2, what i don't like, i don't buy the game ... EZ PZ
    And i don't play Cossacks - BtW anymore. I play Starcraft 2 more fun more players ...
    I really want hope and hope, it would not be as C2 = so trash oh
    Let's wait for gameplay and feedback from players after the game is out (release) ...
  5. Saddoveanu

    Saddoveanu Member

    Interesting discussion. But I don't think they'll make a 100% pure re-make. It would also be a shame, in my opinion, not to try to improve the gamplay and breathe new life into the series and the RTS genre. I hope they will keep the same basic recipe, but spice it up a little bit; it doesn't have to be exactly the same. This topic for suggestions wouldn't have existed if they only planned a graphic enhancement.
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  6. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    At the end they will need to release two version of the game
    Cossacks back to war HD edition, and Cossacks 3 :confused:

    By the way it will just be "Cossacks 3" ? No title like European war, Art of war or Battle for Europe ?
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  7. Teppich

    Teppich New Member

    Why bother making a remake when you want to change the basic principles of the game?
    I'm very interested in new features and there are some great ideas here in the forum but my heart still lies with cossacks 1.
    It had a special feeling and I'm afraid this feeling could be lost with some new features.
    Someone already mentioned that one great thing about C1 were the various game settings, so why not keep that principle and make all mayor gameplay changes optional?
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    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    I totally agree with KOK and Teppich. Cossacks 1 was a superb game ! Add a new game engine and better graphics, 1 or 2 new features and things and it will be an oustandingly good game !! I can just agree with what kok said that the more they add from Cossacks 2 the less i will be interested in cossacks 3. Cossacks 2 was such a simple game without depth... it was terribly laggy and the graphics gave me a headache!
  9. CyberInsaneo

    CyberInsaneo Member

    No, there has to be improvements to the formula, or this new game will be completely redundant. You'd rather they'd keep everything the same rather than at least try to give us greater strategic options and tactical depth? I'm sorry but this sounds like that a lot of it is coming from nostalgia to me.
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  10. [WW]Prototype

    [WW]Prototype Active Member

    that's really one very necessary thing) + a possibility for changing hotKeys...selecting phaesants for example..
  11. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    They already make something NEW Cossacks 2. And what happened? It might not have even to say, but for you i have to say, that C2 it was much below the level. There missing a lot of things from C:BtW and much more, and more what i want say, but i take too long to translate it. I was disappointed...

    100% agree

    changing hotkeys is very important, than original settings. Ofc can't miss ctrl + click + (shift) = 1 infinity units (5 infinity units)
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  12. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    And for all who don't know what "remake" mean :D

    Remake = (znamená předělání, přepracování, předělávka) je nové zpracování staršího díla.
    Charakteristické je, že remake nevychází z původní předlohy, ale napodobuje předchozí zpracování.

    Remake = (means redoing, reworking, remake) is a new treatment of older works.
    Characteristic is that the remake is not based on the original artwork, but mimics the previous processing.

    And this part is very very important "ale napodobuje předchozí zpracování." = "but mimics the previous processing."
    There is also part "remake is not based on the original artwork" of which I'm not excited about...

    I hope, there will be more info about the game in the near future.

    (sorry for possible bad translated from the language) :)
  13. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Exactly, improvements to the formula are necessary. Only grahic improvements and classic gameplay are not enough.
    Reamake mean NEW treatment of older works isn't it.

    Mimmics do not mean that this is the same thing or case, but that it looks similarily like other thing or case. I think that GSC team can do all the best what they can to improve many things which looked foolish in C1 game.
  14. CyberInsaneo

    CyberInsaneo Member

    Yeah, I mean if this was just going to be a literal HD remake they would of called it 'Back to war Gold Edition' or something. I doubt they would have even included a suggestions page if all they were going to do was give it a new coat of paint.
  15. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    I forgot to more:
    Special list of all buildings what you can disable or enable for every single buildings.

    for example
    rules: no Diplomatic Centre, no Warships
    In "Additional Options" you click on "Special list of all buildings" and you disable Diplomatic Centre and in "Special list of all units" you disable all Warships.

    What I think needs to change is: a command with "shift" and thus put command in a queue.
    What I mean: You need to hold the "shift" key and click the right mouse button (add more click the right mouse button) for planning route.

    But this: If you want to soldiers going along the route and attacked, this is needed:
    (click on command "go and attack everybody on the way" or press "A" key)

    It is from point A to point B
    You need to hold the "shift" key and press "A" key + click the right mouse button.

    If you want to add more points, still under the command of attack:
    It is from point A to point B
    You need to hold the "shift" key and press "A" key + click the right mouse button. (Units are immediately ready to attack)

    It is from point B to point C and the next points...
    You still holding the "shift" key + click the right mouse button. (If units meet the enemy units they will attack, but they are not in the mode as in the first picture)
    You still holding the "shift" key + click the right mouse button.
    You still holding the "shift" key + click the right mouse button.
    You still holding the "shift" key + click the right mouse button... and so on...

    If you want the units were in mode like in the first picture, it is needed in next points from B to point C press "A" key and for the next points.
    And this is annoying. Units should be all the time in mode as in the first picture. Because the command "go and attack everybody on the way" is already entered in the first step for all points.
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  16. Hansol333

    Hansol333 Active Member

    a simple remake wont be enough.

    better graphic? yes
    better AI? Yes (for example units that simple stop moving, annoying when in a formation)

    However I hope for more especially balancing.
    less dmg for example.
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  17. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    If there will be small changes and it don't change the game play-style or the game mechanic and principles is ok. 1 or 2 new features and things and it will be an outstandingly good game
  18. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    Another idea for AI

    AI build:

    Standard (AI plays normally)
    Any build (AI chooses from all available builds)
    Full rush (AI chooses from all rush builds)
    Timing attack (AI chooses from all timing builds)
    Aggressive push (AI chooses from all aggressive builds)
    Economics focus (AI chooses from all economic builds)
    Straight to ground units (AI focuses on creating ground units as quicly as possible)
    Straight to ships units (AI focuses on creating ships units as quicly as possible)
    Straight to ground and ships units (AI focuses on creating ground and ships units as quicly as possible)
  19. Hansol333

    Hansol333 Active Member

    no really, balance was so bad in Cossacks 1. damage output from ukraine, denmark, prussia, shooter or 18c dragoons were just insane. Formation was totally useless.

    Especially formation should become more powerful.
    While it is quite usefull for units without any upgrades, the formation bonus (+2 melee damage and 3 shield) becomes useless with fully upgraded units.

    However, balance is not the most important thing since there will be tolls to balance it (at least I hope so). No matter what they do I will make most likely a balance mod.
  20. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    You are right. Balance in C1 was horrible spoiled especially when player expect historical realism. Many units, weapons and nations were badly balanced. Therefore there exist such insane things like overpowered Dragoons, Ukraine Serdiuks, Hetmanes, Grenadiers hand grenade, archers fire arows, strong pikes, susidial cavalry attacks, insane ships combats and other stupid battle tactics.

    These things needs many improvements. That's why I already created thread about units statistics which are base thing for good balance. Pure remake of Back to War in 2015 needs more changes than only 3D graphic and few small changes.
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