Cossacks fans: Where are you from?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Privateer, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. [-NF-]Baton

    [-NF-]Baton Active Member

    Im from Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. Started my adventure in Slovakia and now in Canada!
  3. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    Poland, Warsaw.
  4. Kyiv - the Capital of Ukraine!=)
  5. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

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  6. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    But your profil say Goettingen, Germany :eek:
  7. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    watch Hipolit's foto he is so pretty Zimbabwian boy [​IMG][​IMG]
  8. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    Boy? He is 30 years old xD
  9. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    well, we all are boys as for our parents[​IMG]
  10. Nemezki

    Nemezki New Member

    I'm from Germany, Lower Saxony..but not from Göttingen..
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  11. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    Dear Nemezki, please be careful with your comments. I did not insult you, if you do not like my posts, simply do not read them.
  12. [K_A]WARLORD

    [K_A]WARLORD Member

    London England :)
  13. nhinhonhinho

    nhinhonhinho New Member

    Hints for my country. It's a rather small Far East Asian country, have unique writing system using alphabet letters (so not China, Japan or Korea who used Chinese genre writing or India, Muslim but also not Singapore or Philippine who used English). If you are interest in military history then you probably heard about my country at least once!
  14. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

  15. Privateer

    Privateer Active Member

  16. Hooysse

    Hooysse Active Member

    Morocco here, shame there is no morocco in Cossacks, we used to kick ass at that time!
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2015
  17. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    Persia - Iran, GSC should add this grate country
  18. nhinhonhinho

    nhinhonhinho New Member

    Correct answer my friend =))
  19. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    Well, it was easy :) welcome to bloody Europe!
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