FAQ thread, What is your most important question.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Daddio, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    What scripting language/tools do we need to learn for modding?
    Edit: In another forum they said like pascal.

    How crazy can I go with mods, dota2 level?
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015
  2. Nick

    Nick Active Member

    I mentioned this in another thread somewhere ages ago and I agree with you 100% hopefully they will take more notice this time in this question thread. ;):p
  3. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    1. Will Turkey get XVIII century?
    2. Will polish Husars get bigger attack or faster producing?
  4. Bargergo

    Bargergo New Member

    When will you release a longer gameplay video or a trailer?
  5. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    Gentlemen please. This thread is for asking your most important questions.

    I will leave this up for another day because it is a good discussion, but then I will delete it.

    This thread was requested by the developers for them to respond to as they can.


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  6. Snuffy

    Snuffy Active Member

    Will we be able to pause the game mid play and go to the potty ... or maybe get some life sustaining food? :)
  7. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    This is a must in any strategy game. Every player should have the right to pause or unpause a limited amount of times per game.
  8. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    In multiplayer, when i ask for pause for wc,phone or other somethink ,players respect my demand but only when i play whit fairplay and good players. In cossacks 3 wil good if we have option for pause but only a limited time and cannot press pause for mutiple or infinite time lik in cossacks 1
  9. Sari Yigit

    Sari Yigit New Member

    Hope they make Turkey stronger late game , I really wish that since im Turkish :D, back in cossacks 1 Turkey was only used at quick games with low PT. But mostly people loved to play long games so Turkey was barely played which was always a sad thing for me :D
  10. Olcha_GSC

    Olcha_GSC Moderator Staff Member

    We are going to continue adding FAQ, that`s why write your questions and in nearest future we will answer on some of them
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  11. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    1. Will "nations" be more diversified militarily and economical than in Cossacks Back to War? Most of west nations were almost the same in many aspects of the game.
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  12. ZooM | Eric

    ZooM | Eric Member

    Will there be damage differences as in C1 again? 12 compare to 110 or so from a musket feels like throwing a stone compare to a at gun.
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  13. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Q 1. I beg your pardon, how I could properly pronounce you nick name Olcha_GSC ?
    How "ch" should correctly soudns there, as like in Chris or chees or maybe honey words?

    Q 2. When we can see more informations, news and videos about C 3 game?

    Of course I ask about nearest future, before Q4 2015.
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  14. The_Hussar

    The_Hussar Member

    I wish to add an aspect to Eric's question whether there will be difference in damage according to distance like it is in AC & C2?
  15. kozak

    kozak New Member

    Did you use some of forum suggestions and changed features in c3?
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  16. Aquila

    Aquila New Member

    1. Will all units have melee attack like in AC? I remember that in C1 musketeers were helpless when attacked in melee and it was simple terrible... Instead of fighitng they were just standing or running away...

    2. Will resources be undepleteable like in earlier games too? (I hope so)
  17. Falc09

    Falc09 Active Member

    Question: in general: does gameplay feel similar to the old cossacks or is it a complete new experience (new gaming mechanics, different balance, new resource/trade system)?
  18. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    1. When are we going to get new update on the questions?

    2. see 1.
  19. [K_A]WARLORD

    [K_A]WARLORD Member

    1: will there be an official clan page on the website as it can act like a resource for status, rank and of course links to other clan websites!

    2: cheaters punishment system? For example if a player is proved to cheat on online multiplayer can they be banned via IP?
  20. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    banned via ip is nothink.i have ppoe conection and on every disconect or conect i get a new ip, maybe via mac but is easy to clone ip mac too
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