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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by [KGR]-^K[o]K^-, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    when I said it was childish, it was intended as a pun to this :
    Anyways even as a joke I find it's a lack of respect to the others community around those game
  2. Snuffy

    Snuffy Active Member

    IF you're going with the black box of "fog of war" Then by all means, eliminate the roads, mines, streams and any other feature that you can't see unless you've uncovered it.
  3. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    Once again it is not clear that Cossacks 1 is more realistic. Just because you say something is clear it doesn't mean its clear. I do not find Cossacks 1 more realistic than AoE3. I don't even find this topic of any relevance to what I said.

    Sorry I didn't know Cossacks 3 was a first person shooter where line of sight matters. I thought we were talking about a strategy games where scouts exists and telescopes are used by people throughout the city. Your comparison to real life is irrelevant. Nobody said show the entire landscape. Please play age of empires 3 or any of the games mentioned before. They do not show the entire landscape they show you the map as it is and black where you have not yet explored, just like what generals used in actual time of warfare real maps not a black map and relying on memory. If generals had to rely on memory then many countries would have never been conquered. Nobody can memorize an entire map. C1 maps were small compared to the real life maps, it was impossible for a general to memorize anything.
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  4. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    I am very respectful to other kids. Only strongly defend my points.
    Try to uderstand that even adult man can play as a kid. That is no offence or lack of respect. That is a FACT.

    People which are familiar with both these games know that C1 is more realistic. This is not becouse I just say that.
    This is becouce they can easy see better recreated things in C1 games.

    So, you do not need to medley again with stupid FPS case in C1 game or even real live which RTS game can not recreate.

    All smart and wide Generals rely on memory, any maps can change these fact. They do not need to memorise or see entire map, but good memory is very important for their duties. Black or grey shadow require scouts, posts, and other things known at that period. Transparent faraway lanscape allow player forget about important Generals duites as scouting, or garrisoning key locations to keep needed line of sight.

    You also could notice how looks fog of war in C2 and try understand why C1 fog of war is more relaistic than AoE3.
    This is much better than pure speach about how AoE 3 and other games are pretty good.
  5. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    Nothing of what you say is clear. What are this people you speak of. Where are them I have yet to find the community that says so and I have visited all the communities linked in this forum. Please do not say that other peoples comments are "stupid", this is a major offence to other people and is NOT A FACT. Weather something is stupid or not cannot actually be proven. Its 100% an OPINION. You are the one that suggested to compare the fog to real life are you suggesting that your comparison was "stupid"?

    Where does it say that all generals rely on memory for orientation. Where do you get this information from? Another one of your well known magic libraries? If they do not need to memorize or see entire map then how do they guide their troops around the map? You are making no sense going back and forth. "Black or grey shadow require scouts, posts, and other things known at that period" this is exactly what i said in my comment why do you repeat it as if it was your own comment? It does not make anyone forget anything if you want to know what is happening in that area you need to send scouts regardless of weather you knew or not that there were trees there and a piece of land a few minutes ago. Scouting in AoE3 and games with the same system is essential this method does not change out all. Have you never played AoE3 and you still argue about it? Please play the game and test the fog before you continue discussing. Scouting in AoE3 is essential or you lose the game. Garrison of key locations was also essential in AoE3 that is why they had these things called outpost towers and these units called scouts which you don't seem to know about. Please inform yourself, play the game.

    The fog in C1 is not more realistic than AoE3 at all. What would be better is if you actually research AoE3 instead of saying a bunch of inaccurate information about the AoE3 fog of war system worked, like saying that it doesnt require scouting. You have obviously never actually played this game seriously therefore you cannot talk about a fog of war system that you know nothing about.
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  6. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    Guys lets keep it on topic, and stop the personal attacks, or I will lock the thread.

    This is getting old.

    I don't want to start making the hard decisions.

    Lets just keep it civil, and respectful.
  7. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are right. Let's keep it on topic and respectful.
    In my opinion C1 or C2 fog of war is way better then AoE3 and few other games.
  8. DrowLegend

    DrowLegend Member

    Yea, not bad idea.
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  9. Umbral

    Umbral Member

    Fog of War should show terrain, buildings too as they were the last time you saw them.

    But, over time if a zone is not scouted it should become more distorted, since you may lose some details about exact locations, that maps didn't contained.

    You can't have a GPS / satellite modern map where you can know every cm of land with laser precision.

    Of course it's easier to play that way.
    In the end it only matters if the game is more enjoyable to play with a certain type fog of war or not !

    The more easy it is, the more focus on the army and economy you can have.
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  10. Wololo

    Wololo Member

    I agree with Field Marshall. I don't like current fog of war system which cause weird drummers as scouts and I always play with balloons enabled from the beggining.
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  11. Anthodeus

    Anthodeus Hackermann

    Hey, here's an idea. Go to Steam\steamapps\common\Cossacks 3\data\scripts\lib , open player.script, go to line 454 and change that variable to false. There, no more fog of war. Don't worry as there's nothing checking any client for corrupt data or anything, not like we'd want a fair game right?
  12. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Why would you publicize this? Well, I guess the only answer is to play with a group of trustworthy players as we do in Old Cossacks Clan.
  13. Anthodeus

    Anthodeus Hackermann

    @Ftoomsh I think making bugs and other issues public instead of undercover using them is for the benefit of development. If stuff like this is not exposed, it does not get patched, simple as that.
  14. Poppadomus

    Poppadomus Member

    Company of heroes 2 has a nice fog of war system basically you can only see what is in your soldier's line of site a building will obscure whatever is on the opposite side.
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