Game from Google Play using Cossacks as Marketing...

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tolekkeks, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Tolekkeks

    Tolekkeks New Member

    First time seeing it, i didnt belive how similar it lookedto cbtw.. recently i found out that Cossacks 3 existed and just ciuldnt let that bullahit happen!!

    This game Guns of Glory from the Google Playstore uses Ingame Material to advertise for themself!?

    I was about to watch a YT Video when it popped up for the third time in the past 3 months.
    Here the rest of the pictures
  2. Rhayn

    Rhayn Member

    This is a chinese pile of shit mobile game, since they follow their own copyright policy they can't be attacked with inquiries. this ad triggers me and my friends every time but we can't do nothing to delete it
  3. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    The ads showed up one month after release. This is super old news and you just gotta report the ad and call it a day
  4. Zakxaev68

    Zakxaev68 Active Member

    Copycats these. Google Play itself a shithole than ads. Look at the content publishing policy, app creators can exploit, woah, whatever shit they will without being banned access to store. I personally went Symbian after that Windows Phone junk I had to buy for a MeeGo phone replacement.

    Ad Block or don't take it so real, already a common thing for mobile games segment.
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