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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Furious Peasant, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    The german gaming magazine "game star" says that they have seen a gameplay video of cossacks 3 at the gamescom 2016 (gaming exhibition). But the didn't recorded it :(

    "We saw at the Gamecom one Mission of the campaign, in which you start with a small indipendent Cossack village and are indrawn in the wars of Poland and the Ottomans. At the first Minute it was clear, we have a classical real time strategy game infront of us."

    They also write that there are a lot of side missions in the campaign missions. So that it is possible to complete the missions in different ways. They praise the graphic but they are very sceptical if the game will be a success because it lacks any real new features. They also criticize the lame presentation of and inside the campain missions. There are just written texts and no voice recordings.

    Unfortunately they say nothing about the questions we all want to know: :rolleyes:
    Does the AI work better than before? Do formations really work this time? Are there any important changes in balancing of units or nations?

    Link to the full article:,52286,3301791,1.html
    Link to gamescom:

    So my questions to you are the following:

    Why is GSC not showing this video to us?
    Was anybody from this forum at the gamescom 2016?
    Has anybody seen the video somewhere else?
    If yes, can you discribe what exactly did you see?
  2. Ploppy

    Ploppy Member

    Why is GSC not showing this video to us?
    It's useless to build hype for a game you can't buy. They will obviously build hype near release. The idea is to not build hype to early and then see it fade away.

    Are there any important changes in balancing of units or nations?

    Latest info about the balancing :
    "The most obvious changes will concern:
    • temple/church/mosque
    • priest/pope/mullah
    • hired rondartschier
    • hired grenadier
    • howitzer
    • multi-barreled gun
    The mechanics of upgrade for +300% quarrying have been changed. Before there was no point in making the previous upgrade, which gave +100%. Now the upgrades have been summarized with the first of 100%, and the second one gives another +200%." - Source

    Do formations really work this time?

    What was not working ?

    Does AI Work better than before ?

    Yes, the devs themselves keep saying it. AI will have 5 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Impossible).
    An Impossible AI can create such fights :[​IMG]
  3. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    Sorry Ploppy but I am sceptical about what devs say.
    I want to hear that from an independent objective tester and not from a developer. Because developers always say big things to attract customers. They just want to sell their stuff.

    Formations didn't really worked in Cossacks 1 because they get stuck on every edge of a map and then they were nearly uncontrolable. The path finding AI of the units needs improvement.

    Cossacks 1 had different AI levels too. But they were no real match for an experienced player. They never had different tactics. The AI level just varied in how fast they build their units.

    And can you tell me why GSC isn't showing the gameplay video from gamescom to us here in this forum?
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  4. Ploppy

    Ploppy Member

    I'm like you, but I'm trusting them because they managed to code Cossacks 1 which was a really well optimized game for its time, no company does this nowadays, all games run like sh*t because they don't care and for a player it's too late once they bought it, plus they are selling C3 at low price (20USD) for the popularity as much as for the money which no company does right now.

    See how No Man's Sky is complete trash at 60€. Just because they did heavy marketing showing only scripted gameplay and no one apparently realized that it was all fake. By the way I warned all my friend not to buy the game and see now... 60% Dislike for a top seller.

    Cossacks Fans are whining about no marketing TOO EARLY, but trust me, it's the best decision for a company which want to create a game for the players & money as opposed to the company who create a game only for the $$$. Keep in mind that the fact they accepted steam opinion which was not to do a preorder is a really good sign meaning they care about their players.

    Battlefield One is selling their game at 60€ plus 50€ Season Pass + Micro Transactions. All of that for a year only, because then, it will be outdated. That's another example of a company which does this for the money only.

    Maybe I'm wrong, only time will tell, but as of right now, I'm trusting them.
    They also said that this is completely fixed. Same for wall doors.
    That's mostly true, they had different tactics when playing with different PT. I know that because I saw and tried to modify the AI code myself a few days ago.
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