How did you find out about cossacks back in the day?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IRooman, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. IRooman

    IRooman Member

    My story goes like this: Many years ago, the excact number I do not remember, my brothers gf bought a game to him.She wanted to buy Commandos: Behind enemy lines, but accidentally bought Cossacks EW, russian language version. He doesn't speak russian but got the game working. He liked the game so much that he bought the english version and recommended it to me also.
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  2. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    I first played Cossacks European Wars at a friend house and I still remember that it was the english campaign, the first mission, until then I was playing age of empire 1 and 2 but Cossacks made a big impression on me, I really pressed my parents to bought the game and I did again when I learned of the release of Art of War. Strangely I only learned recently that there was in fact also Back to War, by the time I already knew of Cossacks 2 since long :confused:
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  3. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    First i have played cossacks art of war in 2002 on my sister computer (pentium 1 @ 166 mhz .Cossacks was my first computer game ). After few mounts i have started to play multiplayer on internet caffe in local network whit my sister boyfriend and few friends . In 2013 i have played first cossacks art of war game on multiplayer on game spy shel and in 2004 i have buy my first computer and cossacks back to war and start to play multiplayer from my home until these days :)
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  4. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    My experience was similar.

    But I got AOE from my son, I really enjoyed it. and also bought AOE2. Also World of Warcraft. Only played single player, and went on to other games after I beat the AI several times.

    Then I found Cossacks in a discontinued section of the store. Bought it and did the same, was ready to go to the next game, and then my son suggested that I play on-line. I did not even know it was possible to play a game online. And I learned the real secret of Cossacks.

    Even though I was winning games against the AI in a very short time, against multipal nations. I could not even get close to winning against the players online. I spent a obscene amount of time playing. staying up all night, 10 - 20 hours a day. Finally joined a clan "1776" and learned how to build, and fight.

    But the best part was making a lot of great friends in other parts of the world. Something I would have never done before. Never even spoke to anyone outside of the USA before, much less be able to call them a friend. Over the years I have even had the great experience of meeting some of them in person when they visited over here.

    Cossacks has since been the only game I followed and played every version, is as much detail as possible. I finally achieved "King" status in C1, Went on to play ACFB, and the Gex mod, with the "Hawks" . Then played "Alexander" in the time before C2. Then when C2 came out I was hooked all over again.

    Now the journey will begin again.

    Who knows where we will end up.

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  5. IRooman

    IRooman Member

    Great stories guys. :) I never played any of the Cossacks online, a mostly because I didnt have internet at home and i was quite yound also. Also never got involved with the communities.Everything will change now:D. But those long battles with AI were priceless.

    Typing with phone so..
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  6. sanzo

    sanzo New Member

    I used to play demo version of cossacks, I was 7 or 8 years old at the time. I remember it was 1vs1 versus AI and you could only play spain I believe.
    I was losing all the time as I was not really understanding the game (it was not even in my language), the best I could do was creating few pikesman haha.
    But damn I somehow enjoyed this so much ! I will always remember that thursday afternoon when my mom came pick me up at school and told me she bought me EW. :D
    Later when I was 9 I went to a friend house and I was surprised to see he had Back To War. I ask him to lend me the game and since then I never really stopped playing it until now !
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  7. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

    I was searching about cossacks if there is any new version released
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